The Amazing Analogue Surreal Manipulations of Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry Uelsmann is a creative genius, but it takes technical prowess to translate what his mind’s eye sees to a tangible medium. His composite images are all the more impressive with the realization that the surreal visions were created in an analog world. The Detroit-born, Gainesville-based photographer has influenced countless other visual artists through his teaching, exhibitions and books. His second look back, Uelsmann Untitled: A Retrospective, published by the University Press of Florida, reconfirms his extraordinary previsualization abilities combined with his mastery of traditional darkroom techniques. 

Uelsmann steadfastly remains committed to silver-halide imagery despite the fact that the uninitiated may assume that it’s all digital. 

The Digital Photo Pro profile of Jerry Uelsmann from 2012 is one of the most popular articles we’ve ever run. When we spoke to Uelsmann in 2012, he shed light on his approach to photo manipulation. A lot has changed since we last talked to Uelsmann years ago—he won a Lucie award for lifetime achievement and released a retrospective book of his photography. As the digital world continues to march ahead, Uelsmann continues to toil in the darkroom. You’ll find our new interview first, and then the original 2012 article after this update.
—Editor   Txt Via Digitalphotopro ( Interview )