A more detailed look at the two 1/350 scale USS Enterprises.
How the National Air and Space Museum is Conserving the Starship Enterprise
Stardate 1601.28: After a year of extensive research, conservation work on the original studio model of the USS Enterprise is now underway in the Museum’s spacedock...

It’s been almost 50 years since Star Trek first beamed into television sets across America. 

Leading up to the big anniversary this September, our Air and Space Museum is conserving the original studio model of the USS Enterprise for display in in their new Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall.

January 19, 2233 - Nyota Uhura is Born

Nyota Uhura was born in the United States of Africa on January 19, 2233. As a child, she had an aptitude for mathematics and running, setting a record for the 100-meter dash. Fluent in both Swahili and English, she would develop an interest in languages at an early age. Uhura would enter Starfleet in 2265, beginning down the command track, but switching to operations and ship’s support services shortly after being assigned to the starship USS Enterprise in 2266. A proficient member of Captain James T. Kirk’s senior staff, she would prove reliable at the helm, navigation, transporter, and main science stations, and in one incident in 2269, command of the ship. All of these were ancillary to her most recognizable duty as Chief of Communications, a post that she served aboard two starships Enterprise under three commanders: James Kirk, Willard Decker, and Spock.

(Star Trek, 1966-91)


Your eyes are not deceiving you. This awesome building really does look just like the USS Enterprise, and that’s no coincidence. Located in China, this one-of-a-kind building is the headquarters of NetDragon Websoft. Company Chairman Liu DeJian is a tremendous fan of Star Trek and actually licensed the rights from CBS in order to build a replica of the iconic starship.

This video provides a much closer look:

Starting in 2008, construction of this fantastic building took over 6 years and cost 160 million dollars. As you’d hope, the building features automatic sliding doors between offices. It also has 30-foot metal slides for instant ground floor access from up on the third floor as well as a life-size replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex named Stan who was discovered in South Dakota in 1987. It’s the one and only officially licensed Star Trek building on Earth and we want to go to there.

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