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Hey just in regards to ur post, it'd be better not to give examples on u being Not Straight by saying uve touched someone else's vagina? It's cissexist/transphobic and while I understand ur point the phrasing is :/



here’s the thing:

i don’t necessarily disagree with you. women can have all kinds of different bits, and vaginas aren’t inherently feminine, dicks aren’t necessarily masculine, nothing is inherently anything and gender is a spectrum, i get it, i know it, it’s valid, period.

but i was also talking specifically about a cisgender encounter? specifically about a cisgender woman? and i felt like it was moderately clear that i was speaking from my own personal experiences with queerness; even as i wrote it i was like “someone is probably gonna yell at me about this, but since im referring specifically to “ex’s name” it shouldn’t be an issue.” 

so like, my apologies if i wasn’t clear. my apologies if i offended anyone, or invalidated anyone’s identity. 

but also

and i don’t even know how to phrase this without sounding super asshole-y

but also, please, don’t include me in The Discourse. 

and what i mean by The Discourse is this thing i see on tumblr constantly where people immediately jump on any indiscretion with claims of transphobia, cissexism, racism, sexism, any ism honestly (you’ll remember that the post i made earlier was in fact prompted bc someone called The Husband a homophobe based on a complete misunderstanding), without knowing the context of the post, without knowing the background of the person posting it, and without even knowing if there was intended malice behind it.

while i, in no way, think that these issues aren’t huge deals that should be taken seriously, i also believe that tumblr is a bit of an echo chamber, and people tend to forget that these issues, particularly this rhetoric, isn’t inherent to the way we are shaped to think and speak as a society–they wouldn’t be issues if they were. 

to clarify, by that i mean is that 9 times out of 10, someone not saying the Exact Right Thing–for example, me saying i touched a vagina instead of saying i touched a cis vagina–is usually not because that person is an evil *insert-your-ism-here* monster. usually it’s accidental, because cis/straight/white/male/etc rhetoric is ingrained at birth, and even the most well-informed person can make mistakes. 

and in your defense, you didn’t come into my inbox screaming malcontented accusations at me, but in my defense, you did make assumptions about my knowledge on the subject without knowing the context. 

i have said before, and i meant it, that if i ever post something that is obviously problematic, to call me out on it, but in this instance, i’m standing by my original post. i am a queer woman of color, trans issues are very important to me and i make it a point to keep up to date with the terminology and rhetoric, i have a college degree in women and gender studies–and in light of all of this, i was still talking, very purposely, about a cisgender woman who i personally had sex with as a means of explaining how i, and i alone, am queer. 

this is getting to be novel length, but it’s just because i get so tired of the way this discourse is thrown around as though it should be obvious, and anyone who missteps even slightly must be a trash human being.

for one thing, people aren’t receptive to accusation, for another, accusation is not informative, and for a third, being the type of person who lives in The Discourse isn’t healthy.

@ everybody, chill. just a little bit. don’t care less, don’t stop doing activism, but pick your battles, or else you’re just going to be fighting everyone and everything you come across, and you’re never going to enjoy life. 

and i say this as a person who used to be that militant about her personal convictions. this isn’t coming from nowhere.

that’s all. you can decide to ignore me, idc, but just. keep The Discourse away from me, okay?

ok listen.,not to be that guy.,..but it really makes me feel super awful when i get misgendered. i feel like everyone here on tumblr dot com thinks I am a gal even tho im not! ? im absolutely not mad at u if uve ever done this by mistake, but it just gives me this not nice feeling ya know

the worst part is it feels like it’s my fault…i, personally am comfy in my body and i don’t want to physically transition just to appear more ‘male’ to everyone else, but it honestly seems like the only way to escape being misgendered. i don’t know what to do about it because I don’t wanna live my life having people see me as a girl. i don’t wanna have to introduce myself as nolan the boy. on the other hand, i also don’t wanna undergo any surgeries?! oh my godsgd there is no winning

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I'm not sure if you know this, but when I pair your high waist cuffed jeans with your separated cardigan from city living, it creates weird lines that are the same color of the cardigan on the jean cuffs. This doesn't happen with your un-cuffed jeans though. Just thought you should know because it is such wonderful cc that I want to use together.

Hello there! Yes, I am aware of that–unfortunately since there’s not much UV texture space sometimes different parts of meshes end up using the same texture space and overlap :(

I’m hoping to go back to my cuffed jeans, though, and see if I can find a place on the texture map where they won’t interfere with shoes or other big accessories, like the jackets! 

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I honestly hate some of y'all. Head so far up ur asses tryna protect urself u don't care who u hurt or who deserves it in the process.

Generalizing is dangerous. Idk if y'all realize it or not but like that is exactly what white people do to us. And y'all wanna be so much superior than ur mixed counterparts u totally disregard the fact that some racists don’t see shade they see not white. Some of us have been on the receiving end of more racism than uve even witnessed cause were forced to live in cities like 89% white 9% Hispanic and 2% whatever.

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Here is the rough 3D layout of my game’s introductory cutscene for Spacebender, for my Cinematics class. I was using rough prop models without any textures or animations, mostly because I was short on time and overdue, but also because I don’t know how to animate yet. This is also the first thing I have animated in 3D.

Modeled in Blender
Animated [???] in Unreal Engine 4.12

Asset status:

Models: proxy meshes finished, basic UV maps created, mostly for light map functionality

Textures: none

Animations: base keyframes and work with motion paths, Protagonist has poses but will need to be properly animated, the book, artifact, mortar/pestel, cabinet, and portal area

Lighting: base pass

Effects: will need to add particles for candles and the portal, and light beams from the windows

The title and the majority of audio are also placeholder.


Next week I’ll give a presentation on the Researchers Night at Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary with the title: “Chemistry of light and the light of chemistry”.

During this presentation one of my favorite dyes will be also presented: Nile Red. However, just as usual, the 1000 USD/gram price was a bit over our budget, so I had to make it.

The raw product was contaminated with a few impurities, but a fast purification, by simple filtering the mixture through a short column helped a lot and ended up with a +95% pure product.

At first I concentrated the product from a dilute solution on the column as seen on the first pics. It’s interesting to see, that it has a different fluorescence in solution (faint orange fluorescent)  and while it’s absorbed on the solid phase (pink, highly fluorescent).

After all the product was on the solid phase, I added another solvent and washed down the pure, HIGHLY FLUORESCENT product. Everything else, what was mainly products of side reactions, stuck at the top of the column as seen on the second pics and the gifs.

Also here is a video from the whole process in HD: https://youtu.be/W0Lk5jkd_B0