The USS Eisenhower Returns To Norfolk From Mission Supporting War In Afghanistan

A sailor embraces his girl after stepping off of the USS Eisenhower after it arrived on July 30, 2009 in Norfolk, Virginia. The air craft carrier USS Eisenhower (CVN 69) with its 6000 sailors returned to its home port after a five month deployment supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in the 5th Fleet Area of responsibility conducting maritime security.

Throwback Thursday: On the Boat

Yours truly, back when I was just a 20 year-old, Devil Pup, standing next to our .50 cal machine gun mount, on board the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier. This was during the first month of our six-month deployment to the mediterranean back in October 1994. This pic was taken just after we passed through the Suez Canal and were on our way to the Persian Gulf to take part in Operation Southern Watch. Back in the days when old Saddam Hussein was still ruling Iraq and doing his best to instigate us.


SEA WARS THE IKE AWAKENS Congrats to the Ike who wins the internet today.

Two giant aircraft carriers sitting in Norfolk Naval Base

The one in the left is USS Eisenhower, the right is USS Enterprise, aka big ‘E’.

USS Enterprise is known for the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier..and it’s due for the retirement in 2013.. I am glad that I was able to see it before it’s being retired haha

Looks like all those wars around the world are done … as those carriers are relieved of duties and resting in the yard… I heard that the city of Norfolk’s economy been contributed lot by Navy personnel.. once those carriers are in, it’s like + 10000 of population for the city to spend $, boost local economy..

Heard from one of my friend who has a relative in this city, that during Iraq / Afghanistan wars, when those carriers were in the battlefield for few years, the economy went

Quick fact about the Naval base in Norfolk.. It doesnt have pier #13.. and u know why ;) 

Enjoy your time at the home base


Yesterday I finally finished my 1:800 scale model of the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier. This was the ship my sister once served on before she was having her kid (who at the right age I give a drum for Christmas set because I want to be that kind of annoying uncle).

This whole thing took about a months time to complete. I enoyed making this, even if a few times I had to crawl around the floor for an hour or more just to get a piece that’s a milometer or less in size.

So yea, I’m pretty ,much done with this miniature project now which means I’ll take the time to work on some virtual miniatures in the form of pretty Photoshop Broville images once more in between TF2′s gunmetal update and school (which starts next week on the 17th by the way).

So yea… that’s what I’ve been preoccupied with for the past month or so. I’ll work on some more of those pretty Minecraft tilt-shifts you guys tend to enjoy and I may even try to produce some panoramic scenes too.

US aircraft carrier arrives off Syria coast: Report

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American aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower has reportedly arrived near the Syrian coastal waters in the Mediterranean Sea in stormy weather, raising concerns about a potential US bid for military intervention in Syria.

The huge naval warship, which holds eight squadrons of fighter bombers and 8,000 marine servicemen, came near the Syrian coast on Wednesday amid a major publicity campaign by US government officials that American military forces are prepared to intervene against the key Middle Eastern country if it resorts to the use of chemical arms, DEBKAfile, an Israeli-based news source, reported. 

Meanwhile, neighboring Turkey appears to be intensifying its military movements along the Syrian border in addition to its open support for the anti-Damascus militants. 

The report further stated that USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier is now stationed off the coast of Syria, joining the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group that carries another 2,500 marine troops onboard.

The report also cites “an unnamed US official,” quoted in another secondary source, The Australian, as claiming, “We have special operations forces at the right posture; they don’t have to be sent.” 

The US Senate enacted an amendment to its 2013 National Defense Authorization Act on Wednesday, requiring the Obama administration to submit to Congress any potential military plans for any sort of intervention. 

The development comes following a decision by NATO on Tuesday to deploy its Patriot anti-Missile Systems along Turkey’s border with Syria. Turkey claims the Patriot systems will protect its border areas. 


On 13 Nov 1991, during a departure from the USS Eisenhower, an F-14 Tomcat crewed by LCDR Joe Edwards and RIO, LCDR Scott Grundmeier, from VF-142, suffered a failure of a latching mechanism on the radome. This caused the radome to separate from the aircraft, and inadvertently come in contact with the canopy, breaking out the forward glass and shattering the windscreen. 

During the impact, pilot LCDR Joe Edwards, suffered a broken right collarbone and was assaulted by a shower of broken glass which imbedded shards in both of his eyes. Forward visibility for the pilot was limited to a three inch hole in the left windscreen as the remainder of the glass was so badly fragmented to allow any visibility. Amazingly, even with glass in both eyes, and a three inch forward area of visibility, LCDR Joe Edwards managed to bring his jet back to the ship for a perfect two wire landing. CDR Edwards was immediately medevac’d to Bahrain for eye surgery. He then went on to become a pilot for the Space Shuttle program. 



The USS Eisenhower and a Torah Scroll from pre-War Europe

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