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What is Us!Paps, Uf!Paps and 2 other skeletons of your choosing, as I can't choose myself, reaction to eating Surströmming? :D do they like it? or do they detest it with all their hate?

Okay, another Swedish culture ask lol. Basically, Surströmming is fermented sea herring kept in a tin container and it’s salted just enough so that it doesn’t rot. It smells so bad that you literally cannot open the container indoors. And it’s been classed as the most smelliest food in the world. 

Here is a video of buzzfeed trying it

Also yes, I’ve tried it. 

US!Papyrus: He really does not want to try it. He believes the stories, hell he’s seen videos of it. And he does not want to experience it. He’ll be there to witness the smell. And all he can think about is that someone invented this dish, and then kept on eating it. He’s not sure how to feel about that. 

When it’s his turn to taste it he tries to act brave, but it just comes off as I’m done with this so I’m just going to get it over with already. Just as he’s about to throw it into his mouth, he de-summons his tongue. Meaning that he doesn’t actually taste it, but the smell is bad enough for him. He also can’t get the smell out of his hoodie, even after washing it twice. 

UF!Papyrus: His pride cannot handle turning it down, but when he sees the tin open and catches the smell, he wonders what would hurt more; walking away from a challenge or actually eating the abomination that is in front of him. 

Just as he’s about to eat it, someone hollers that it’s not that bad and if he really wants to prove how great he is, he should eat two pieces. Either he ends the person who said it, or he tries to eat the whole goddamn tin. He does not succeed. And he hated every second.

UF!Sans: He goes in all cocky, saying that it can’t be that bad. It’s just been over exaggerated and you’re all weak. But then when the tin seal has been broken, his stomach literally flips itself and oh my fucking god he’s going to throw up. It’s not possible for him to throw up but he’s going to do it. 

He’s still trying to put on a brave front though, acting like it’s not that bad. But when he’s actually about to eat it, he feels like crying. It just, it smells so fucking bad. He throws the piece into his mouth and then swallows. It was so quick, but the small taste he got makes him feel even more sick. 

US!Sans: It’s classed as a delicacy, right? That means it can’t be so bad! He’s collecting all the optimism he has, desperately trying to hold on to it. But when he catches a whiff of the stench his eye sockets literally go blank. He gets a small why did i sign up for this oh my god what do i do moment. But he doesn’t want to back out or hurt anyones feelings. So he fights back the urge to throw up he feels, and bravely takes a bite. He tries to chew and swallow, he really does. But as soon as that thing touches his tongue he has to fight to not spit it back out. 

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Us Papyrus and Uf Papyrus with a male S/O because most the time even if the S/O isn't gendered do they almost always have a fem body in most imagines that I have seen let's give the guys some love? Have no idea for anything specific except that I would love some fluff, maybe cuddles, anything will do :D though I got a sort of idea while writing this, the skellies realising they are falling for their male friend who they are not sure swing that way? I don't know anymore, you decide~

(alright, i apologize for taking a bit to finish up this prompt! you’re absolutely right, there’s nowhere near enough plainly-stated male s/o content for those sweet skeleton feelings around… i’m happy to give this a shot- so let’s see what may be brewing for Stretch and in Edge’s mind on that front, shall we~? <3)

US Pap:

“Okay, seriously, how do you get a huge mixed flavor box of popsicles and only have blue ones?”

You shot an exasperated look over your shoulder at Stretch, who was watching you with his usual tired grin while he took a drag at his cigarette. He shrugged amicably, his gaze turning briefly towards his brother’s room - it was unoccupied at the moment, as Blue had decided to go out training with Alphys.

“would you believe me if i said that Blue buys six boxes at once, then sorts them into single flavor boxes and delivers the other flavors to friends with the matching taste?”

“… Holy… okay, damn. Yes. Yes I would. That ridiculously kind-hearted son of a…”

You shot one last lingering look to the box of popsicles, but grimaced and shuddered briefly and opted to grab yourself a soda instead. You shut the freezer with a bump of your elbow and moved to flop back down on the couch next to your best friend.

“not a fan of that flavor, then?”

You tilted your head back with a groan before meeting his genuinely curious look. “Blue raspberry? Hell no. I mean, it’s cool, Blue can like what he wants, but…” you shuddered again before taking a swig of your soda, as if to wash the ghost of a remembered taste from your mouth. “Just… no way. I mean, first off - it’s only blue because there were too many ‘red’ flavors, so they chose to make cherry flavors darker, watermelons lighter, that sort of thing, and just decided raspberry could screw off to an antifreeze blue color, as if that was a reasonable choice - and second, the raspberry flavor. It’s actually mostly freaking pineapple and banana mixed flavoring you’re tasting, did you know that? I just… nope. Not gonna do it. I may eat junk, but I’ve got junk standards, dammit.”

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Ut papyrus and uf papyrus reaction to ut sans and uf sans wanting to join the royal guard?

Hi right so. Sans is a sentry, and I headcanon that a sentry is part of the royal guard. And when you look at the dialogue in the game, it’s actually Papyrus who pushes Sans to get a job as a sentry. So this is more their reaction when the Sans accepts. 

UT!Papyrus: That’s his brother! He’s so proud and so excited! And even though Sans might not always do the best job, he’s still very proud and supportive. He packs him lunch, and wakes him up every morning so he can go do his job. But every time he finds out that Sans is slacking off, he’s actually a little hurt. Sans’ job is close to his own dream job, and his brother doesn’t even seem to care about it. It’s a little disrespectful, but he trusts Sans to do what he feels is best. 

UF!Papyrus: Okay first of, no. He is not risking that his brother finds a human before himself. He wants to be the one, must be the one, who finds the last soul. And he cannot let anyone stand in the way. But, they could do with the money. And it would give them a better reputation, which in turn would make other monsters stay away. So eventually he lets Sans join. But even though he doesn’t expect him to find a human before himself, he wont hesitate to punish him for slacking off.