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I’m laughing so hard

He should’ve picked penguins as the animal {penglings}

This moment when Ben said “fuck” and not altogether  “fucking” 


hats against the cold

my answer on tuques seemed to perplex people, so this is what i mean when I (as a FRENCH SPEAKING Canadian, not to mix with the English kind who say toque, wtf)

This is a tuque. Pompom optional. I hear that in English, you call this a toque?

Because for us, this is a toque

And this is a beanie, notice the slight give at the end. When the trend hit, we already had a good word for knitted hat, so beanie is pretty much the fashion accessory that covers nothing and is useless against the cold.

We also have efficient hats, like this, but I can’t seem to recall if we have a name for them. These are the best for covering little ears from the atrocious winter bite. Well, we call them “chapeaux de poils” which translates as “hairy hats”, but honestly, the original chapeaux de poils are…

…these (which are not used anymore and mostly you can find them in souvenir shops, come to Québec, try one, take a picture with it, never buy it.)

So, for Check Please fans, I’m pretty sure that Jack has AT LEAST one of each, except the last one, which he bought for Shitty. Also Jack says tuque, not toque, because toque sounds weird and he never stopped imagining a chef hat.

Wait, what am I talking about, Jack would never own a fashionable beanie. His tuques are black and boring with no pompom in sight.




God I love this !!! The most honnest 5 min in TV show’s history ! I must watch this show seriously ! CC America