Marvel meets Myers-BriggsIntroversion iNtuition Thinking Perceiving

“Thoughtful, analytical, and abstract. Spends long periods of time alone working through problems and forming solutions. Curious about systems and how things work. Less at ease in social situations. Distrusts authority as a hindrance to the search for knowledge. Little patience for customs that seem illogical. Rare ability to focus in depth to solve complex problems."  X ]


Join me in remembering the good times with The Watcher.

This might be my favorite opener yet.


Arthur Adams’s process for his Interlocking “Original Sin” variants.

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Portfolio: Avengers EMH crew Gift Poster...

Hey Folks.

This is a crew poster I did for the folks I worked with on “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” upon the completion of my duties when we wrapped preproduction on episode 52. Sort of a “What If” scenario that was never addressed in the show. I had a good time working on that production and so I drew this for my friends with whom I enjoyed working.


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