Side Project 1 Funded

So, someone just funded my first side project singlehandidly. Don’t know who you are (but thank you, to you and the one other person who sent some money), but in the coming days I’ll be making the announcement on my side project and what it’s all about. It’s not UT-related, it’s an original game but it’s in the spirit of how I’m currently developing UF.

anonymous asked:

I have zee question. If Frisk can reset and save in undertale, there being savepoints, wouldn't they be able to do the same in UF? If so, what would happen if they reset in UF? And why was Frisk so determinained not to die if they could save, wouldn't resetting in that place at least give them even the tinest chance to get back to UT, even if they did have to start over? Hope you can understand what I'm writing 😂 Love your work

Ahh all will be revealed in time, dude. As for the death thing, in Frisk’s own words: “Death hurts bro”

Things will be revealed after the first death they have though, when that is? Time will tell :)c

Thank you though!!! <3!!!!

Heyyyyyy its the one year anniversary of Universe Falls on fanfic.net. So basically, the one year anniversary of UF existing as a fanfic rather than a comic (which was what it was originally going to be until I realized I’m shit at art and I needed words to flesh things out more). So yeah. Happy BD UF. Maybe someday I’ll actually finish you, but for now, I’m content on slaving away on you because I hate love you. 

UNDERFELL Explanation Gift Package!

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Someone suggested I make a large post explaining what UNDERFELL is all about. So here I go. If you’re following my Tumblr you already know what we’re all about.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, YOU CAN FIND UNDERFELL AT GAME JOLT HERE: http://gamejolt.com/games/underfell/170726#_=_

UNDERFELL is a non-profit fangame based off of Toby Fox’s UNDERTALE and the AU of the same name. UNDERFELL is FULLY voice acted by talents such as @crashboombanger, @projectsnt, @pmseymourva, @seigiva and more, the list keeps building over time.

We post quite a bit of audio previews, such as:




and those aren’t the last of ‘em.

UNDERFELL is built from the ground up and has custom graphics, this is represented beautifully by the ever-talented Damenshi. Here’s a recent, but early preview. Many changes are needed in this preview, such as shading and changing the wall tile, but it shows the graphical style we’re going for none-the-less.

Here are some more sprite previews from our fangame:

We also have extremely talented artists on board such as @its-captain-senpai! @its-captain-senpai has created most of the art for the fangame’s Tumblr, the one who runs our ask blog: http://ask-uf.tumblr.com/ and most recently the OST cover:

That’s not all, @xedramon, the creator of @fatal-error-blog is working on a prequel comic, which will be fully voiced and uploaded to YouTube.

Want to listen to the OST? The first two songs are available right now on YouTube.



We also include AU skins! You can find various skins from known AU’s such as @nextale, @loverofpiggies‘ UNDERFRESH, and @fatal-error-blog‘s FATAL_ERROR Sans in UNDERFELL to unlock.

All in all, we consider UNDERFELL a community-made fangame, a way to give back to the fandom. We’re striving to make people as happy and smile and we hope you enjoy it once it’s finished.

Still have more questions? Review the FAQ!

Please reblog this post, the more people that know the better!