Created in collaboration with Dronestagram, the world leading drone photography website, and Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, a highly renowned photography editor, Dronescapes is the first book to bring together 250 of the very best photographs taken by quadcopters around the globe. Readers will see the planet from entirely new vantage points, whether it’s a bird’s-eye view of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, a photograph taken inches away from an eagle in midflight, or a vertiginous shot taken above Mexico’s Tamul Waterfalls. There are extended commentaries on how individual images were created and a separate, concise guide containing technical advice on how to use a drone and select the right model. An introduction also discusses how the arrival of drone photography signals a major shift in the history of aerial photography. 

Taking ‘Dronies’ with Traveler and Drone Photographer @wrenees

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“The first time I ever saw a drone, I knew that I wanted to have one,” says Renee Lusano (@wrenees), who uses her drone to photograph vast landscapes. “Drones really appeal to me because they’re a fun toy, but also a photographic tool. And as I started to travel more, I thought a drone would be a great way to experience, capture and photograph more on each of my trips.”

A freelance designer based in Los Angeles, Renee takes advantage of her flexible schedule to travel the world, visiting far-flung places like Antarctica, Easter Island and Siberia with her friends (and sometimes with a hot dog costume). “I don’t enjoy having a routine,” she says. “The days and weeks are more memorable when I’m having new experiences.” Renee began creating @dronies — selfies with a drone — that “first show a somewhat mundane photo of myself, and then as the drone flies up, it reveals that I’m in some expansive and incredibly beautiful place. Soon, you don’t even see me — it becomes not about the selfie, but about the scale of the environment I’m in.”

If I can learn to be rightfully critical of Obama and his harmful policies (ex: his use of drones) as a Black person, you are able to learn to be critical of Hillary as a woman. Come on. They’re politicians, not your friends.

Person: Hey what’s up

Me: MUSE 👌🔥💫 are in the studio 🎤🎹🎼 NEW song 🎧😭🎵 coming #soon 👄👏 ALIENS 👽🚀 your ass 🍑 belongs to me now 💁 Matt Bellamy 🐑😱🍌 Dom Howard 😎💃👑 Chris Wolstenholme 🐶😇⚽ RIFFS 🎸 the government 👀🔎📝WILL NOT CONTROL US 💪🗽 kill 🔪💣🔫 the drones ✈🚁 I caught 🎣 a PWOPER fish 🐟🐠🐡 1984 👀 they are watching you 😓 more drones 🙅 SIT THE FUCK DOWN 👓

Study Partner (Taeyong x Reader)

Rating: M, with a side of fluff

(A/N) How goes my fellow nut busters? I’m jumping right onto the request train by giving you some fluffy and a little smutty study partner Taeyong! While our resident being of perfection may have enough sex appeal to shut down a male stripper convention, I think Taeyong/s sweeter side needs a bit more loving too. So I hope y’all enjoy this one because it was really fun to write!!

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Staring out the window of your classroom like some angsty anime character was one of your favorite pastimes. You wished every waking hour you were in this hell hole of a school to be outside, riding your bike through the streets, picking flowers in the park, playing in the stream that ran through town, anything but this class.

It’s not like you were bad at writing and literature, in fact, you were exceptional, the brightest in your class. But you hated the teacher, hated what he made you write. You didn’t want to write about the characters in a Greek tragedy, you didn’t want to analyze Jane Austin, you wanted to write soaring stories about adventurers, magic, and romance. This class made you despise writing, and you loathed that, because writing was one of your secret passions.

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Using a drone in Makkah.


In particular the outrage over chemical weapons is of course a cultural understanding about how deaths should happen (since chemical weapons often cause prolonged and intense suffering) but it is truly wild to see people not show the same outrage over conventional weapons use in warfare, and I think we should be critical of swallowing whole this idea of the red line of chemical weapons because it was always propaganda. It’s a largely arbitrary line to draw, this notion that chemical warfare is inherently worse.

When you look at pictures of sounds from conventional weapons it becomes clear that they do not prevent prolonged and intense suffering- untold numbers of people have died very slowly on battlefields from bleeding out, limbs have been thrown off by bullets and mines alike, bodies riddled with bullet holes, shrapnel causing lifelong issues if you even make it off the battlefield, all of these are instances of intense and sometimes prolonged suffering as well. Are children killed by US drone strikes, obliterated with US bombs, or murdered in crossfire between any number of actors, any less important? Are their deaths less moving? Are their deaths not moving? It’s nonsense, and it’s pathos used in the worst way to get us to ignore that warfare, violence, death, these are all nasty things no matter how they come about.

This isn’t a defense of chemical weapons either, but I think we need to rethink this idea that conventional warfare is somehow less cruel or violent or nasty.


Monday’s picture: a travel to Pasargadae, Iran 

estimated reading time: 3 min.

Once capital of the Achaemenid Empire, the city of Pasargadae was constructed under the reign of Cyrus the Great (559–530 BC). Located in ancient Persia, near the city of Shiraz, it is today one of Iran’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites…

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And then there was Merlin

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Requested: Yup!

Pronouns: She/Her

GIF: turonegerton

Song: ‘Raging’ by Kygo

Warnings: Swearing.

Reading time: 18 Min.

Notes: None

Summary: You’ve been working nights in the tech department of Kingsman and have a run in with Eggsy that could make things a little messy.


“You invent some kinda way to write code with your eyeballs?”

A wisp of hot breath tickled her ear. Y/N whipped her head sideways to meet it. Her face collided with the brim of Eggsy’s hat. “Oww,” She exclaimed. Her eyes squinted shut as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“Sorry love.” Eggsy stood behind her chair, leaning over her shoulder, his face next to hers. “You’ve been staring at that screen for 10 minutes. I wasn’t sure you were even awake.”

“I wasn’t,” Y/N muttered. She turned back to the computer, slouched down in her chair and yawned.

It had been almost two months since she started working nights in the tech department of Kingsman. She had met all the agents her first day but only ever saw Trinity, the night watch, which usually meant she could get in a good nap during her shifts.

“Don’t see you around here much.” Eggsy stood up.

“Yea, Uni keeps me pretty busy during the day,” She spoke with her eyes closed, arms folded across her chest. “But Merlin needs my help here so I find the- SHIT!” She sat up fast, eyes gaping. “What time is it?” She frantically checked the desktop for her phone and retrieved it from under a pile of papers and a half eaten banana. It was dead.

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  • Matt Bellamy: they are onto us
  • me: who
  • Matt: they are CONTROLLING US
  • me: whO???
  • me: AGAINST WHO????????
Heaven help a fool that falls in love•Shawn Mendes

A/N: Just a short blurb I wrote from the bad boy! Shawn au universe, this is a little different, there’s no dialogue, almost like a monologue but not?

I’ve found myself writing a lot of these so I hope you like it! It’s real fluffy but don’t fret, I’m planning some smut so keep an eye out!

I hope you guys like this au as much as I do! 🌸

hit me up with some short fluffy blurb ideas!!

I’ve also made a bad boy! Shawn playlist (cuz I am SO extra) so hit me up if you want the link!

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MASTERLIST - more bad boy! Shawn in here!

Oh, Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind girl like a drug
Oh, Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love - Ophelia, The Lumineers.

Mr Dawson can’t stop talking about hydrogen atoms.

He’s droning on, using his degree level science knowledge to send the class into a deep sleep.

Shawn’s trying to focus, remembering that he actually needs to pass chemistry in order to graduate high school, but his brain is busy somewhere else.

She’s sitting next to him at the back, eyes focused on her crisp white paper in front of her.

He thinks she’s taking notes, but when he peers over the lined sheets, she’s doodling, shading in a circle with expert precision.

Her tongue is hanging in the corner of her mouth, eyes busy as they stare intensely at the grey shading and Shawn’s lost in the drag of her pencil and fire in her eyes.

His tongue dashes out across his bottom lip, moisturises the dry edges and he leans his chin on his large palm, flicking his gaze from the drawing woman to the lecturing man.

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Since 2012, Speciesism: The Movie director Mark Devries has been secretly using spy drones to investigate and expose the environmental devastation caused by factory farms. In this investigation, the drones capture shocking aerial video footage of several massive facilities that supply pigs for Smithfield Foods.

Commission for @subearbanmom. Mentions of eating disorders, but nothing super graphic. Kinda based it on how I dealt in highschool? Lotta Pidge and Lance bonding, cause it felt right. Under a cut for length. 

“Lance? Did you want seconds?” Hunk asked cheerfully, already pouring more of his space stew into Pidge’s bowl while the girl stared at it in hungry fascination, her mouth practically watering.

He gave Hunk a warm smile, clutching at the spoon in his hand and shuffling his feet under the chair. “No thanks, man. I’m stuffed. That was really good.”

The mice squeaked around his ankles, whiskers tickling the bare skin of his feet. Lance ignored them, scooping the last of the stew from his bowl with his spoon and staring at it in quiet dread before forcing it down his throat. It tasted amazing, of course it did; anything Hunk made was incredible.

But eating it, just that one spoonful, had him almost gagging in disgust, and it made his stomach curl in on itself with anger. He settled the silverware into the bowl and pushed back from his seat, swaying just a bit as he picked up his dishes and carted them into the kitchen to be washed later. The mice trailed after him, fat and content, and Lance knelt to scratch their heads, a smile on his lips. “Thanks. More where that came from, I promise.”

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