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Do you two spend Christmas together? And if so, what would you do if you two were caught under a mistletoe? c;

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Arthur:  “On the 25th we’re going to this party that was organized by Feliciano. Afterwards maybe go and visit Alfred or just enjoy a nice cuppa when we get home. well… I’d like to steal a kiss but of course if Kiku isn’t comfortable with it I wouldn’t do it.”

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Kiku: "This Christmas Eve, Arthur-san and I will be spending the night at his house. Then as he said, we will attend the World Christmas party at Feliciano-kun’s house on Christmas. We usually spend the Christmas Eve at one’s house then spend the next day with our friends.

and oh, I would let Arthur-san..

..but only if we’re alone. 

5 times Kiku Honda kissed Arthur Kirkland: 1/5

Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers

Characters/Pairing: Arthur/Kiku

Rating: T

Warnings: None. Yet.

Additional notes: Written at 3 a.m. for selinawen’s birthday! Shutup,I'mnotlate.

Summary: Honda Kiku is known for his conservative nature. Thus, during the course of their brief, but beloved alliance, kissing was far and few. Arthur does, however, cherish the moments when Kiku takes the initiative to kiss him instead of the other way around.

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