i don’t understand why everyone is so desperate for sonja to be a good person ? skam has a “villain” type every season … i mean her man left her for another man after being with him / babysitting him for years, he’s on social media with said boy, at hotel rooms and wearing his clothes and im sure she’s embarrassed and her friends are probably asking her about the rumors and she’s bitter and is obviously mad that this 17 year old kid just walked in and took everything away from her and i wouldnt be surprised if that rant she did at the end was just built up anger she had towards isak for weeks now and she finally had the chance to let it out and hurt him as bad as she could please, i don’t trust her, i wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to convince even to leave with her or something just to keep him with her.

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Why would anyone hate on the twins' names I think they're so awesome!!! Like their naming game is strong

Who knows? Because people are jealous assholes? Because they think they’re entitled to an opinion on what their celebrity crush names their kids? I have no idea why people are jerks.

For the record, I love the names. I love that they’re unique and I can’t wait to hear Jensen talk about them.

‘Good Girls Revolt’ Was Canceled For No Good Reason
Good Girls Revolt was a show we needed more than ever, and its cancellation speaks louder than words.

As if 2016 hadn’t put us through enough, news just emerged that Amazon has decided to ax their new show, “Good Girls Revolt.” The reason, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s sources, is that Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, just “wasn’t a fan.”

This moment…the ‘Sorry I’m late’ gets me every time. And Mickey’s tender hand on Ian’s face and Ian exhaling… It was perfect and this song is so perfect for them. It fits them so well! These two make so much sense, together it feels like they make each other better, especially in the shitty situation they are constantly surrounded in. And when Ian finds out how messed up his head is and it is going to be for life. He is reaching out to Mickey. Ugh…both boys are so in love and constantly want to take care of each other. They are gonna be an emotional death of me (Fucking writers that are ruining them and their characters). 

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