Stained Glass Kozilek

“Do not forget: they come as three.“

Ugin was right! After a seemingly endless delay, the Eldrazi Titan line is complete! Kozilek can finally join his fellow titans in glassy form. Leaving this half made for so long was eating away at me, so enough was enough and I powered through the final tweaks to color this bad boy up. As with the other ones, I made a proxy of his original card he was based on. That will explain why he doesn’t have his iconic black slabs over head (the whole project existed before we knew we were returning to Zendikar). Now, all I gotta do is make this into a playmat like I promised, fingers crossed it happens in the next twenty years!
Also, if you like this stained glass style I’ve used here, would you Tumblrers be interested in seeing other works featuring it? Different eldrazi? Updated Titans? Other MTG characters? Let me know!


Cleric Divine Domain: Eternal Pilgrim

Hey look at that, I’ve designed another subclass based on a Kor character! This is a subclass I’ve been working on since before I started this blog, and I’m finally happy with it. The Eternal Pilgrim subclass draws on several sources for inspiration. First and foremost is naturally Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim:

Both the Channel Divinity abilities are based on Ayli’s two activated abilities. I chose to deal damage to friendly characters as opposed to sacrificing them outright, as creature death is arguably much more significant in D&D than MTG. For both the channel divinity abilities, but the first in particular, I felt that adding cleric level to the secondary effects was better than just having an effect equal to the damage, as the way I did it provides some net gain. 

I chose temporary hit points for many of this domain’s abilities from a mechanical standpoint more than a flavour one, as it allows more opportunities for cleverly using the Touch of the Void, Sacrificial Transfusion and Blessings of the Forsaken Gods -Ulamog abilities, as they can be used to buff instead of solely healing. For example, an Eternal Pilgrim domain cleric can help out a weedy spellcaster who is facing a terrible threat by borrowing some hit points from a tougher character in their party.

The other abilities that aren’t solely based on Ayli borrow from the flavour of the Eldrazi themselves, such as the abilities at 17th level, which are all based on the powers of the Eldrazi Titans. In particular, Touch of the Void is taken directly from a card name that demonstrates the same effect of the ability in card form (with the flavour text “Some wounds never heal,” I was inspired to add the clause that it can only be healed with the use of magic. This and Ayli’s second activated ability also share the mechanic of exiling creatures, which I mirrored with the decay of bodies of creatures killed by these abilities.

This is something I hope I’ll see used by the player characters in my future Zendikar campaign, and if not something I’ll definitely use for villains in that campaign. This is one of a few bigger projects I’ve been working on for this blog, so expect some bigger posts in the upcoming weeks. Until then, I’m off to enjoy some more of Stream of Annihilation this weekend (I am unbelievably excited about Xanathar’s Guide to Everything)!

How Battle for Zendikar Block Should Have Ended

4 Minutes Later

Special thanks to @bace-jeleren for pointing me to the art for the final panel (it’s called Ruin in their Wake by the way).


1) Cast Arcane Adaptation, naming Eldrazi. All the creature cards in your collection are technically now “creature cards you own that aren’t on the battlefield”

2) Activate Spawnsire of Ulamog

3) ???

4) Dump every creature you own onto the table

B̴̺̲͉̟̯̯l͈͇̮̲̯̭ͅe̷s͚̝͈̭̝͓̤s̴̖̻̯i̸n̵͉̫̪̲͔̯g͔͙s̨̙̲̫̦ ̰̪̥ͅbe̯̠̰͍͉̜ ̵̥u͏̦͕͔̘ͅp̨̦͖͇͖o̙̖̘̜n͕̦͖̗̙̫ U̙̳͞ͅļ̻a̳
̲̙̯̤͙M̰͓̣̭a̵͎̜̠̟̲͚̟y̖̬̩ ̙̲͉̙hḛ̛͈̭ ͇s̱̬͡p̶̫̰͙̺͍̫̩a͇r̛̹̘͙ͅe̙̦͙̳̼ ̫̜̺͠ù͇͈̝s͍̀
͕͍̻̕F̮͖͇̠͎͓͔r̶̬̯o̬̞̥̘̭m̟ ͚͇H̥̼̰̼͚ì̩̰̱̖̠̹͖s̵̮̹ ͈̭͚̠͟ḑ̯͉̻̜̱̤i҉̘̳͉̬̬viṉ̮͍̰̝̘e̗͚̤ ̺̝̙̖̠̳h̘̳͔͕̤ͅṷ̖ng̴͖̣̗e̵̤͕̠ͅr̟̗̹̀


Eldrazi Titan Stained Glass

A couple years ago, the Proxy Guy ran a contest for designing a proxy for Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Considering the titans are viewed as gods on Zendikar, I went with the idea of church stained glass. I came in second and got a fine amount of praise for this illustration. Plenty of people were asking if I do the other two so I worked up some sketches but fell behind on it.

The next year, Battle for Zendikar was on the horizon so I decided to continue the trio. However, I still haven’t finished Kozilek though he will be coming very soon. Once that happens, I plan to get combine them into a playmat design among other things.

The great thing about Standard Showdown is that you can build all kinds of flavorful decks. Nahiri reaches her ultimate quickly, allowing you to rip Emrakul right out of your library! Aggressive artifact decks can crew Vehicles! Aetherworks Marvel can…summon the dead Eldrazi!? OK, so you can build some not-so-flavorful decks too. Whatever.