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Can you write me a scenario where it's Taemin's birthday and you pretend that you forgot, since you're planning a surprise party for him (you're his gf). Then, you go out with Jonghyun so you can buy all the stuff and when you're done, the two of you go to a cafe to rest a little, before going to ur place to organize everything. But then Taemin sees you and u say you were just hanging out a little, and he leaves cuz he's angry/jealous. Later you tell him to go to your place to talk and SURPRISE!

Of course! enjoy x 

You felt someone hugging you from behind while making breakfast; “yah, I’m busy” you turned away and laughed, “too busy for your boyfriend?” Taemin smiled and kissed your forehead.  He sat and you made him a plate with pancakes, “thank you.” He smiled and started to eat and you sat and ate with him.

After you both finished eating, Taemin looked at you with furrowed eyebrows so you pretended not to notice, smirking internally. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he raised an eyebrow, “oh! Have a nice day” you smiled and kissed him, “now go, you’ll miss your schedule”.

Taemin opened his mouth to answer you but you gently pushed him out of the door and closed it. You let out a sigh and smiled, “now let’s call Jonghyun.”

“Well?” he said and you smiled, “He’s out and he doesn’t suspect anything, he really thinks I forgot his birthday” you giggled and Jonghyun laughed “you are a better actor than I thought! I’ll pick you in an hour.”

Jonghyun finally came to pick you and you sat in his car, “Poor Tae, he must be really hurt” you were slightly worried because Taemin is not offended easily, but it’s his freaking birthday. “Ah don’t worry, Tae will have the biggest smile at the end of the day.” Jonghyun smiled and you felt less worried.

You two arrived to the mall and quickly got in while greeting the fans who waited there. “So what should we buy?” you asked Jonghyun and he brightened, “everything! …. I mean Balloons, food and other party stuff” he said and you laughed from his behavior.

“I. am. So. Tired.” You said and crushed on the Café’s chair; Jonghyun did the same and put the shopping bags near the table. You two have been in the store for almost 2 hours until Jonghyun was satisfied.

“And hungry.” He added and took the menu, meanwhile you checked your phone and smiled when you saw the reminder for Taemin’s birthday and you also noticed he didn’t call you, which was rare because he always calls you throughout the day.

You two ordered the food and as always Jonghyun kept you entertained with his endless amount of stories and lame jokes. After you two finished eating, Jonghyun face suddenly looked worried and he cursed, “What?” you said and turned around and saw Taemin standing and looking at you, he looked beyond pissed.

“Tae, what are you doing here?” you approached him, “apparently bothering your date.” He said coldly, “what? No! We were just hanging out a little.” Jonghyun shook his head and stood up.

Taemin ignored Jonghyun and stared at you, “it’s really nice that my girlfriend hangs out with my best friend on my birthday, which by the way you two didn’t bother to remember.” His eyes were filled with anger and you were quite shocked, you never saw him like that.

Taemin rolled his eyes and was about to walk away and you grabbed his hand, “wait! Let me explain. But not in here because we already drown attention” Taemin looked around and saw that everyone was staring at you two. You looked at Jonghyun and raised your eyebrow; he understood and nodded.

You dragged Taemin outside of the mall and got into his car, “come on. Explain.” He said and glared at you, you bit your lips “I’m not having this talk in the car. Let’s go home” you quickly said and he groaned.

“Why are you not getting in?” he said as you two arrived home and you just stood in the doorstep, Your phone buzzed and you smiled “oh, Never mind. Let’s go in”.

Taemin walked in first and you nearly got a heart attack when you heard the loud “Surprise!”, you smiled and entered the house and saw that it was decorated with balloons and surprise stickers everywhere, and everyone was hugging and greeting Taemin who stood there in a complete shock, Jonghyun noticed you and winked.

“But let’s not forget the ones who organized this whole thing: _____ and Jonghyun” Kai, a friend of Taemin said and Taemin turned around and looked at you standing awkwardly behind. “I am so sorry. I thought that you…. And he….” He pointed at Jonghyun and looked speechless.

“It’s ok. Happy birthday Tae, I love you.” You said and kissed him. He grabbed your waist and brought you closer, “I love you too, but let’s agree that no more surprise parties.” He whispered and you smiled, “yes sir.”