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Hello love! If you have time, I was wondering if you could do a White Stallion for the patronus thingy? I don't really know too much about it. Thank you! Also, I really love this blog it's brilliant and you're doing a great job! ❤️

  • Always the horses I bet on at the grand national even though they never win lol I just like them cause they’re pretty
  • In hinduism, christianity and islam, saints ride white horses at the end of the world
  • Speaking of hinduism apparently a white horse is the last incarnation of vishnu 
  • Vishnu’s the preserver and protector of the universe so maybe it means you’re v protective of your friends?
  • There’s the Uffington White Horse which is basically this giant ass drawing of a white horse in a hill side that’s been there for like 3000 years it’s p cool
  • White horses are super rare. Most ‘white’ horses are actually greys so I guess you’re #unique
  • I’m struggling with my gcse biology here but I think the reason they’re so rare is you can’t have both parents with a dominant gene. If the foal is (WW) it has something called ‘lethal white’ and will die in a few days so all white horses are (Ww) so even if you have 2 (Ww) parents there’s only 50% chance the foal will be white too
  • biologists let me know if that makes sense I haven’t studied DNA in four years
Always a Bridemaid, Never a Bride

Hiya, this is my new fic.  I’m still working on Runaways Pt 4 but I needed to break away from all that drama.  This one is only going to be 2 or 3 parts.  Short and sweet.  Anyways, here we go.

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Rae watched as Izzy frantically flipped through different bridal magazines while erasing and scribbling on the seating chart.  Izzy looked tiredly at the piles of wedding planning that still sat in front of her.

“You know Iz, no matter how many times you switch peoples sittin’, not everyone is going to be happy.”  Rae said as she grabbed another magazine flipping to see more smiling brides in beautiful white dresses.  Rae couldn’t resist rolling her eyes, she felt like she had seen this exact picture a thousand times, I have seen this picture before different bride, almost the same dress, same fake smile.

“You don’t get it Rae.  I can’t sit Chop’s drunken pompous uncles by my religious aunts.  But I can’t sit next those aunts next to my atheist cousins and I refuse to put those cousins near the people I work with.”  Izzy stopped and bit her pencil as she was looking over the seating chart. 

Rae admired Izzy, Rae didn’t think she would ever have the patience to do any of this but she also never thought she would be getting married.  She’s had boyfriends but none that she would have ever settled down with that she took seriously. Plus she just never saw herself as the married type.  What man would want to make her his wife?  She was loud, annoying, drank pints, told jokes, she was far from girly and her self confidence although improved from what it was when she was a teenager but for being 24 years old, it was still low. 

“Did you hear me Rae?”  Izzy had stopped her current task of choosing colors for her décor to stare at her.

“Sorry Iz, what was that?”  Rae shook her head trying to rid of the negative thoughts that plagued her mind.

“I know I was thinking about settling on Le Petite Bakery for the wedding cake but Chop has insisted I go to some of his school mates bakery.  They are going to be giving me a cake tasting plus two guests.  Chop can’t make it so I know that you as my maid of honor will be there without a doubt yeah?”  Izzy grinned but her eyes said there was no way of getting out of it.

“What?  Izzy, I’m on a diet trying to lose weight for your wedding.  You can’t expect me to go and try all different types of cake!”  Rae huffed, even though allowing herself to imagine the sweet taste of frosting in her mouth. 

“Rae, it’s not like your eating a full cake by yourself!  Plus, I don’t think you need to be on a diet, you are beautiful.”  Izzy stood draping a few color schemes on the table after settling on an emerald green runner and white pearl linen.   “I’m not asking Rae, as my maid of honor you are coming, end of.”

“Since when has Chop had mates that own a bakery?” Rae questioned. Finding it hard to believe that loud boisterous Chop having mates that can bake a dainty wedding cake?  She just couldn’t picture it.

“Well they were friends from school, played footie together he said.  Besides they moved away for Uni a few months before we met, they were inseparable the three of them.  He said we got to go and try their cakes and that’s final.  Ok?”

“Fine, I’ll go.” Rae agreed.

“There we go, that’s the answer I was expecting.  Chloe’s coming as well you know?” 

“What? You must be joking.  Bad enough you’ve put her in the wedding party!”  Rae was a little upset, to say Chloe and Rae didn’t see eye-to-eye anymore was an understatement, they were best mates, but Chloe did the unthinkable and Rae was always the one left hurt.  Izzy had claimed she would not choose sides but will remain friends with both of them, which she had but her and Rae bonded closer then ever through the years. 

“Rae please just a few more weeks and you can go back to your anti-Chloe life ok?” Rae nodded but deep down inside she just wish she never had to see Chloe again.

“So when does terror of a day happen?  The only thing I’m looking forward to is allowing myself sugar for the first time in a month.” Rae was imagining herself surrounded by forks upon forks with cake on them.

“Next Saturday.  We will meet here and I will drive up ok?”

“Alright Izzy, you know you’re kind of a bossy bride you know that?”

“Oh I know Rae, I know.”


“I am done with wedding cakes Archie.  Brides are the fuckin worst shoppers in this entire industry.”  Finn was putting all the dishes away in the bakeshop. 

“Finn seriously?  That’s like saying we don’t want half of revenue.  Have you gone mental?”  Archie was placing different pastries in the display case.

“I’m just over it mate. Maybe we should just stop doing the cakes in general.” 

“Tell ya what Finn, after we do Chop this favor we can talk more about it yeah?”  Archie knew he would be able to talk Finn out of this hair brain idea.  Finn just nodded to him as Archie greeted the group of people who walked in.   If Finn can make it trough one more bride to be for an old mate, he can make it through anything.


Sitting in a car having to listen to Chloe bang on about her latest endeavors was proving to be torture to Rae, who opted to take the back seat of the car so if she felt like mocking Chloe she could do it without being spotted.

For someone who had already been married, got a divorce and living off of that money, Chloe made it seem like she had worked hard for it all. 

Rae was thanking her lucky stars that the bake shop was in Uffington so it wasn’t that long of a drive, if this shop would have been any further, Rae is sure she would of strangled herself with her seatbelt. 

“You know Rae, I’m really impressed, and you seem to be doing yourself up a little more.” Chloe chirped from the front seat.

Rae knew it was a back handed comment, sure she ditched her normal loose jeans and band shirts for more fitted clothing, like today she is wearing black tight pants with a flowing white sleeveless shirt.  “Well you know Chloe, not all of us were born with a passion for fashion with daddies money.  Some of us have to find that passion their own ways.”  Rae had to bite her tongue because she wanted to add that maybe it was ex-hubbies money.

Izzy tried to shift the mood by turning up the volume to the radio.  Rae couldn’t take it, it was just some other crap boy band song but the two up front sang a long as if it were their favorite song.

“Oh here we are,” Izzy pointed to a little shop on the corner of the street.  She pulled off to the side of the building all three of them getting out of the car.

“What kind of name is ‘Electric Bakery’ for a cake shop?”  Rae already had hesitation.  “With a crap name like that Iz, ya might as well call Le Petit Bakery and order your cake now.”

Chloe rolled her eyes as Izzy linked arms with the two girls, “Oh come on Rae lets just give it a go.” 

Stepping into the shop the three girls smelt the sweets in the air.  For a shop ran by men, there was a safe and warm feeling you got when you walked in the shop.  Mostly wood paneling, there was a wall behind the counter full of breads.  In front of that was a display case full of beautifully decorated pastries, on the left was a coffee counter and seating on the right.

A blond hair man wearing glasses popped up from behind the counter. 

“Oh hello how may we help you today?”  Archie smiled brightly.

“Hi uh, we’re here to meet Finn and Archie, I’m Izzy Chop’s-“

“FIANCE! Hiya! I’m Archie, FINN COME ON OUT LAD!”  Archie shouted turning his head to a swinging door behind the register.  “Sit ladies, sit we have plenty of cakes to try.”  Archie ushered them to the sitting area.  Archie handed all three of them a list of different cakes they had.  Izzy and Chloe were busy talking on which they would like to try first.  Rae was still looking around really enjoying the vibe she was getting from the shop.

“All right ladies, you can try as many cakes as you want, we will make little samples of each and then we can go from there.”  Archie sat across from Izzy as they started talking about the size and tiers of the cakes.  Rae asked Archie if she could take a look around and he nodded focusing back on Izzy.  Rae walked to the little coffee station noticing frames around the area.  Her eyes widened when she noticed it was live stills of Oasis, her favorite band.

“I went to Knebworth when I took those.”  Rae turned around to the voice.  Her breath hitched when she turned to see a brown haired brown-eyed Adonis behind her. 

“Oh right, I was there too.”  Rae could barely make eye contact; this man in front of her was gorgeous. 

“Hi, I’m Finn,” He dusted his hands on the apron wrapped around his waist before reaching his hand to shake hers. 

“Rae, I’m Rae.” She was stumbling over her words placing her hand in his; she felt a little spark and pulled her hand back. 

“Rae as in?”

“Rachel, but I’ve been called Rae since I could remember.”  Why was she giving him an explanation?

“Right, well Rae as in Rachel are you with the bride to be?”  Finn glanced over his shoulder and Rae’s eyes followed his, Chloe had finally looked up and her mouth hung open, Rae has seen that look one too many times before and now she can see a metaphorical target on Finn’s back.

“Sorry, oh yeah, maid of honor at your service.”  Rae curtsied as Finn let out a chuckle. 

“Well Rae, I suggest you take a seat with your mates and we will be starting the tasting.”  He walked with Rae to the table introducing himself to the other girls, shaking hands with the other two, Chloe trying to linger on.

They were in the midst of cake tasting; Rae could have sworn she has eaten at least 14 different cakes.

“The last one is Finn’s specialty.  Won’t let anyone know his secret.”  Archie said clearing a few of the plates that were dirtied.

“So Chop told me that Finn you and him go far back.”  Izzy said while drinking some water.

“Oh yeah, we were mates since primary really.  The three musketeers if you can imagine.  All for one and one for all type of stuff.  Hardest thing ever was knowing Finn and I were leaving such a good mate behind but we stayed in contact.”  Archie explained.

“Oh are you and Finn, you know?”  Chloe asked as if disappointed.

“Oh no no, well yes I am but Finn is as straight as they come.”  Archie laughed adjusting his glasses.

“Great, great news.”  Chloe smiled.

“Really Chloe?”  Rae was astounded by Chloe’s forwardness but Chloe just shrugged it off.  Finn came out of the back with three plates with a slice of cake each.

“This here is my special cake recipe, it’s a Italian meringue buttercream on chocolate angel food cake.  Please be honest.”  All three girls smiled as they bit into the cake.  If Rae could explain what it tasted like it was heaven.  No wonder it had angel food in it, the frosting was perfection, there were moans of approval from around the table as second and third bites were taken.

“I think I have found the flavor of the top and bottom tier of the cake!”  Izzy squealed in happiness as Rae and Chloe both nodded agreeing with her.

“Great, well, let’s get it settled then.” Archie and Izzy started now talking about decorating as Rae watched Finn start clearing the remaining dishes, Rae stood up and helped him, he smiled to her in return nodding his head for her to follow him in the back.

“That cake you made is something special.”  Rae placed the remaining items in the sink as Finn got to work.

“Thanks, I bake, Archie does all the decorating.  I don’t have the hands to make flowers.”  Finn laughed and dramatically showed Rae his sudsy hands.

“So uh, what made ya go into baking?”  Rae leaned against the counter.

“Don’t know actually.  We were in Uni and Archie was committed to history and I well I was just there really.  Archie got close to some bloke in Uni he were dating and he ended up teaching both of us baking.  He taught Archie a lot more like decorating and all that.  But I got the basics and we just started from there.  Working out of our flat and before we knew it, we moved back to Stamford, but then moved here to Uffington for the storefront.  Anyways, what do you do Rae?”  He finished with the dishes and leaned next to Rae, Finn wasn’t going to lie to himself, Rae intrigued him.  She was beautiful, loose dark curls, huge expressive eyes and a body that if allowed he would run his hands all over.

“Oh, I’m a free lance writer, I write for Kerrang! Magazine and NME magazine.”  Rae shuffled from foot to foot.

“Wait you’re that Rae Earl?  I love reading your work, you know almost as much as me about music.”  Finn laughed.

“What do you mean know almost as much about music as you?  I’m sorry who is the writer for music magazines and who frosts cakes?”  Rae was half meaning the insult and if she would dare to think felt like Finn was flirting with her.

“Oi, I have feelings you know? Besides these cakes pay the bills.”  Finn faked insult by placing his hand on his chest making Rae giggle and Finn took that as a sign to move closer to her.

As soon as their shoulders were touching, Finn was about to say something when he saw the swinging door open and Chloe walk in.  “Sorry, Archie allowed me back here, got two more plates here for you.”  She was batting her eyelashes, which Rae can tell were fake.

“Oh right thanks,” Finn reached and took the plates from Chloe turning around and cleaning them as well.

“What were you two talking about in here?”  Chloe was now leaning over the metal workstation in the middle of the kitchen. 

“Just about the wedding,” Rae lied.

“Oh I just love weddings, don’t you love weddings Finn?”  Chloe leaned further trying to expose more from her already tight fitting dress attempting to show more cleavage.

“Yeah weddings are alright, I guess.”  Finn turned around finishing the last dish.

“There is just something so magical about watching two people in love declare to each other their devotion and commitment to each other for the rest of their lives.”  Chloe said in a fake-pitched voice.

Rae scuffed wanting to call Chloe out about her own wedding and wanted to question her on why her declaration of love didn’t work out, but Rae wouldn’t stoop that low.

“What Rae?  Don’t like weddings?”  Chloe put on a fake shocked face.

“Actually Chlo, I don’t, big waste of money to me, don’t see the need for all the money spent on them.  If ya love someone it’s easier to show them, don’t need to make a show about it.”

“Maybe its because your always a brides maid and never the bride.”  Chloe stood up and crossed her arms.  Rae shouldn’t be shocked at anything Chloe said anymore but still, that was a shot below the belt.  Rae’s mouth hung open, how she ever once considered this girl a friend she would never know.  Finn sensed the tension between the two and couldn’t imagine where Chloe got the right to insult an apparent friend like that.

Rae was embarrassed and didn’t make eye contact with Chloe or Finn and walked towards the swinging door walking back into the front of the shop.  She was actually having a decent time and for some reason was compelled and wanted to talk to Finn more but after Chloe embarrassed her she doesn’t think that will happen again.

Finn was left in the kitchen with Chloe, who walked around the metal table to be on the same side as him.  He didn’t know why but he didn’t necessary like the feeling he was getting from Chloe.  He wanted more then anything to spend just a little more time with Rae; he felt a connection and was positive she felt it too.  He has never felt this attraction and pull to someone before and he wanted to find out more about her to see if he stood a chance, but he knew he first needed to shake this Chloe girl who was sticking to him like fresh gum on the bottom of his shoe.

“Finn I just got to say that you are a very good looking man.”  Chloe stepped a little closer to him.

“Um, uh, thanks, we should go back out in front.”  Finn awkwardly stepped around Chloe and exited the back.  He saw Rae sitting with Izzy and Archie the two of them talking colorfully as Rae just sat with her head on her hand looking distant, he wanted to break her from that focus.

“Oh Archie, Finn, this cake is going to be SO lovely!  I am absolutely over the roof that Chop suggested coming to you both.   Thank you, thank you!”  Izzy chirped clapping her hands excitedly reaching out and hugging Archie.  Finn sat next to Archie at the table right across from Rae.

“Rae do you know Archie and Finn basically taught themselves their trade?  Archie was telling me his ex-boyfriend taught them a bit but the rest they picked up on their own, isn’t that amazing?  I would honestly think you both went to a world renowned culinary or pastry school with both of your skill level.”  Izzy was talking a mile a minute, no one noticing that Chloe had come back out sitting between the last open chair between Izzy and Archie. 

“It’s really easy when you have the passion for it,” Archie played with his glasses.

“Well I couldn’t bake a proper biscuit without burning the bottom,” Rae broke her silence.  Finn looked at her biting his lip trying to hide a smile.

“You know Rae, we offer baking classes, we could teach you a few things.”  Finn smiled big staring at her.  He didn’t notice Archie looking at him in confusion, but Archie didn’t say anything.

“Really?”  Chloe once again interrupted leaning forward.  “When are these classes?”

Finn still hasn’t stop staring at Rae who was now staring back at him, he still held a smile and she looked at him putting a tight lipped smile on her face with a questioning look.

“When are you available Rae?”  Finn asked fiddling with his hands on the table.

“I um, well I have a few interviews this week for work.  What is it Saturday?  I think my next available day is Thursday but I’m sure you have plans.”  She shook her head; she was a little confused on what was going on here.

“Looks like we will be having the lesson on Thursday then, how’s 5 o’clock?”  Finn couldn’t explain the excitement he got thinking he would be able to see Rae again. 

“We will be here.”  Chloe accepted Finn’s invitation making Finn break eye contact with Rae.  He gave Chloe a weak smile but looked back at Rae who was mid eye roll, was that eye roll for him or for her?

“Yeah, we will be here.” Rae nodded her head when she noticed Finn’s eyes were back on her. 

Izzy looked at her watch.  “Oh we got to go ladies, I need to meet the reception hall owners.”  They all stood saying goodbyes, shaking hands.  Finn purposely avoided Rae so she could be the last.  The two of them the last in the shop as Archie and him were going to walk the girls to the car.

“See you Thursday then,” Rae reached out her hand to shake his but Finn extended his arms and hugged her. 

“See you Thursday,” his lips were near her ear causing a chill to run through her.  She walked to Izzy’s car in a daze, confused about what just happened between her and Finn.  She couldn’t explain in words this attraction she felt towards him.

“Thursday should be interesting,” Chloe was looking at herself in the visor mirror as she spoke putting on lip-gloss.

“Why is that?”  Izzy asked as she pulled out on to the road.

“Because I am going to conquer that Finn lad.”  Chloe looked at herself in the mirror one last time with a wink.

Oh shit not again, Rae thought.  I can’t compete with her for someone’s attention again and lose. Whatever excitement Rae held for Thursday was now gone and began dreading it.


“Finn, can I ask you when did we start giving baking lessons?”  Archie asked laughing at his oldest friend.

“Now Archie, now we do.”  Finn turned around patting Archie on the back with a huge smile on his face.  To say he was excited for Thursday was an understatement.


Oh, hello! Here’s the fic I promised, based on this prompt from the not-so-anonymous @bitchy-broken. (Thanks so much, m’dear!) I could prattle on like I usually do about how it’s too long and it strayed, but I’m sure you’d rather just read it. 

(I realized that I’ve been lax with putting word counts, so if you’re wondering, this one is around 4400+.)

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* * * * *

It was the third summer of the gang being the gang.

The girls had taken their A-levels and were awaiting the results, Archie was back in town having just finished his first year at the University of Durham, and Chop had been promoted to foreman and was lording it over everyone in the repair shop, much to the consternation of Finn.

It was hot for July. Usually, they got a couple of scorchers in August, but it was sweltering even in the shade, and they were sitting in the sun-drenched yard of the beer garden.

Rae took her flannel off, which was a bloody miracle all on it’s own, and swigged some of her beer. “Christ, I’m hot,” she grumbled.

“Yeeeaaahhh, you are,” Finn drawled. It was almost an automatic response at this point. Rae was always too bundled up and complained about the heat even when it was temperate.

“Ha bloody ha,” Rae sang. “If I had a pound for every time you came out with that old chestnut …”

“Maybe you could buy a clue,” Finn mumbled into his beer.


Finn shook his head and coughed, pointing with his hand that was holding his beer. “Look, it’s Chlo and Iz.”

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I Enjoyed It Though

Thanks to all of the adorable people that liked, reblogged and made such lovely comments on see-me-after-class😘😘

This fic is in response to a prompt (shown at the end) from the awesome @i-dream-of-emus, thanks honey - I hope this is ok?

Big thanks to my adorable beta @redprairielily.

This is a little bit smutty/crass for anybody that doesn’t like that sort of thing.  Anyway please let me know what you think?

I Enjoyed It Though

As she almost skipped around to Chops house Izzy felt like a million quid.  She was so pleased with the results of her trip to the beautician’s for de-pubing that she had rushed straight home to try on her new underwear.

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A/N: This has been kicking about in my drafts for ages so I thought I’d have a clear out and mess about with it so I don’t hate it as much. It’s set on the episode with the house party with what would’ve happened if  she hadn’t gone to the party at Uffington (I think it was supposed to be Uffington) and got to Finn’s earlier. I’m really crap at tagging so if I missed anybody I’m really sorry or if I’ve tagged the wrong people by accident also sorry.

‘Dad, what did I do with my keys?’ Finn called down from where he stood at the top of the stairs as he searched through some last minute black bags of clothes and CDs ready for his uncle’s spare room so he could start to get settled down in Leeds. ‘Dad,’ he shouted again from the bannister where he froze as he heard her. He could hear her voice heighten as it trailed off.

‘I-It’s not important…sorry. I can come back another time.’ Rae’s voice carried through to him from the front door. She was right there, inches away. His Rae. No, not his Rae. Maybe she never really was. Finn cleared his throat and the pair of them turned to look at him. Rae shot him a stricken look and darted her eyes down to fidget with the zip on her sleeve.

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Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride Part 3`

Hey Everyone!! Here is the next part of Always A Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.  I’m thinking there should only be 1 more part of this one, but we shall see.

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Finn: All right Rae?  Do hope you are ready for tomorrow. XX

Rae:  Hello Finn.  Is it almost Saturday already?  I suppose I will be ready. ;)

Finn:  Getting cheeky girl?  If so, I like it.

Rae:  Cheeky?  Me?  Never!

Finn:  Right.  Can’t wait to see you then.

Rae: Laters Finn.

Finn: Until tomorrow Rae :)

“And who are you texting that’s causing a smile like that?”  Linda asked as she sat a tea and toast in front of Rae.

“Just a coworker mum, talkin’ ‘bout an interview with a band I have next week.  Proper excited, they are a pretty good up and coming.  Anyways, how was your trip to the doctors yesterday?”  Rae did not need her mum in her business with Finn, besides even though Rae was excited, it still seemed too good to be true for a man as fit and lovely as Finn, to be interested in Rae.

“Everything’s good Rae.  Doctor said I am doing well in remission.  I’m more concerned about your sister and Karim.  He is constantly worried ‘bout me, and Emily, she is so much more visible with her emotions then what I am used to.  When you were her age, you just bang on about anything and everything yell most of the time, but her, she just cries all the time, you were tougher.”  Linda sat next to Rae placing a hand on hers. 

“Mum, you are all right yeah?”  Rae looked up at her mum concerned.  Her mum and her didn’t always have such an open functioning relationship, but when her mum had become ill with cancer they had settled their differences and have been working on having a good relationship since then. 

“I’m more then Rae, I’m great, and my hair has been growing in thicker don’t ya think?”  Linda bobbed her hand up and down flashing her hair and smiling.  “Dare I say I even feel sexy again Rae.”  Linda laughed; Rae scuffed but was still excited her mum was getting back to her self.

“Mum, remember when you and Karim had gotten together and you told me you always questioned what people thought?  Did you ever question if he were maybe too good for you?” 

“Rae at one point I did think maybe my beasty was too good for me.  I mean he is a few years younger, was fit but he showed me he wanted me.  He has stayed by my side through everything I’ve been through.  Why do you ask dear?  Are you having men problems?”  Linda was all too eager to hear of Rae’s dating life, her daughter has always kept a lot of her personal affairs a secret.

“No mum, nothing like that, just curious you know.  Besides not much to tell in the dating department.”  Rae lied; taking a sip of her tea, Linda always knew how to make her tea just the way Rae liked it.

“Right,” Linda looked at Rae questioningly, “Are you available tomorrow evening?  Karim and I were thinking of having a night out.” 

“Oh I, um, I can’t mum, I have to help Izzy with a few things for the wedding.”  Rae took another sip of her tea unable to look at her mum.  “I actually have got to go mum, I’ll see you round.” 

“Bye Rachel.”  Linda called after Rae watching her walk out the house laughing.  Rae may not admit it, but there was something or better yet someone on her mind that has her asking questions about relationships, which Rae has never done.


 Finn walked up to the last door on the second level of Rae’s flat building.  He couldn’t explain the nerves and excitement that he had for the evening.  He had been planning it out since Rae agreed to this date.  He inhaled deeply as he stared at the number 17 that was on her door before he knocked, holding his breath.

“ONE SECOND!”  He heard Rae shout from behind the door.  She sounded different, flustered almost and he exhaled with a laugh imagining what she may look like behind the door.

Finn stood nervously, tapping his fingers against his thighs until he heard footsteps approaching the door.

“Sorry, sorry come in, just give me a few more minutes yeah?”  Rae had opened the door for Finn already turning away before he could get a word out, which would have been difficult since she took his breath away even in her not so ready state.  She turned quickly away from him, as he appraised her backside, she was wearing a white satin robe, exposing her legs to him, which he appreciated. 

Finn glanced around Rae’s flat after she disappeared behind a door and couldn’t help the smile that was ever growing on his face.  Her walls were a soft yellow, but one could tell she was trying to cover as much of it with different memorabilia.  Band posters lined the walls of her entire flat; pictures of her with different people were on shelves along with different trinkets.  He walked over to her entertainment center and noticed a picture of Rae with a young girl who had Rae’s nose and big eyes but had a skin complexion that was a few shades darker then hers. 

“That’s my sister Emily.”  Rae said from behind Finn.  He turned around and saw she was all dressed and ready, his breath caught in his throat again. 

Rae had tried to go simple; she wore a simple blue sundress with a jean jacket and matching blue flats.  Her hair was straightened and left to flow freely, this time she just did a little more with her make up, a dark chocolate brown smoky eye with mascara and a nude pink lipstick.  She couldn’t help but notice that Finn had dressed up more then she has seen him previously.  He wore a checkered button up shirt with black jeans and black boots.  She couldn’t help but match the smile that was on Finn’s face.

“Wow.”  Was all Finn could muster up as he looked her up and down. “Rae, you, you look absolutely stunning.” 

“I could say the same about you Mr. Nelson.”  Rae swayed from foot to foot, making Finn’s eyes wander down to her legs and slowly back up to her face. 

“Shall we get goin’ then?”  Finn reached out his hand to Rae signaling her to take it.  She walked forward and grabbed his hand with one hand and the other she grabbed her bag.

“And where are you taking me this evening?”  Rae asked as they made their way out of her flat and she locked the door behind her. 

“That is a surprise my dear Rae.” Finn grabbed her hand again bringing her outside. “I hope you don’t mind if we head back to Uffington, it’s just I kind of planned our date there.”  Finn said nervously walking her towards his car.

“No, I don’t mind.”  Rae blushed as he walked around and opened the passenger side door for her.  She watched him walk around and let himself into the car.

“Ready girl?”  Finn looked over to Rae and she nodded.  “Now I know you think you have a superior knowledge of music, so I have made a bit of a playlist to see if I could impress you, I expect marks out of 10 for each tune.”  Rae rolled her eyes at him as she listened to the slow melody of Tender by Blur start to play.

“You know back when I was in college I had such a crush on Damon Albarn and on that bases I give this a 9.”  Rae glanced over to Finn.

“A Damon girl huh?  You know people used to say I reminded them of him back then.  Had an earring and all, same style hair too.  Well, still kind of have that hair now.” Finn looked at himself in the mirror tossing his fringe playfully with a sideways grin to Rae.

“An earring?  Oh what ear was it on?”  Rae was laughing.

“Oi, it’s not somethin’ to laugh at.  It was my left ear by the way.”  Finn said matter of factly, “You never did something embarrassin’ that you look back at now and just think what in the bloody fuck was I thinkin?”

Rae thought about it, “Well I’ve done some things in life that I’m not proud of, done things I regret whole heartedly.  I use to keep diaries, like I would write all my thoughts in there.  My mum found them awhile back when I was in Uni and sent them too me.  Quite embarrassin’ stuff in there, no one is ever going to be allowed to read those.” 

Finn took his eyes off the road just to catch Rae staring out the window nodding her head to the music thinking she was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.  He couldn’t wait to pull out all the stops for her tonight.


Finn reached for the door to the Italian restaurant opening it for Rae, “After you.”  He motioned for her to go ahead of him as she stepped in.  A waiter greeted them as Finn explained that he had reservations.  They were brought to a corner booth, Rae noticing the seclusion it had from the rest of the restaurant.  The atmosphere was quaint and small, had dim lights on the walls that were painted to look as if you are looking over Tuscany; candles were set on every table as white linen covered them.  The two sat in the circle booth meeting awkwardly near the middle, as they’re thighs touched they both looked up at each other smiling before adjusting to get comfortable.  They sat in an uncomfortable silence as they looked over the menu, until the waiter came over and took their order, Finn ordering a bottle of Pinot Grigio for them to share and drink.

“You make me nervous Rae.”  Finn admitted as he ran his finger around the circle of his wine glass finally breaking the silence.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to?”  Rae looked over in confusion unsure why he would admit something like this, and she thought to herself this couldn’t be a good admission and this is only going to end like every other one of her dates.

“No, no don’t apologize, I mean it in a good way, I like it.  It’s just we are still getting to know each other and I’m still trying to impress you.”  He looked sideways at Rae who was blushing.

“Well, you’ve impressed me quite right with your taste in music, which in my book speaks volumes and for the rest you are doing well.  Besides, there is no need to be nervous, it’s just me.”  Rae placed her hands on the table fiddling with her napkin. 

“That’s exactly my point, it’s you.  Rae from the moment I saw you starin’ at my pictures at the shop, I knew I wanted to get to know you.  Haven’t you felt a pull to someone?  Felt like even after just a few encounters with them you felt like you’ve known them forever?  Felt the need to get to know everything there is to know about them?”  Finn was staring at Rae so intently, watching her face go from a smile, confusion to her face relaxing with a simple nod.  Truth is, that is how she felt about him, but it was still confusing to her why he felt like that towards her. 

Their food arrived and they had a much lighter conversation while eating.  They talked about their younger years and even though they had virtually grown up around each other they had never met.  They chatted about their friendships as Finn animatedly did spot on impressions of Chop and even funnier impressions of Archie. He told them how they all met each other in primary fighting over a football.  Rae told Finn how it was actually Chloe that introduced her to Izzy in college and that Chloe and Rae were once best friends but things had happened where they just didn’t get on anymore.  Rae told Finn how Izzy was there for her while her mum was going through chemotherapy and did anything for Rae and her family at the time.  They hadn’t noticed the restaurants other patrons had long gone and they were the last ones left until Finn realized the restaurant staff had stopped coming around asking if they needed anything else as they were now busy closing around them.

“Rae, I think it’s time for us to leave.”  He looked around watching several restaurant employees wiping down tables.  Rae looked up and started to giggle.

“How did we not notice that?  Tonight has been great Finn we sh-”

“It’s not over, I still have a surprise, come on I’m going to bring you to me favorite spot.”  Finn paid and escorted Rae out to the car once again opening and closing the doors for her.  They drove as Finn gave her a small “did you know” about Uffington giving detailed information about the famous White Horse hill figure.  Finn pulled up to a home.  Rae looked noticing they were at a small cottage house, a little confused. 

“So this is me home, but it’s actually the view from the balcony outside of my loft.”  Finn opened the door and stepped around to open Rae’s.  Finn fumbled with his keys nervously as he opened the door stepping aside for Rae to go in.  Rae looked around inside, it was definitely a home of a single man.  Very little furnishing inside, more like the had the basics, his lounge was rather large but empty other then a television, gaming consoles and a settee directly in front of it leaving the rest of the space bare, he did however have a few similar posters around the television that Rae had in her flat. 

“Come on this way,” He nudged her forward turning on lights as they went.  He led them upstairs, “I guess I can give you a quick tour.  You saw the lounge, here is the bathroom and toilet.”  He pointed to a door as they reach the second landing, “that is a spare room, not much in there but albums and some exercise equipment.  This here is my bedroom,” he pointed to a door that was open and Rae could make out a large mattress and a wardrobe.  Finn cleared his throat nervously as he watched Rae size up his house. 

“There is another small flight of stairs past that door that leads to the loft.  Come on,” he opened the door and led the way this time considering it was dark, once up the stairs he fumbled for the lighting, the room illuminated dimly but Rae was able to see a door leading out to the balcony.  Once outside, there were blankets on the floor and fairy lights strung across the bannister of the balcony.

“Do you conveniently leave these out here or is this a special occasion?”  Rae joked. 

“Oh I do say it is a special occasion, come on join me.”  Finn sat ungracefully on the floor and reached his hand out to Rae.  Rae placed her hand in his and settled next to him.

“So what’s so special about this place?”  Rae asked as she picked lint from the blanket. 

“Look around, it’s beautiful.  I mean, the hills around, the stars, during the day just over there,” Finn pointed into a the vast black of nature that laid ahead of them, “Over there is a stream of water.  It’s just peaceful, compare to the fast pace world that I’m sure you are used to.”

“What do you mean?”  Rae looked at Finn with her eyebrows raised.

“Your career, it’s fast paced, it’s music, constantly changing.  You are always going here and there, it’s exciting, and you’re exciting.”  Finn put his arm around Rae’s shoulders bringing her closer to him and she went willingly.

“That it is, sometimes too fast, but I love it.”  Rae admitted.

“Who is the best band you have heard of recently?”  Finn was curious; one thing that he is definitely attracted to is Rae’s knowledge of music. 

“Um Arctic Monkeys, they seem promising.”

“I’ve heard of them, they are amazing.  I told Archie, if they play a gig anywhere near we are heading over.” 

“Really? I am interviewing them in a week before their set.  You could come with me if you’d like.” 

“Did you just ask me out on another date Rachel Earl?”  Finn pulled away from Rae slightly so he can see her face, which he could tell was glowing red even through the weak shine of the fairy lights.

“It’s not a date, if you don’t want it to be,” Rae said weakly.

“Oh it’s definitely a date.”  Finn laughed.

“You know, if someone would of told me someone as lovely as you would be interested in me a few weeks ago, I’d laugh in their face.”  Rae admitted.  Finn furrowed his eyebrows. 

“What do you mean?” 

“It’s just, Finn, you are lovely in almost every way.  Seriously, I am still looking for a flaw, even though, admitting you at one point enjoyed Babylon Zoo is questionable, but other then that.  I just thought someone like you would want a Chloe, not a me.”  Rae moved out of Finn’s arm.

Finn looked at her solemnly, “Why would I want a Chloe?  When there is a Rae?”

Rae huffed, “Look at Chloe and look at me.  Right?  Chloe tried so desperately to get your attention and don’t get me wrong, I also put effort in, but it seemed too easy, it still seems too easy.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t get the guy normally.  Like Chloe said, always a bridesmaid, never a-”

Finn cut her off, “Rae you’re talking crazy.  First off, Chloe is definitely not my type at all, even if you hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have paid much mind to her.  Secondly what’s wrong with easy?  I enjoy the fact that we get on so well, the banter you put me through.  You’re always bangin’ on about stuff, I like it, I like talking to you and I don’t like talkin’ to anybody, honest.  I don’t know those other lads you had dated and frankly I don’t want to know them, even though I would thank them for not keeping you so I am able to date ya.  Thirdly, that’s just a horrible saying made up by old hags to make people feel like rubbish, and you are still young Rae, are you in a rush to get married?” 

“No obviously not but I just hear it a lot from people, Chloe’s been married, Izzy’s getting married, even acquaintances from work are tying the knot.  Guess it just puts things into perspective that one day, I would like to.”

“Well then, that’s in the future right?”

“Right.”  Rae nodded.

“Can we please get back on to a lighter subject?”  Finn asked.

“Yeah of course.”

“So tell me about Rae, not what Rae does, but Rae.”  Finn looked at her squarely in the eyes.

“Ok.  Well I am extremely loyal to my family and friends.  I spend way too much time at or on work.  I live for music.  I have tried a go at knitting but realized I just do not have the knack for it like my sister.  On the subject of her, she is like my favorite person in the entire world.  I talk too much but then not enough, because I talk nonsense mostly.  I don’t know what else to say, should I show you my CV?”  Rae joked.  “But really, I’m no good at talking ‘bout myself.  What about Finn, who is Finn Nelson?”

“Hm, the tables have turned haven’t they?  Let’s see, I have been known to be a bit of a grumpy sod but you haven’t seen that side of me.  Kind of hard to be grumpy when around you I guess.  I have a horrible habit of biting my thumbs.  I go and see me da’ every Sunday to catch up with him, he still lives in Stamford, so that makes me a bit of a family person too I guess considering we are all each other has really.”

“Oh Finn, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up anything bad.” 

“No no, it’s fine, I like that it’s me and my dad.  We are close so it don’t bother me none.  There is this one thing though.  See there is this girl in my life right now, drives me mad in a good way.  When I’m around her can’t get enough of her and when I’m not with her, I’m scheming of ways to see her.”

“Sounds disturbing,” Rae pushed Finn a bit.

“Oh it is,” He grabbed her arm and pulled Rae closer, “Oh shit Rae, you’re freezing, here.”  Finn wrapped Rae in a duvet pulling her closer with it where their faces are centimeters apart from each other. 

“Can I kiss you Rae?” 

“Yes.”  That is all it took for Finn, he put his hand on both sides of her face, and it was cold.  Finn leaned in placing his lips softly on Rae’s running his thumbs on both of her cheeks.  Rae released the light grip she had on the duvet, putting more pressure into the kiss.   They broke apart, Finn wrapping his arms securely around Rae bringing her back to his chest.  “This has been the perfect date Finn.”

Finn chuckled as he ran his hands up and down Rae’s arm, placing soft kisses on her temple. 

They stayed there talking about anything and everything that came to mind, sharing kisses in between laughter and more serious subject matter.  Rae had never opened up to someone as much as she has opened up to Finn.  It was terrifying and thrilling all at the same time, Finn feeling exactly the same. 

They were in the middle of another hot snog session under the stars when Rae heard a beeping. Rae broke apart resting her forehead on Finn’s.  “Um, either you’re phone is going off or your arse is giving us a warning Finn.”  Rae laughed breathlessly.

“Oi, bollocks, it’s me alarm.  We need to get to the shop.”  Finn stood up and put his hand out to help pull Rae up.

“We need to get to the shop?”  Rae repeated perplexed.

“Yeah, I need to start baking, it’s 4 in the morning, need to get down and start the breads, and you my dear are helping me.”  He pulled Rae into a standing position.

“You are just full of surprises aren’t you?” Rae rolled her eyes with a smile as Finn dragged her down the stairs.

“Oh Rae, stay with me and you will see just how good this can be.”  Finn leaned in and pecked Rae on the lips before dragging her to his car and towards the shop.


1 month later.

“Rae, are you going out with Finn again?”  Izzy asked as she sat in Rae’s flat, they had their last fitting for Izzy’s dress and Rae was finally able to pick her dress up.

“He is my boyfriend Izzy, who else would I be going out with?” 

“No one obviously, but you seem happier Rae.  I am happy for you.  Even though you made me change my seating chart AGAIN, but for you I did it.”  Izzy acted as if put out but ended with a smile on her face. 

“You are far too kind Izzy.  Are you ready?  Need to drop you off before heading to Uffington for the evening.”  Rae said as she grabbed a bigger bag then normal.

“Is tonight finally the night Rae?”  Izzy wiggled her eyebrows.

“A lady never tells, at least before I sleep with him, but expect a full report after.” 

“Oh you two, are in such puppy love, I find it adorable.”  Izzy chirped happily.

“Come on I want to beat traffic.”  Rae ushered Izzy out the door.


“I’m gonna piss off early is that ok Finn?  Got myself a date with a lad from the gym.”  Archie was already removing his apron.

“Yeah yeah, that’s all good.”  Finn nodded.

“See you later mate.”  Archie patted Finn roughly on the back before leaving the shop.

Today was an abnormally slow day at work, but it was fine, Finn spent most of his time texting Rae getting excited for tonight.  She had only stayed at his a few times but she kept hinting tonight was going to be special which made Finn eager, he hadn’t put any pressure on her but he was ready to finally be together intimately.

Finn had his back towards the doors as he was cleaning getting ready to close just a bit early so he could go home and get ready when he heard the door open.

“Sorry we are closed,” Finn turned around when he saw a familiar face.


Wax Wings part 3

Ok…part 3 is here! This took me way longer than I wanted it to, I was really busy in the few days after posting part 2 and then it took me a while to get back going with it but it’s finally all done! There’ll probably be one more part after this and I’m sorry in advance if it takes me a while, I’m off to au-pair for my aunt and uncle in germany again for 5 weeks on wednesday and I’ll have basically no time to write during the days but theoretically lots in the evenings…so we’ll see how it goes! Anyway eeeek, I really hope you like this part!

(Side note – we’re all just gonna pretend that Finn’s wearing his leather jacket in this…in part 2 I kind of accidentally made it that he just put the one he wore to the fair back on but we all know that this situation calls for the leather jacket sooo yeah. I kind of sort of wrote this as a joke but that merely happened in some parallel Finn universe hence why it’s not actually part of the fic ha!)

Previous parts can be found HERE :)

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Finn slammed the door of the car shut, key already in the ignition, and reversed haphazardly out of the drive. He paused for a minute, fingers drumming urgently on the steering wheel.  He was painfully lacking any kind of plan; no matter how determined he was that he’d find her. He didn’t seem to have any option but to head towards the town centre, and failing that, even further towards where the fair had been.

Worry ate away at him as he drove. He drove urgently, but slow enough to scan the pavements as he went. He didn’t even know where he was expecting to find her. It wasn’t really likely that he’d spot her from his car - he’d have to try a few places in the town centre. It crossed his mind suddenly that Saul might have taken her to his house, wherever that was, and he gripped the wheel even tighter. That didn’t even bear thinking about.

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El Caballo Blanco de Uffington es una figura de colina recortada en el césped de una ladera próxima al pueblo de Uffington, en el Condado de Oxfordshire. Se halla en unas colinas ricas en creta, las White Horse Hills, pertenecientes al distrito de Vale of White Horse cuya ciudad más importante es Abingdon.

El Caballo Blanco tiene aproximadamente 3000 años de antigüedad. Data, por tanto, de la Edad del Bronce. Así lo indican los resultados obtenidos a través de la datación óptica (método que permite averiguar durante cuánto tiempo un mineral ha estado expuesto a la luz del día). Es la figura de colina más antigua de Inglaterra. Se han encontrado monedas de la Edad del Hierro que exhiben representaciones del Caballo Blanco.

The Uffington White Horse is a highly stylised prehistoric hill figure, formed from deep trenches filled with crushed white chalk. The figure is situated on the upper slopes of White Horse Hill in the English civil Parish of Uffington (in the county of Oxfordshire, historically Berkshire), some 8 km south of the town of Abingdon. The hill forms a part of the scarp of the Berkshire Downs and overlooks the Vale of the White Horse to the north. 

The figure has been shown to date back some 3,000 years, to the Bronze Age, by means of optically simulated luminiscence dating carried out following archaeological investigations in 1994. These studies produced three dates ranging between 1400 and 600 BC. Iron Age coins that bear a representation comparable to the Uffington White Horse have been found, supporting the early dating of this artifact.