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shoot i love him too much you need to stop drawing fell so good he s GHH H h

oh sorry anon


for real im glad u like my trash boys..imnotsurewhichfellyoulike but the first is white and the second is lq also ‘draw good’???where

Universe Falls Preview

Shit I almost forgot to post a preview of this upcoming chapter. Now, mind you, the Deep End is going to be a long one (I have a fun ton of notes written for it), but so far writing it has been… ok. But anyway, here’s this. Enjoy!

Considering the ongoing heat wave, Gravity Falls’ public pool was quite crowded on its opening day. Many of the townsfolk turned out for a day at pool to escape the heat. Blubbs and Durland sunned themselves while fondly conversing with each other, while Jenny and Kiki had a splash fight in the water with their father Kofi lay on a raft between them, growing steadily more annoyed with their horseplay by the second. Onion was up to his usual mischief as he mostly kept under the water and stripping swimmers of their pocket change without being noticed while Toby Determined flung his shirt off near the changing house, much to the recoil of everyone nearby. Fortunately, the pool itself was generally large enough to accommodate its many patrons with some room to spare, which was why the Pines, Soos, the Gems, and Connie were hardly deterred from it as they arrived.

“Ah, the pool! A sparkling oasis of summer enchantment!” Mabel exclaimed with a cheerful smile.

“Yeah, nothing like sitting in a moist tub with strangers,” Stan deadpanned. “It’s like the bus, but wet.”

“Oh come on, Mr. Pines,” Steven quipped. “The pool is great! Can’t you just smell the excitement in the air?”

“I think that’s just the scent of chlorine and sun block,” Connie commented with a smirk.

Meanwhile, Dipper frowned as he glanced over at the odd design on the towel Soos was carrying, to the point that he eventually decided to question it. “Why would a sun need to wear sunglasses?”

“It’s best not to think about it,” Soos remarked blithely.

This terse response only managed to confuse Dipper even more, but he simply shrugged it off and posed a different question to the Gems instead. “So… where’s Pearl at?”

“Eh, she’s not coming,” Amethyst replied. “She’s not a huge fan of ‘chlorinated water’ or something like that. So she said she’s gonna spend the day cleaning the temple. Booooorrriiing.”

“Oh man, that reminds me,” Steven spoke up, glancing over at the Gems. “You guys aren’t dressed for a fun day at the pool! We need to get you some bathing suits and fast!”

“This calls for an emergency shopping trip!” Mabel exclaimed excitedly. “Don’t worry, guys; I’ll help you find the best summer poolside fashions this town has to offer. Now the only question is, should we go with tankinis or one pieces…”

“I think we have this covered, Mabel,” Garnet interrupted, holding her hands up as the gems on her palms glowed. In a flash, her usual outfit changed into one that was much more appropriate for the pool: a star-cut tank top with a short, side-swept black skirt tied at her hip. Likewise, the gem on Amethyst’s chest shined as she transformed her own clothing into a strappy top and shorts, along with a small fanny pack around her waist and her hair tied into a high pony tail. Needless to say the others were quite impressed with this ability upon seeing it, but the two Gems hardly acted like it was anything new.

“So, are we finally ready to start throwing things into this tiny lake?” Amethyst asked, flipping her hair casually.

“Amethyst, that’s… not what you’re supposed to do at a pool,” Dipper pointed out.

“What? That’s what I use the pools in my room for,” the purple Gem frowned. “Then what do you do at this pool?”

“Um… swim?” Connie answered, confused.

“Seriously? You mean all you guys do is just float around in that puddle and do nothing?” Amethyst scoffed. “Throwing junk in it would be a lot more fun, right Garnet? …Garnet?” The purple Gem got no response as she realized that the Gem leader had walked off to claim a nearby pool chair, one that lay in full view of the sun. Garnet did give the group a small nod for them to carry on as she reclined out on the chair, the afternoon sun bouncing off her shades as she took the rare opportunity to simply relax.

“Well, Garnet seems happy,” Steven concluded with a contented grin. “But I hope she doesn’t get too hot sitting in the sun like that.”

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What's your headcannons about how well I'm shape the Skelebros are?

i imagine sans bein like i walked two steps kill me
and then pap is fully prepared to run like 40 miles straight and do some like parkour or some shit
us sans is literally fucking like air and just kind of glides though life but can also bench press a semi truck
us pap cant walk up stairs not even because of lack of exercise just like smoking like i was a pack a day smoker once upon a time and stairs were my fucking enemy i would choke and die
uf pap is bara daddy
uf sans is prob like dying if he eats nothing but mustard like mustard has like zero calories someone save him
sf sans can ascend this fucking plane of existence and use a baluga whale to kickflip (animal cruelty dont recommend)
sf pap cant open pickle jars and prob smokes black and milds so hes been a walking corpse for awhile (ba dum tiss)


Story board is complete!!
Where is the chocolate!?
Now I just need to suffer with the animation this will most likely not be worth it in the end but I don’t care IM BEAUTIFUL! (LOL no I haven’t slept for 2 days other than some minutes but never an hour for reasons of ANXIETY and other stuff, hair is messy as hell, Im getting darker rings under my eyes, and I’m wearing clothes that don’t match in the smallest bit ha but I don’t care)
Error&fresh: lover of piggies
Cross: jakei95
Sans: undertale
Ink: comyet
Dream: jokublog

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UT, US, and UF skele bros finding out that the annoying dog is actually their s/o's pet dog from the surface and they thought he ran away, but was so happy they found him in the Underground

Aww! Cute fluff!


Sans: He’s happy you were able to find your dog. He’s not really too annoyed by the dog too much. He’s going to make a lot of dog puns.

Papyrus: He’s surprised! hat annoying dog is yours?! He hopes that you can get the dog under control. 


Sans: He’s shocked! That dog is yours? Well, he (the magnificent Sans) did take great care of him!… Maybe now you can train him not to bite his bandanna or steal his attacks!

Papyrus: He’s glad you found your dog. He liked watching it tease and play with his brother. But he’s glad the dog is back with his rightful owner.

Underfell: (I have a headcanon the the annoying dog is called the vicious dog in the au)

Sans: He’s floored. This beast belongs to you?! He hates that mutt! How does it belong to you?!!!

Papyrus: HUMAN?! THIS MUTT IS YOURS?! HE WON’T OBEY ME! MAKE HIM OBEY ME! He wants you to teach him how to control your dog.

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