‘Champagne Is Good’

My response to pauldownesdesignsMoet on my Mind.’

For this piece I looked at Art Deco posters for inspiration. I like the use of geometric shapes and fading colours. I have always been fascinated with designs that make use of negative space creatively and so I wanted to try it out myself. Initially, I used a digital typeface for the quote however, I decided to hand-render the letters to make it feel more organic.

Here’s Paul’s response


#1831: Kuriki Plum Mayo Ramen - Japan

Finished. Added spring onion. The noodles are perfect instant noodles - gauge and chew are as standard and right as the sky is blue. The broth is something that will make anyone stop for a second and then emit a resounding ‘hmm.’ It’s definitely got a plum scent as well as a mayonnaise scent. I would never think of dipping a plum in mayonnaise, but perhaps people in Japan have and maybe some even do. Well, it works - there’s a nice balance of flavor and little bits of plum and a hint of spiciness.  My wife said it tasted like Christmas! This works though - worth trying if you can find it. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. JAN bar code 4543185002170.


Relay week 6

My response to Will’s piece here: 


When i first looked at this i thought of monopoly money because it was red.

Because the money said £0 on i decided to create a new monopoly board on my life since moving to Bristol for uni. I have tried my best to include real prices for accommodations and uni fees as well as my weekly shopping and other costs. 

The idea is, that it is an unplayable game. Basically you could never play this game of monopoly because some of the prices are so ridiculous. So i’m basically trying to say how ridiculously high priced student living is. 

I have reworked all the street names to include names from various areas of Bristol. Using my university UWE as the red properties because they are branded in red. Also using Clifton area as the most expensive properties and so on.. 

And that’s it…. Sorry bit of an essay! 


Photography series by UWE student Dan Wye. The series is called Ageing Oak and was shot in The Natural History Museum and looks into the human obsession of preserving life. The main focus of the series is on Natural History displays and taxidermy. Dan’s personal interests lie in the scientific side of taxidermy as it is considered to be a reputable way of presenting a specimen but yet most are posed by people who would never have seen the creature in the wild. It is this pseudo-science that he  looks to explore within this series. 

You can see more of Dan’s work on dantwye.co.uk


WORDS IN MOTION - This is my first edit for the words in motion brief.