u ever like hmm i miss that old mutual i havent seen them in a while :( n u find out they just changed their url and uve been interacting with them for months

“Some would call it peacocking. It probably is, but I’ve always loved bright things and things that stand out. I don’t do weird shapes. I hate boxy giant shirts. If you push it too far, you’re leaning into a clown look. You have to watch out for that. A lot of American cuts can be boxy. I look for a good European cut, and I don’t ever wear anything conservative in a business sense. In Hollywood in general, especially in the studios, it’s a very boring style. It’s very safe. It’s a ‘you might as well be wearing a beeper on your belt’ style, you know. Just tucking in an ugly shirt into some ugly trousers serves a purpose in a way, but you may as well just wear jeans and a T-shirt to work. To me, that’s not dressing well. Ever since I was a kid, I loved the idea of leaving the house and going to work. I couldn’t wait to get a job and actually go to work. So if I’m on a set now, I like to make some effort to present myself.”


You know, the Hoshidan and Nohrian royals tend to be presented as counterparts to the royal in their same relative age in their family, but honestly in terms of story it’s more like: 

Xander-Takumi (Flaws lead to tragic downfalls)

Ryoma-Elise (The “innocent victims” of the conflict) 

Leo-Hinoka (The reluctant heirs) 

Camilla-Sakura (Life and to some extent responsibility spared, buy still heavily traumatized)