usagym: Team USA wins the junior title at Jesolo with a 171.850 ahead of Italy (157.900) and Russia (156.500) and sweeps the top four in the all-around. Perea takes the title with a 57.550, followed by O’Keefe, Malabuyo and Kenlin. Dunne was 6th. (x)


2017 Worlds Team!!

okay not really…

usagym #tbt to announcing the 2013 Worlds team. We’ll name the four U.S. women heading to this year’s Worlds in Montreal on Wednesday!


SUB 4 stream!!! not usagym but it’ll do


I am so proud of Laurie Hernandez.

This was the routine that made us all first notice her back in 2012 and I remember someone commented “they’re gonna love her in Rio.” That seemed like such a far away possibility for this little tiny junior back then, but now she’s this strong, polished, and confident gymnast who’s coming out of her first senior nationals with four medals and over 60 AA both days and is on her way to the Olympic trials and quite possibly the Olympics. She has worked so hard and grown so much and this is barely even the beginning of what will be an amazing senior career. I am so so proud of Laurie Hernandez.