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I actually really appreciate that this blog discourages against spoilers because I know I don't have to be worried about running into any leaks. Thank you.

You’re welcome! 

In the past I did like leaks but there are so many big episodes coming out and I’m just tired of seeing leaks. 

Mr. Greg was the first Big Plot episode in a long time where I didn’t really know what was going to happen, or even that it was a big deal episode. I ended up loving it a lot more because it was a surprise. 

Even the crew is getting upset about the leaks and it’s really ruining this season IMO. I wish Cartoon Network would just secure their servers… I don’t understand how they haven’t. 

I will post content that is officially released by the crew using the tags #su spoilers and #su unaired, so if you don’t want to know anything officially released like promos then make sure to block the su unaired tag! 

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My name is Spak Bagans. I’ve never believed in pokemon until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video….With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Blanck Groff and our equipment tech Candelon Goodwin. The three of us will travel to the some of most highly active Pokestops, where we will spend an entire night, catching pokemon from dusk until dawn….Raw…Extreme…These are our Pokemon Adventures

candelon is goign. to break the equipment

Hey everyone! Matt Burnett, a writer for the show has warned us to NOT go looking for leaks of the episodes airing after this week, there is obviously something big that’s going to happen that we won’t want spoiled for us and the crew must want us to feel the full effect of these episodes!

We have agreed not to post anything relating to any leaks, only what CN releases, but even so, we are going to be trying to avoid all spoilers as much as we can.

This obviously means a lot to the crew and we are going to do our best to respect their wishes!


an old name, fresh sorrow though.

see, child, you had three hearts, three souls, and the death of a soul, a shade or three set for Hades is an absolute, and well, Charon isn't merciful. A drachma, or three, won't bring them back.

a flute and some pretty words won't sway Mighty Persephone, or hard-hearted Hades, fool them once, not twice

and what shall you do, boy? what? well, you’ll outpour your suffering into the corruption of the city. godsless heathens the lot of them. Well no longer. Let them know the wrath of Nemesis, of Midas.

Everything you touch turns to gold turns to ashes turns to dust. turns to blood and the screams of the damned. of vengeance and regret and vindication, sweet to hear.

But Midas, your hubris laid you low once, by a different name a long time ago. (Daniel was the first and he should have been the last but you never learn do you? you stupid, stupid golden fool.). as it did again. Golden boy, pride of Los Santos, look at what you’ve done. Your loves are dead and the Olympians have turned their backs to you. Your heart died with them, what's an Icarus without his soul to lift his wings?

You fell and the Icarian sea stripped you of your feathers, and as you fell down Tartarus, the heat of the earth and the grace of that deathless God, o Pluto wealth of kings, granted you favor, turned your dead wings into a cloak of molten gold.

in your fingers wrought destruction shot through with beauty, wealth and death intertwined in a loveless embrace, gold veins in obsidian chokers. It’s all things godly, beautiful and divine and horrific and repugnant, fitting for the gods you once served with love.

They cursed you as you fell. They cursed you to fall. Hubris. when will you learn. 

but gentle Hades, molded by that gentle, irascible Goddess-Queen, all too learned in his sibling’s despicable tricks, took pity on you Midas.

you have a gift, 

for to withhold mercy, to eradicate gentleness, to be able to inflict the pain that eats away at your hollow insides from now until judgement day on others and look down on Nemesis's glorious handiwork without a flicker of pity,

that truly is Hades gift.

—  you never learn do you boy? of course you dont. Us mortals are always destined to a glorious fall from grace || (via fachhaus).
Hit The Stage - U Kwon

I was really amazed by U Kwon’s performance. It was a huge performance. His expressions are unbelievable; his expressions were alike to the Joker from Suicide Squad. The motorcycle assemble was amazing, it made me felt I was watching a movie.

His choreography/performance has a theme story to tell. I had seen several dance performances showing their theme stories. There were dance performances that has acting and dancing to combine. For example, Quest Crew, Poerotics, I.Am.Me, and Mos Wanted Crew used acting in their dance performances on America’s Best Dance Crew.

He did his best not to mess up during the live performance after severals time of messing up during his rehearsals. I applause for U Kwon’s hard working and performance.

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