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فَقلبي ظَلامْ
وحُبي كَلامْ
ومازِلتُ أرغَبُ في الانتِقامْ ..

- عبدالعزيز جويدة .
My heart is dark ..
My love is utterance ..
and I still long for vengeance ..

You don’t know him.

So, I saw this picture, and I immediately thought about Maul telling Ezra about Kanan’s real name…So, I did the normal thing and wrote a quick fanfiction! ; )

Ezra looked down and out the window, his hands gripping the Sith holocron tightly, “You just don’t give up, do you?”

He didn’t spare a look at the former Sith.

“Kanan’s my master.”

“Is he, now, my apprentice?” Maul’s voice was cold and calculating. He fingered the Jedi holocron, absent-mindedly.

Ezra’s face stayed stubborn and emotionless.

“You don’t know him,” Maul took a slow step closer.

Ezra’s confidence flickered, his eyes laced briefly in confusion, but he kept his gaze on the cloudy, sunless sky.

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Missing, presumed dead.

Official reports came through after a week of searching through the Arctic wreckage of Panchaea. Pritchard remembered it all so vividly. He remembered David Sarif on a gurney - in critical condition, but with some of the world’s best doctors at his behest. He remembered Malik, pulling off her helmet to reveal a face streaked in blood dirt and tears, pressing her face against his shoulder as sobs violently wracked her body. Standing with her, holding hands, watching the survivors filter in, shell-shocked crowds shuffling weakly in unison. Jensen wasn’t there. He was never there - not in the first wave, or the second, or the third. He’d never felt anything like it before, what he felt when he first realized Jensen wasn’t coming back - despair crushing his lungs, squeezing his heart, leaving him winded and dizzy. He held it together for appearance’s sake. As soon as he was alone, he cried.

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