Drone captures rare footage of elusive bowhead whales

A team from the University of British Columbia travelled to the Eastern Canadian Arctic for an in-depth study of the elusive bowhead whale, considered the longest-living marine animal in the world.

Using drone technology, researchers captured footage of the whales during their summer feeding period in Cumberland Sound, Nunavut. The rare aerial images and video provide a safe glimpse into the underwater behaviour, feeding and social activities of the whales without disturbing their natural habitat.

Image credit: LGL Limited, UBC, VDOS Global, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and WWF-Canada

Ugh…. So apparently, today is the 4 year anniversary of Hook’s first appearance on the show. Prepare yourselves for obnoxious H00ker’s annoying you/us with their droning on and on about how ‘loved’ Hook is. 

“Why are you so worried about ____ when ____ is happening?!” pops up so often whenever I’m reading through debate threads on virtually any topic, literally one guy asked me why I was so worried about child pornography laws when the US was conducting drone strikes on the Middle East.  Like, what?

Listen, humans are exceptionally good at switching our attention between different tasks or concepts, at amazing speeds.  It’s literally one of the things that gives us an edge over other species.  There is absolutely an issue with certain topics severely lacking in attention from the public and the media, but it’s pointless and counteractive to derail a discussion about one topic by shaming everyone for not talking about something else.

Not to mention that just devolves everything into an argument over what problem “matters” most, or is most urgent, plus it’s an argument commonly used by toxic people trying to silence people pointing out their shitty behavior.

Mohammed Tuaiman al-Jahmi was 13 years old.

He lived in al-Zur village in the Marib province of Yemen, and in 2011 an American drone strike killed his father and older brother while they were herding their camels.

Since then, as he told The Guardian last September, he lived in constant fear of drones. They even appeared in his nightmares. “I see them every day and we are scared of them,” Mohammed said. “A lot of the kids in this area wake up from sleeping because of nightmares from them and some now have mental problems. They turned our area into hell and continuous horror, day and night, we even dream of them in our sleep.”

The drone’s indiscriminate killing—remember, it’s official US policy to count any military-aged male killed as a terrorist, regardless of (the absence of) actual evidence)—was particularly concerning and confusing to him: “They tell us that these drones come from bases in Saudi Arabia and also from bases in the Yemeni seas and America sends them to kill terrorists, but they always kill innocent people. But we don’t know why they are killing us.”

The elders told us that it’s criminal to kill the civilians without distinguishing between terrorists and innocents,” he added, “and they kill just on suspicion, without hesitation.”

Just a couple months after the Guardian interview, Mohammed’s confusion would cease—not because of a reformed American drone policy, but because he himself was killed in a drone strike on January 26.

Predictably, Mohammed and the two men who were also burned to death in the car the missile struck were labeled terrorists. But he “wasn’t a member of al-Qaida,” Mohammad’s brother Maqdad says. “He was a kid.”

The family is so dedicated to proving their brother’s innocence that they’ve vowed to sue if need be. “After our father died,” Maqdad continues, “al-Qaida came to us to offer support. But we are not with them. Al-Qaida may have claimed Mohammed now but we will do anything—go to court, whatever—in order to prove that he was not with al-Qaida.”

Maqdad is equally determined to get the American government to admit its crimes against his family: “We live in injustice and we want the United States to recognize these crimes against my father and my brothers. They were innocent people, we are weak, poor people, and we don’t have anything to do with this.

Though he still rejects allegiance to al-Qaida, after seeing his brother’s body “completely burned, like charcoal,” it is no surprise if Maqdad is no friend to the United States.

Mohammed Tuaiman al-Jahmi was 13 years old.

Victim of Obama’s first drone strike: ‘I am the living example of what drones are’

Faheem Qureshi was 14 when a drone attack on his home left on January 23, 2009 him with horrific injuries, several family members dead and his dreams for the future in tatters.

Qureshi remembers feeling like his body was on fire. He ran outside, wanting to throw water on his face, but his priority was escape. The boy could not see.

Obama, now in the twilight of his presidency, wants to be remembered as a peacemaker. Seven years to the day after the strike, Qureshi has never received so much as an admission from the US that it happened. 

Read the full story by Spencer Ackerman in The Guardian.

December 13 2014 - Protesters in Pakistan burn the US flag during a demonstrations against drone attacks on their country.  It is estimated that between 416 and 951 civilians, including 168 to 200 children, have been killed by American drones in the past five years in Pakistan alone. [video]

  • democrats:bush ruined this country with his bare hands
  • democrats:the president doesn't have that much power... obama doesn't get a say in whether or not we use drones...

B5 (Big Five) by Robert Chew

“B5(Big Five) is my project that addresses the issue of illegal poaching with the use of advanced drone technology. The drones take the shape of local African wildlife and utilize characteristics and traits specific to each.

Sales profits from any of the prints available in this series will be 100% donated to the IAPF (The International Anti-Poaching Foundation) to help them protect the wonderful animals of Africa.”

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The Avengers villains so far

Loki: *Tries destroying the world using 2 Infinity Stones and an army of the most powerful warlord in the universe* *Ends up failing and creating the Avengers*

Ultron: *Tries to destroy the world and the avengers using an army of drones and creating a successor using an infinity stone* *Ends up getting destroyed, disconnected and his own creation joins the Avengers*

Zemo: *Tries and succeeds tearing the avengers apart using only a bomb and a surveillance tape*