@thearcanagame has consumed my days. This lovely lady is my MC for the game and my character Maisynira, or “Mai” from my Arcana fic “Snake Charmer”.

@warie-lym awesomely accepted my spontaneous commission, they were so kind and amazing and look! They made my small sassy little fortune teller (in training) so gorgeous I could cry. With that look, someone either is getting a kiss or is about to find a bunch of frogs in their bed. Or she stole Asra’s tarot deck. Again.

Anyway check out Warie-lym’s art. Everything is so amazing and I love how they use colors, the style alone is fantastic. Their Arcana art is a balm to my soul between chapters in the game.

What am I gonna do without fangirling over Evak and being so happy when Sana smiles and screaming thinking about Eva dating Noora, Vilde or Jonas. And crying inside when Sana cries. Or falling in love with the way Sana and Yousef looked at each other. Or the way Even and Isak love each other. Or Jonas being the best friend ever. Or my Guru dad Eskild. Or my beautiful Linn. Or Vilde oh Vilde. OR CHRIS OMG MY GIRL CHRIS MY ROLE MODEL. Or Emma. Or Sonja. Or Elias. Or Adam. Or Mutta. Or Mikael. Or my boys Magnus and Mahdi. Or Jamilla. Or EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER THAT HAS BEEN ON THIS SHOW AND MADE ME FEEL SOMETHING AND ALIVE.  I don’t know what I’m gonna do without feeling the way I did with every single clip or episode we watched.

Thank you Julie and the whole team behind the show.

Thank you Skam.

And a huge thank you to all of you who have made me laugh and cry with your edits, your hcs, your gisets, your fanvideos, your metas, ugh, I don’t regret anything on this fandom. I really love you all SO SO SO FUCKING MUCH. Really thank you. You all are so worth it and I hope your lives go upwards from now on. You can have downs but the ups will be amazing and will make you feel amazing and beautiful in more than a physical way.  Live your life, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and be kind, always because life is now and you won’t another chance, just one opportunity to do everything you wanna do. You have someone here (me) if you ever need someone. I’m not really good at talking but I think I’m pretty good at listening so, yeah, you know where to find me :) 

Thank you the entire cast of this amazing show, 

for helping me see the light when I was at my darkest time. You all were like that hand that always appears  on films out of the blue rescuing someone that is about to fall and die off a high high cliff. 

This is not a goodbye because nothing will ever end as long as you never forget it.

Here we had a good ass show with a beautiful cast, good writing, tropes upon tropes, beautiful scenery, amazing costumes, and yet y'all are sleeping on this show and it was moved to THE DAMN SATURDAY DEATH ROW SLOT. People on Tumblr complain about wanting more diversity and shit yet when it comes knocking at your door, you ignore it. I hope folks are happy. I know abc is also to blame with their crap job of advertising this show (plus I know Shonda is under a certain amount of new shows per contract deal so if it works great and if it doesn’t then on to the next) but ABC should have done more on their end. So yeah congrats folks. When you scream that you want diversity and it appears and you ignore it, this happens.

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BlackPink - our queens - are the fastest K-pop group to reach 10 million views on YouTube

they did it in just under 17 hours

the previous record was 21 hours and 37 min for BTS’ “Not Today”

that record was shattered by four hours

i am  S H O O K E T H

GUYS, guys why isn’t there an au where Jim acts exactly like Lestrade. Like please, give me Jim Gordon so fed up with Batman’s methodology. Give me Gordon praying to God he can solve a case, because if not he’s gonna have to put up with Batman’s know it all attitude. Give me Jim reluctantly switching on the Bat Signal, muttering a curse word with every building that’s being swung across which is so illegal, all that trespassing

Like, he’s not gonna arrest Batman, of course not. But he’s definitely gonna remind him that he can. Give me Jim Gordon questioning his every life decision that he now needs help from a grown ass man that dresses like a bat. Give me Jim with a huge file filled solely with misdemeanors committed by Batman. Like jaywalking, trespassing, reckless driving. But he completely omits serious offenses, like beating men to a bloody pulp and destroying public buildings amidst a fight. Give me a petty ass Jim Gordon that has a drawer filled up with speeding tickets that he couldn’t fill up because the Batmobile DOESN’T HAVE A LICENCE PLATE GODDAMN IT. Which is a whole other thing but yeah

Give me more Jim.

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That girl on twitter doesn't seem to speak English well so it may have just been a simple mistake on her part.

Ok but why is she asking that in the first place, though?

Listen, I’m a translator and I know mistakes happen all the time, but it’s not the translation’s fault when the intent is already there. Plus, my friend (that’s familiar with Japanese culture, and she thinks the person may be Japanese because of the last name) explained that “Half-breeds” or “Hafus” is the English translation for the Japanese slur for biracial people.

Maybe I’m taking this so seriously because I’m biracial and I’ve faced a lot of bullshit and this is just reminding me of everything, but… It’s interesting that she felt she had to ask, as if Marinette being biracial was a problem.