The great thing about Standard Showdown is that you can build all kinds of flavorful decks. Nahiri reaches her ultimate quickly, allowing you to rip Emrakul right out of your library! Aggressive artifact decks can crew Vehicles! Aetherworks Marvel can…summon the dead Eldrazi!? OK, so you can build some not-so-flavorful decks too. Whatever.

You’re planning a party. You decide to invite some guests.

Three of the guests are not guests you invited in the first place, however.

Ulamog walks in and destroys all of your preparations for the party as well as all the furniture.

Kozilek walks in and replaces all the furniture with colorless, tacky couches and the such.

And Emrakul invites her own guests, which you also did not invite.

How Battle for Zendikar Block Should Have Ended

4 Minutes Later

Special thanks to @bace-jeleren for pointing me to the art for the final panel (it’s called Ruin in their Wake by the way).