Assassin’s Creed Film Gets Pre-Order Bonuses

The upcoming Assassin’s Creed film may not be an actual game from the popular Ubisoft franchise but it’s now certainly being marketed like one, especially with Ubisoft saying there will be no game from the series released this year. Now, Assassin’s Creed has several pre-order tiers for its upcomi…


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Watch_Dogs 2 Prediction
  • dated memes
  • a gamergate reference 99% of players won’t get and the other 1% wishes they didn’t (also counts as dated memes)
  • twice as many dead relatives as motivation
  • ubisoft will call something totally forgettable ‘iconic’
  • at some point the protagonist will grind on a rail
  • the protagonist’s yo-yo weapon will never be called fucking stupid despite being stupid.
  • the game drags aiden pierce in a sad attempt to be self-aware
  • game is barely functioning upon release
  • hack the radio tower to unlock the mini-map
  • in an effort to make a climax even less thrilling than the original’s, the protagonist will kill the villain by hacking his pharmacy and slightly changing his perscription
  • protagonist will be intolerably edgy in an attempt to avoid aiden pierce’s terminal genericness

Practice practice. This was fun.

© Ubisoft


125 feet. The highest free fall performed by a stuntman in 35 years. Watch stunt legend Damien Walters perform the Leap of Faith on the set of the #AssassinsCreedMovie


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