21 Reasons The Election Has Made Us All F*cking Insane

Let’s look back to figure out when it all went wrong.

1. When Stephen Colbert was forcibly removed from the DNC for impersonating aHunger Games character.

2. The sheer amount of candidate tattoos at election rallies…

3. And that time an incredibly creepy “all-seeing” Trump fortune-teller appeared in New York City.

4. There’s the guy who thought a pair of Trump and Clinton drones wouldn’t freak anyone out at all.

5. When Anna Wintour hosted her very own presidential fashion show.

6. But the rest of America insisted on rocking red ball caps.

7. When Bill Clinton finally discovered his one true passion — balloons!

And how could we forget that guy who tried to scale Trump Tower like Spider-Man?

9. There was that time a rather ominous, naked Trump statue appeared in San Francisco.

10. And Miami…

11. And New York City…

12. And Los Angeles…

13. In response to the Trump statue, another artist created a naked Hillary Clinton statue.

14. Then there was this performance art installation at the RNC, which consisted of dozens of naked women shining mirrors toward the convention center.

15. And of course, this notorious portrait of Mr. Donald Trump.

16. Forget about the fact that this election has ruined Halloween for everyone.

17. Pumpkins, a classic Halloween staple, have been tossed into the political gutter.

18. We can expect to see hundreds of Trump and Clinton costumes this Halloween in lieu of witches, goblins, and ghosts.

19. But perhaps no business has become more lucrative than the Trump piñata industry.

20. Really, the only sane people here are the Secret Service, who have certainly had their hands full.

21. And maybe Ken Bone.

This is so fucked up. I refuse to participate in this circus. 

Kirsten Dunst Casts Jesse Plemons Opposite Dakota Fanning In The Bell Jar

One of the most intriguing directorial debuts on the horizon is Kirsten Dunst’s first foray behind the camera, in which she’ll take on Sylvia Plath’s landmark novel “The Bell Jar.”

 News broke in late July of Dunst’s adaptation, which casts Dakota Fanning in the lead role of Esther Greenwood, a wayward young woman whose descends into mental illness, but further developments have been pretty quiet until now. According to Cornerstone Films, the sales agent that has boarded the project, Dunst has cast “Fargo” co-star Jesse Plemons to play Lenny Shepherd.