*** Blonde bride ***

We present you this phenomenal 19 year old photo model from Ukraine, whose name is Nika.

Nika is a youthful babe, who is fun and as you can see super hot. With that figure, and those fantastic tits of hers, she could probably bring peace to the world. Those grey eyes are everything but average, and once you take a deeper look into them, you are seduced for life. Get more about Nika …


ONE MORE HUTSUL GIRL FROM ME. (Click for better quality)

Me and Bees decided to make a whole gang (she make two, I make 3) and it’s been the funnest shit ever. This is Jasna (Ясна) a Qwilfish and I love her. The colors were a little tough to make into a traditional Hutsul outfit, but I think she looks gr8. Here are her two friends Vira and Shura as well!