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“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore

  • A Colin Morgan Appreciation Post - (6/?) - Quotes by Katie McGrath

The Merlin job almost didn’t happen at all. My agent rang at one point and said, ‘There’s a slight problem… they’re looking at another actor who’s also Irish.’ They were talking about Colin. They didn’t want two Irish accents in it, and she rang me back and said, 'Okay. Colin’s in London, so he’s going to come in and read it in an English accent, but if he can’t do it, then I’m afraid you have to come over and nail it in an English accent. Otherwise they can’t use you.’ So I spent the whole weekend fretting about it. 'Did he do it? Did he do it?’ When I got the call on Monday to say, 'Yup his accent’s fine’, I was so relieved. My English accent is actually okay, but I couldn’t handle the pressure of having to do the audition again. -Tribune Magazine ‘08

[About being recognized] That’s the one question everybody asks! I actually got recognized for the first time the other night, and I think it was possibly only because I was standing right next to Colin. -[x]

[About her favourite scenes in Merlin] My favourite scenes are always the scenes I do with Colin. - SciFiChick ‘09

Colin’s the dark horse he may look very sweet and innocent but y’know there’s something else under there -. -London Expo ‘09

[About all the old english spells that they have to learn] They were horrific. What makes it worse is that Cols’s had four years to learn it .. and i’ve had .. two months..? And so he comes in and bashes them out, and he sound amazing and magical and brilliant. I come in and .. in all fairness,through the power of editing, i’m gonna sound great - but the fourty-seven takes it took to do it .. not so much fun. We did have one just this last week, where i had .. Col gets two lines -. For some reason Johnny and Julian very nicely give me like six lines of gibberish to learn. Not that i’m upset about it or anything.  -[x]

I’ve learnt many years ago not to try to live up to Colin Morgan - there’s no point, he is on a level that is far beyond the rest of us, so it’s better just to have him as your goal and silently plod along behind him!. -[x]

I’ve just got a little distracted, I’m not going to lie to you. Because behind me is the very famous Colin Morgan [laughs]. He spends his life distracting me. He’s now in my eyeline. Yeah, you go.  His little face. You just want to keep him don’t you? Bless him. -[x]

[Which magical creature would you want as a pet] Merlin. -San Diego Comic Con ‘12

Colin’s in his pajamas with coffee and donuts. Oh absolutely. Oh yeah, totally. He puts his hair in curlers too, it’s so cute. -San Diego Comic Con ‘12

In Season 4, I have the most scenes with Colin than I think I ever have, which is wonderful because, to be honest, he makes me a better actor. He is so bloody good at what he does that you can’t come in with an off-day with Colin. You know you have to hit the ground running. You know you have to be better than you are on your best day because no matter how good you are, he’s going to be even better than you are. -[x]

Isn’t it amazing how convincing Colin is as a woman?! It’s weird, isn’t it? [laughs]. -[x]

[You got to don the old lady make-up - did Colin give you any tips beforehand?] He did, he was great. I didn’t get to see it - I was sat in make-up for four hours and didn’t properly see it until fifteen minutes before I had to film it. I was asking Colin what to do and he was saying how subtle face movements don’t work, and all of this stuff… He was brilliant, but nothing can compare you for that. It is exhausting. It’s sort of sensation overload and I had quite a bad allergic reaction to [the make-up] so that didn’t help matters! But the problem when you’re doing something that Colin has already done so wonderfully and brilliantly before you is that you feel you have to live up to it. -{x}

[About filming her last scene in Merlin] He comes to my last take, and he does the clapper board and I’m waiting for the golden wrap, which is where everybody goes around and gives you a goodbye and a well done, and nothing happens. Colin’s just standing there. What I don’t realize is that Colin has refused to go back to the main unit until everyone from that unit comes over, everybody comes down from production, about 150 people, came down, waited 5 minuteS – he refused to go back! – ‘til I got my proper golden wrap. I wouldn’t have gotten that had he not been so stubborn. So my final day, instead of being me with a load of people I didn’t know who didn’t really care, I got the entire crew and Colin Morgan – giving me a round of applause. The man’s a legend, is my short story. -[x]

If i’m entirely honest, when you’re working with Colin, it pains me to say it but, he makes you a better actor. You know you go in at this level and he’s like there and you know you’ve got to push it. So anytime i have a scene with him i know i come out better than i usually am, because he’s quite ridiculously talented. -San Diego Comic Con ‘12

Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin, is an absolute acting genius and if we’re not talking about him in ten years time in the same way we talk about Daniel Day Lewis, there’s something wrong with the world. - [x]

i was hungry but i didn’t want to move from my computer

so i ordered dominoes online

and i left the instructions as ‘come in, first door on the left’

and he did

so the pizza was delivered right to my chair

yearning to say so many things, but saying nothing in the end