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when ur fave is too much and makes u emo//

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Seeing as 2017 began with a falling apart that distracted me from reflecting upon the new year’s goals, I have decided to now take the time to write out my ambitions and dreams for the year. Some of these dreams have come true, some of these are in the works, and hope has permanently set up residency in my heart to offer me the fire I need to thrive. Yes, I know it’s June, but a year is a year and you can make up your own start to a new year. My 2017 started in April.

I want to be positive. Not a faux positive where you convince yourself that you are being positive, but a genuine positivity that oozes out, coats your insides, and sticks to others. I want to ooze warmth and kindness and love. 

I want to be grateful for the opportunities that have been granted to me. And those who love me.

I want to support others and their dreams. I want to be able to send my hope and warmth to those I love…regardless of where I am or they are. I am proud of you.

I don’t want to think too much about the passing of time, but instead the passing of each moment as they happen in the present. Stay here is the year’s   expression. Here is a soft point of focus, sans worry and doubt. Stay is not limiting, but endless in its ability to create joy. 

I want to stop thinking about negative memories from the past. I am in control of this. I know this.

I want to write more. I start and I stop again and again. But I will keep moving my hands across the keyboard or paper. I have determined that I am a reflector and in order to reflect, I need to write. And communicate. 

I want to practice kindness everyday. For myself and others. Smallness. 

I want to learn my languages. For myself and others. A feeling of belonging is required this year.

I want to minimize and create a minimalist space in which to exist. Dressing becoming comfort based and clothing transforming body and transcending wear. 

I want to make lots and lots of bread. All shapes and sizes. Bread as gifts and surprises. Bread will be shared with all. 

I want to respect myself and accept that I am an orb of emotion. Sensitivity is a blessing. Though I also want to strengthen my sensitivities. No more doubting myself or others,

I want to send mail. Continue to share thoughts via envelopes and everyday birthdays. 

I want to take walks with myself. Experiencing the seasons and appreciating the unique adjectives associated with them. 

I want to learn to make feasts and share them with others. Gathering each ingredient does give me a special kind of happiness.

I want to keep learning. Expanse through experience, exposure, and adventure.

I want to feel strong and balanced throughout this year. Moving, resting, eating with ease and love for my wholeness.

These are just some of my thoughts on this year. I am sure there will be more. I will get a small notebook and write down one per page so I can carry it with me. Thank you for reading. It has been awhile since I’ve shared myself. Much love and happy new year.


hes made of love and sweetness 💌💞💞💟💞💟💕💟💕💌💕💌💕💕💌💕💕💟💕💟💕💌💕💌💕💌💕💟💕💞💟💕💌💕💌💕


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Lance Headcanon #439

Since selfies are no longer a thing lance just screams until someone hears him and comes rushing in to help only to find lance posing and saying “check me out in this lighting i look fantastic”

i was eating a banana and then i had a revelation 

ok so

the paladin suits are canonically able to morph into whatever size the paladin who wears them is, as shown by hunk in episode one

alteans are canonically able to shapeshift as we find out in episode ten

so do u think that they gave the suits the ability to shift with the paladin’s size so if they ever had to shapeshift for a mission, their suits would be able to shift in size with them?