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915. When Snape died, the first person there to greet him was Lily. She ran to him crying and thanking him repeatedly for protecting her son despite everything between him and James. Snape could only stand there shocked and confused, especially when James came up to him looking incredibly guilty to apologize for everything and to thank him as well.

when did it begin?  when did she start to notice it?  is it because her mother is dead that they spoke that way?  dead and gone and a distant memory–brandon holding her dear in his heart but never speaking her name, father feeling freed.  pestering.  that’s what he’d called mother.  pestering lyarra and her wolf’s blood.  more wolf than woman if truth be told.  with a bite to his voice, as though a only a man could be a wolf…

“yes.  yes that’s a fine match, i think.”  that is all her father says.  he looks between ned and lyanna.  “a thoughtful one, ned.”  ned smiles.  he thirsts for father’s approval, and lyanna crosses her arms over her chest, wishing it were still flat because everyone looks at her differently now that it isn’t any longer.  or maybe she just notices that they do.  do they?  

“i haven’t even met him,” lyanna says hotly.  the wolf blood, like your mother.  gods be good what did i do to deserve the pair of you?  

“he’s my dearest friend, lya,” ned replies smiling at her.  “as close to a brother as i could have found in the vale, as dear as brandon or benjen, and as true.  he’ll make a fine husband to you, and a fine father to your children.”  

lyanna blinks, surprised.  ned’s words sting–she hadn’t been expecting…her crossed arms stiffen over her chest.  he speaks to me as if i am a woman–any woman, telling me what any woman would want to hear of her betrothed.  he doesn’t speak to me as though i’m me.

perhaps that is why he hadn’t understood.  he’s been gone too long, he won’t know…

so she hardens her words–hardens them the way she does for father, because father doesn’t listen to her either.  “robert will never keep to one bed.  and i hear he has gotten a child on some girl in the vale.”  ned had written that in some letter or other before he’d ridden north.  written it and spoken it, as if it did not matter.  how can this friend be truly true, be loyal and faithful to her if he wanders?  or will he speak coolly of her, the way father does when he deigns to mention mother?  

ned has the decency to flush now, but when he opens his mouth, he says, “none of that will matter, lyanna.  i promise.  it won’t stand in the way of your marriage, and what he has done before your betrothal won’t matter.  he will put it behind him, and it shan’t ever affect you, it will be the past.  he is a good man, and will love you as truly as any man has ever loved any woman, i promise it.”

lyanna did not smile.  lyanna glared.  “love is sweet, dearest ned, but it cannot change a man’s nature. and it won’t change robert’s.”

she turns back to her father, and opens her mouth to tell him she won’t do it, but before she can.

“you will marry him, lyanna.  it is your place.  it is who you were born to be, and i’ll hear no more on the matter.”

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Let’s sit down and have a real talk for a minute. I am a human being, therefore, I am not perfect. I make mistakes just like everyone else in the world. I have feelings that I can’t control and can’t help. I’m also no one’s property and no one can tell me what I can and can’t do. No one can tell me who I can and can’t talk to. No one can tell me what relationships I can be in and which ones I can’t be in. No one can tell me what to do with my life. And absolutely no one is going to sit there and try to make me feel bad for getting out of something that I don’t want to be in or don’t want to do. If you can’t respect the decisions I make, for MY life, then you should probably walk away right now.