Every once in a while I remember that Trilby by George du Maurier had amazing illustrations like this. Then I remember how Trilby was one of the best classics no one ever knew because it was basically the pop cultural phenomenon of its time period, rather than known as Classic, World-Changing Literature of the time. 

Ever wonder about the ~legendary~ Svengali? If you grew up in the Chicago area, you might know the show Svengoolie, which basically pulled its name and premise from Svengali. 

You can thank Trilby for that. The dark-bearded man in the image above is Svengali. 

And they say pop culture and highly commercial literature is ephemeral. Please. This image is STILL hilarious. Even if the story at large is not necessarily funny. 


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[★] B A S I C S

Name: Chuck
Pronouns: Dude
Sexuality: Shirsexual
Zodiac sign: Libra (As Shirley so often points out)
Taken or Single: Taken by the soulmate, skyenolimit.
Three facts: I am pursuing an English degree for another two years at uni, I used to be an avid gamer until I took an arrow to the knee, and I’m a dork in love.

[★] E X P E R I E N C E

How long (months/years?): 7 years and counting.
Platforms you’ve used: Bebo lmfao, Tumblr, Skype, and Kik (though the latter two I rarely or refuse to use).
Best experience: All the experiences I’ve learned from, good or bad, from writing with others. One of my most precious ones is meeting Shirley, of course.

[★] M U S E   P R E  F E R E N C E S

Female or Male: Male. (I doubt myself doing female muses justice so far)
Favorite face: None, but hey, Chris is pleasant on the eyes.
Least favorite face: Most of the Teen Wolf cast at this point.
Multi or Single: ??? (Not sure if this is multi-muse or not, but single if it is. If it’s shipping, definitely multi. AND IF WE’RE TALKING BLOGS, I HAVE TOO MANY!)

[★] W R I T I N G   P R E F E R E N C E S

Fluff, Angst or Smut: Fluff that devolves into angst lmao.
Plots or Memes: Both.
Long or Short replies: Both.
Best time to write: Whenever I have quiet time.
Are you like your muse(s): I strive to be like Cap even though I am far more of a comic relief dude. We’re both determined, dedicated, and humble (I ran out of ‘D’ words lol).

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