A year or two ago I reblogged the top image not knowing it was from a drama/anime/manga.  Probably because it wasn’t sourced or tagged …and I couldn’t read kanji very well at the time, apparently …I loved it so much it was the background on my computer for almost a year (a long time for me!)  Today I finally came across it again in the form of the TV show: Space Brothers (宇宙兄弟) and a rediscovering of the incredibly amazing artist who made this beautiful fanart 💕💕💕  Little did I know that this show would sucker punch me right in the feels.  I’m crying as I’m writing this … (don’t cry on the keyboard, idiot!!!)

The artist, Rei 零, is >here< You REALLY need to check out their work!!!

And the series can be watched >here< with a free membership.

☆ anime rec of the day: space brothers


an inspiratinal, realistic show about a man who dreams of going into outer space with his brother. a tale about hopes, aspirations, dreams and how people make it happen. very emotional, beautifully written, and realistic, fun characters. to top it off, it has natural un-forced comedy thrown in, not to mention the cute mascot, appo the pug. amazing fitting orchestral soundtrack as well.