I rather resent it when people say Uhura didn’t do anything but say, ‘Hailing frequencies open.’ That’s not true. It demeans my status. Uhura represented womanhood and the breakthrough of cross-racial representation. She represented dignity and intelligence, and no one can take that away from her, or me.
—  Nichelle Nichols in Starlog, February 1992.

Science fiction can “show the world what it should be and get away with it,” Nichols added later. “And suddenly everybody is saying, ‘Yes, that’s the way it should be.’ Science fiction is not just fiction, but has changed a lot in the world, as it should be.”

When a fan asked her if she’s a feminist, Nichols responded: “First and foremost.”

A fan asked how far Nichols thinks television still needs to go, and what she would still like to see change. Nichols responded, “I think we have to go as far as we need to go, and we should stay right on top of it. And it’s not just women. Boys, girls, men and women, just stay right on top of it. It’s our world. And we have a right to it. We have a right to say what we want to say.”

My most Gracious Queen of the  Star Trek Universe is filled with wisdom…