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“Thoughtful, analytical, and abstract. Spends long periods of time alone working through problems and forming solutions. Curious about systems and how things work. Less at ease in social situations. Distrusts authority as a hindrance to the search for knowledge. Little patience for customs that seem illogical. Rare ability to focus in depth to solve complex problems."  X ]


Join me in remembering the good times with The Watcher.

This might be my favorite opener yet.


Mike Deodato Jr.
2014 | Original Sin #1

Color: Frank Martin

Deodato got his crack at a Marvel event with Original Sin (no relation to the Wolverine / X-Men: Original Sin mini-event he also worked on previously).

I had worked with Jason Aaron on a book about basketball and we got along together. Over the years, I’ve never done an event for Marvel and didn’t campaign for it. I thought, as they hired me, they should use me where it is more profitable for the company. I am the guy that meets deadlines, I think they would prefer to put me on the monthly books. But finally they decided and I happened to be coming off of a book and had time. The story also fit my style, since it is geared more to issues such as crime.

It was a sprint, but I quite liked the result. The last issue was going out late, but I didn’t want to be late on my first event, so I did 30 pages in 30 days, all the artwork, and managed to deliver on time.

loosely translated from an interview with Samir Naliato for Universo HQ

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Unpublished Marvel ad by John Byrne & Jack Abel.

John’s at dealer, Jim Warden had this to say about this image.

This original was to be used as an advertisement for Marvel Comics. I’m not sure if it was ever printed; has anyone out there seen it published? John Byrne pencilled and wrote the dialogue; the text is hand-written by JB. JB thinks the inker may be Jack Abel; I will credit him until anyone else can prove otherwise.