(2/6) “The Army was different back then. You have to remember, we had all those years of peace. For us it was swim meets and soccer games. Mark signed up to coach all the kids’ teams. He didn’t want to miss a moment with them. We had three children. Jeffrey was our oldest, then Kevin, then Melanie. Jeffrey was a leader like his Daddy. He wanted to build things. He erected tents in the living room. He slept in a sleeping bag. But Kevin was different. He was the tenderhearted one. He felt the pain of the world. I remember how shocked he was when he learned about slavery in school. He couldn’t even eat when he learned about the Holocaust. Jeffrey would always say: ‘Kevin! Stop thinking so much! Let’s go play soccer!’ But Kevin always felt like he had to figure out the world. He was our smart one. He wanted to be a doctor. He got two scholarships to college. He was the top cadet in ROTC. I knew that Kevin struggled with sadness. But I just gave him a bunch of Mom advice: ‘exercise more, ‘sleep more,’ ‘eat more vegetables.’ I tried to pray it away. I wrote letters to God, asking to lift Kevin’s ‘spirit of depression.’ And we didn’t tell anyone. I thought: ‘He’s doing so well in school. Don’t rock the boat.’ We kept it a secret. So I think we share in what happened.”

  • My parents usually:*know I hate sports, know I'm unathletic and uncoordinated af, don't bother me about doing sports, as long as I get some physical activity, are fine*
  • My parents during Olympics:damn!! You should have gone to gymnastics or swimming! You used to do that stuff when you were little! Imagine! You could be a star athlete rn! Why don't you take up track and field?

liyahayerst replied to your post “Tfw your fave band for wincesty songs releases a new single and its…”

Who is it????????

goddammitpadalecki replied to your post “Tfw your fave band for wincesty songs releases a new single and its…”

Oooh! Tell me more please!?

I think I’ve talked about it before a little, but the band is Jimmy Eat World. Why, you ask? Well let me give you a few examples.

There’s this wonderful, angsty all grown up wincest song called “Damage” that’s just so perfect for the times their relationship is complicated (so always basically):

Are we only damaging the little we have left?
Both of us swimming in the same polluted mess.
Are we too damaged now to possibly connect?
To honestly connect?

There’s dirty bad guilty weecest/wincest songs, like one of my absolute ultimate wincestiest OF ALL TIME songs, “Please Say No”:

It was a freezing night and not a single cloud
I had a couple in me so I reached out
And then I heard your voice
Felt you all inside
I prayed for the distance to keep us in line
But there’s things I’ve done you understand like no one else
There’s pain I kept buried deep inside myself 

or like “Disintegration”: 

Wonder why I’m so caught off guard when we kiss.
Rather live my life in regret then do this.
What happened to the love we both knew?
We both chased?
Hanging on a cigarette, you need me,
you burn me, you’ll burn me.

or “Just Tonight”:

We’ll never be the same, never feel this way again
I’d give you anything but you want pain.
A little water please, I taste you all over my teeth.
Never again. Just tonight? Ok. 

Songs that are Dean’s POV about Sam leaving for Stanford, like “Dizzy”:

If everything I meant to you,
You can lick and seal then fold in two
Then I’ve been so blind.

Or “Polaris”:

I’m done, there’s nothing left to show
I try but can’t let go.
Are you happy where you’re standing still?
Do you really want the sugar pill?

And then songs from Sam’s POV too, like “Coffee and Cigarettes”:

Of all the things I think I’ll miss,
There’s staying up with you,
Coffee and cigarettes

or “Lean”:

I’m not asking for a fix
I just need you close to reach
When I can’t stop myself at all,
When I can’t lean on you I fall

This song about teenagers and car sex: We could stay here/Stay out all night/No one will know us in the moonlight 

There’s this song called Drugs or Me that’s so Sam and Dean in season 4 that it kills me.

I think you get the idea. I could go on, but this post is wow, really long. But as a last bit, their new single is called “Get Right” and it’s so Sam in unrequited love with his big brother and knowing he has to leave:

Hands will find their way
To eyes inches from my face
My heart gets beating, I drink freely
How to hold it down, hold it down?

I’m, I’m destination-addicted,
I just gotta be some place else.