day eleven: my favorite dialogue
  • From Bridal Mask:
  • Rie calls Shunji and tells him that Gaksital has killed Chairman Ueno. What follows is one of the most heartfelt goodbyes in dramaland, featuring one psychopath and a woman who would sacrifice innocent people to preserve her power. Rie and Shunji have sniped at each other, fought each other, and generally hated each others' guts. And then we have this scene, which shows us that they've learned to care for each other after all. The finale of Bridal Mask failed on some pretty important things, but this one the writers got right. It helps that Park Ki-woong (Shunji) and Han Chae-ah (Rie) were magnificent here. Subdued and sad, but giving the audience the sense that their characters had managed to truly connect with each other.
  • Rie: Gaksital has killed Chairman Ueno.
  • Shunji: Is that so? I suppose he'll be coming for me shortly then.
  • Rie: Even if it's only for tonight, couldn't you avoid Lee Kang-to?
  • Shunji: Avoid him? When I finally have the chance to catch him?
  • Rie: You're not having any foolish thoughts are you?
  • Shunji: You... really don't know me. Then, will you be departing now?
  • Rie: Yes.
  • Shunji: Alone?
  • Rie: If I say I'm departing alone, will you hold me back and tell me not to go?
  • Shunji: Goodbye. And have a good life.
  • Rie: You too.