Just finished the Ugly Sweater Verse and marathon read it for two days.

Best piece of fucking fan fiction I’ve ever read. Totally worth the 502 pages. 

I’ve always wanted to read a romance story like this, where it really went into detail about day to day stuff. It feels pretty damn close to how I think Dean and Cas would end up after getting together and not having hunting being such a huge priority. 

It’s just so fucking perfect. It’s a piece of work I’ll probably read as many times as I’ve read the HP series.

It started out achingly slow sexual wise, but it was so fucking worth it and made so much sense with the characters. Seemed more of a correct estimation to an extent and just made the final coupling just so achingly perfect. 

Loved the romance bits to pieces. I loved the slow transition from infrequent kisses to rough hickey making and back clawing sex. Just….SO PERFECT I CANNOT EVEN. 

This is definitely going to be one of my favorite “books” of all time. 

operationurban Israel army Guardium, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). Guardium autonomous observation and target intercept system was developed by G-NIUS Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles joint venture company established by Israel Aerospace Industries and Elbit Systems. The Guardium system employs autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) which can be operated from a command center, carry out routine patrols and quickly respond to evolving emergencies. They can suppress suspicious elements close to the perimeter, and hold them back until manned security forces arrive, or use various forceful means to eliminate the threat, if applicable.

The Guardium UGV uses the TomCar chassis. The vehicle is equipped with an automated tactical positioning system and can operate autonomously on and off road, at speeds up to 80 km/h. The vehicle can carry a payload of up to 300 kg, including light armor shield to protect vital systems. The UGV can carry a wide variety of sensors, including video and thermal cameras, with auto-target acquisition and capture, sensitive microphone, powerful loudspeakers and two way radio. The vehicle can also be equipped with lethal or less than lethal weapons which can be directed and operated from the Main Control Center (MCC). A fleet of Guardium vehicles can be used as sentries, controlled from the MCC, from where they are launched on routine patrols, ambushes or operating in response to events received from an early warning or perimeter defense system. The MCC is also provided with automatic tactical area definition, by terrain, doctrine and intelligence, which assist in preparation of the operational planning and programming for USVs. Each USV can also be manually controlled by remote control.


frauen-bundesliga 15/16 - who will you root for?

Clubs + Locations | Frauen-Bundesliga 2015-16 Season

Eu te odeio, mas você é a única pessoa que eu quero ver nesse momento, é a única pessoa que meu coração aceita que fique perto de mim. Eu te odeio, mas daria tudo por um abraço seu agora. Eu te odeio, mas não consigo deixar de te amar. Eu te odeio, mas queria ouvir você dizer que vamos ficar bem.
—  Uma só vida.
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(Founder Stories) Fred Wilson, The Full Interview

…hadn’t before realised that Fred Wilson was a fellow Carlota Perez fanboy.  Cool.