I just think back to S6 Calzona. Where we got to watch them fall in love, have scenes where they held hands and joked. We saw a flash of them being domestic cooking thanksgiving dinner. We saw Arizona be the big spoon to a chicken pox covered Callie. We saw Callie get excited as she made a medical breakthrough and one of the first things she thought out loud was her future with Arizona. We saw their first big fight, watched them struggle to bend for one another. We watched Callie stand in front of a gunman to protect Arizona and a patient. Saw Arizona prove her love for Callie by changing a piece of herself for Callie’s dream. We were so lucky to watch them grow and I miss that so much. 


Was listening on “Versace on the floor - Bruno Mars” Like a several times & this happened…

Actual Drawing that i made:



What has done has been done welp… *bang*

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FFXV “Run” Ficlet: Aubergine

Whoops. I said I was gonna see y’all in about a week and forgot I made a note to myself to post this before my “break.” A bit of insight into some of the strange happenings of your youth, as referenced in “Run”… And now I take my “break.”


Words: 2,130

Warnings: Language, Mild Angst, Ardyn, Creep Factor, Yeah I Made Ardyn a Warning, Intense Tense Flippage, Bad Writing

Ficlet: Aubergine

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Sebastian Stan must have sold his soul to the devil, because it’s impossible for a regular human to be that infuriatingly perfect.

It’s Sebastian’s world, and we just live in it.


oh look more parallels 


anonymous asked:

ok look i know you're busy but seriously... how hard is it to post a chapter?? you haven't posted in like two weeks and im just so sick of writers posting things with cliffhangers and then not following through. you are seriously the WORST. how about you just don't post things if your not going finish.

Here’s a thought… just don’t read my stuff?

I’m sorry for not posting for so long, I apologize all the time, but school is seriously kicking my ass right now and grades are always going to be a priority for me. So I’m sorry y’all have to wait but I’m not sorry for focusing on school.