Next week I’ll give a presentation on the Researchers Night at Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary with the title: “Chemistry of light and the light of chemistry”.

During this presentation one of my favorite dyes will be also presented: Nile Red. However, just as usual, the 1000 USD/gram price was a bit over our budget, so I had to make it.

The raw product was contaminated with a few impurities, but a fast purification, by simple filtering the mixture through a short column helped a lot and ended up with a +95% pure product.

At first I concentrated the product from a dilute solution on the column as seen on the first pics. It’s interesting to see, that it has a different fluorescence in solution (faint orange fluorescent)  and while it’s absorbed on the solid phase (pink, highly fluorescent).

After all the product was on the solid phase, I added another solvent and washed down the pure, HIGHLY FLUORESCENT product. Everything else, what was mainly products of side reactions, stuck at the top of the column as seen on the second pics and the gifs.

Also here is a video from the whole process in HD: https://youtu.be/W0Lk5jkd_B0

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A couple LoKi Tactical Frame Mods being worked today, along with @highspeedgear rig and @coreshooting UV Ray blocker #saynotogriptape #fde #tarantactical #surefire #coreshootingsolutions #highspeedgear #sprinkle #glock #glockfeed #fiftyshadesoffde @fiftyshadesoffde @weapons_feed

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i dont get why they always try to defend themselves/other people try to defend them??? like... its great that it doesnt affect u and all, but.. like uve mentioned. the majority of us struggle with the fear of going to hell because were told were "sinning" by being gay so enforcing that by calling anything involving gay characters "sin" is just?? stop it?? and dont try to defend it?? its wrong, we dont like it, joke or not, its not funny anyways lmao



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Is CONSCIOUSNESS Produced By The BRAIN? Plus Post-Materialist Science & Scientific Dogma


University of Vermont is flying a Black Lives matter flag this weekend! 

According to local news outlet WCAX, the student government association chose to fly the flag in response to the protests currently taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina, following the killing of Keith Lamont Scott by police.  Sadly, before the Instagram post was up for three hours, anti-Black Lives Matter trolls ruined it.

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This purple bee balm is one of the most fantastically colored flowers I’ve ever photographed in UVIVF. Ordinarily green, with purple flowers and pinkish bracts, it’s a great variety of rich colors under my 365nm UV light. Each of the glowing nodes is a bud yet to bloom. For almost two weeks after photographing it, it kept blooming in a vase.

Scientists have found a new way to stop skin damage and ageing from the Sun
It protects your skin from the inside out.
By David Nield

Traditional sunscreen works by reflecting harmful ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation away from your skin, but a new compound does something even better - it guards your skin cells from the effects of the sun from the inside out.

Offering protection inside the cell where the greatest damage from UVA occurs, this compound is said to offer “unprecedented protection” against skin cancer, and the effects of photoageing, such as sags, wrinkles, and sunspots.

Dubbed the mitoiron claw, the compound clings to the insides of cells, and prevents the kind of iron leakage that’s triggered by UVA exposure. If severe enough, this iron leakage can ultimately leads to cell destruction.

To understand why loose iron is such a problem, you need to understand how UVA affects cells. Radiation from the Sun unlocks free radicals - highly active oxygen molecules - in the skin, which then cause damage to DNA, cell membranes, and proteins.

At the same time, it also releases iron from the cell’s mitochondria, which depletes the cell’s energy supply and causes the cells to produce more free radicals. In other words, UVA causes cells to be killed off, and this can eventually lead to skin cancer.

It also causes skin to sag, wrinkle, and age, as you might have noticed if you spent a lot of time basking in the sunshine as a kid.

To combat this, researchers from the University of Bath and King’s College London in the UK developed the mitoiron claw, which is a type of chelator - a compound that binds to an iron atom. This allows it to target iron that’s loose in the mitochondria of the cell and prevent the release of extra free radicals.

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