I’m finally coming back to you, Philly!!! I’m a Guest at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con @phlcc ! Photo ops will be available online soon! See ya there!!! Also, I need all the Tony Lukes Cheesesteaks please!!!

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What Ubisoft thinks gamers sound like:

Fuck I got two tangos in the corner bathroom

Check your fire, ETA 5 minutes

*bunch of other excited dialogue*

How we really sound:


They in basement? Yeah, they’re in basement


Frost is a bitch

You fucking idiot, don’t Fuze the hostage room


Jacob Frye is not Bisexual ! 

Some Blogs here on Tumblr post lies about Jacob’s sexual Identity.

To End this shit I wrote to Ubisoft and here we have a prove that Jacob is not Bi.

English Translation: 

i’ll gladly inform you that Jacob Frye is not bisexual as our knowledge - Anyway he didn’t outed that he is bisexual to us. Except with Men’s of the Rooks he was not sighted with an men companion.
We hope that was a help for you :).

Best regards, 


If you want change a sexual identity from a Game character then write fanfiction or use Mods (if it's possible). But don’t tell lying to another Fans !