Ugh the quality is so terrible!

thewickedandthehufflepuff  asked:

have such mixed thoughts about america vasquez tbh, like, kinda bummed b/c it seems like it'll diminish america chavez's chances of getting a solo series? but maybe it'll be good quality? ugh idek, what do u think/feel?

I’m worried about it meaning no America solo too and though I am always here for more latinx heroes and will probably check it out I don’t have much hope for it?

Casey and Dragotta’s “”“creative decisions”“” regarding America were famously awful and sexist and nearly racist, the America we love is mostly Gillen’s doing. So it will either be a terrible Vengeance-like version of her or, more likely, a rip off from Gillen and McKelvie’s. So either way it seems incredibly petty and silly so… Yeah. Not holding my breath sadly.

Still haven’t lost hope for an America Chavez solo in Marvel, btw, but I’m kinda bumped yeah.