September 24

In 1960, the USS Enterprise was launched.  At 1,123 ft/342 m, it was and remains the longest surface puke target ever built.  Fun fact*:  The first captain’s name was Christopher Pike.  

*Note:  This is neither fun nor a fact.  It was actually Robert April.**

**Note:  Not really.


So I was just writing away, referencing where different officers quarters were when….

They have a bowling alley on the deck which separates senior officers from junior officers.WHAT!

I honestly laughed at this for five solid minutes and i don’t know why. I now feel as if I need to incorporate it in to my imagine somehow…

I was just watching star trek the motion picture for the first time ever (I liked it! it was slow but interesting! totally saw the ~~twist~~ coming from lightyears away but that was alright!), and you know how there’s this scene where they have the different enterprise evolutions drawings in the background: 

And I noticed this one in particular: 

This is the USS-Enterprise XCV-330, for those of you interested. 

So I thought “huh, that looks familiar, actually”. And it is, because quite recently NASA unveiled concept art for their first ever warp-capable ship (once they figure out how to do warp safely), and it looks like this: 

It’s called the IXS Enterprise. 

NASA once again confirmed for being giant nerds.