At blown bridge location: in preparation to floating across a convoy of US Army [deuce and a halves] with remaining infantry, members of the 87th Eng. Co. / 7th Support Bn. convey an opposite shore security force consisting of troops from CoB, 2nd BN, 3rd Inf.  All involved are elements of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade (generally operating in War Zone C & D) 1967.  Mekong Delta region, cannot recall precise location, likely in or near Long An province.

Submitted by a veteran.
Two women pass Mountain Phase at Ranger School, now one step short of graduation
Only the swamps of Florida stand between two female soldiers becoming the first women to ever graduate from the Army's famously difficult Ranger School.

Only the swamps of Florida stand between two female soldiers becoming the first women to ever graduate from the Army’s famously difficult Ranger School.

The women have completed the school’s Mountain Phase, and will move on to the third and final phase of training, Army officials said Friday. It begins Sunday when they and 125 men who also completed the Mountain Phase parachute into the Florida Panhandle and start training at Eglin Air Force Base’s Camp James E. Rudder.

A third woman who advanced to the Mountain Phase was “recycled” along with 60 men. That means they did not advance, but will be allowed to try the course again and can still graduate later. All three women began the Mountain Phase on July 11 alongside 156 male students who also were attempting it for the first time, and 42 men who already were training in the mountains, but failed to pass there the first time. The phase includes 20 days of climbing, hiking, rappelling and patrolling in the mountains of the Chattahoochee National Forest, mostly with minimal sleep and little food.


Flags in 2015

Soldiers from the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) have a duty to respectfully honor America’s sons and daughters who have lost their lives in defense of this great nation. “Flags In” is a four hour event in which over 1,000 Soldiers from The Old Guard remember Service-members in Arlington National Cemetery, Va. by placing a flag on the over 228,000 headstones in the cemetery. Soldiers in The Old Guard have held this honor and privilege of conducting “Flags In” since 1948.

A North Vietnamese Army “roadblock” on Hwy 19, 1968.  All sorts of debris–sticks, cans, empty brass, etc–would be placed on the road during the night.  Because any object could be booby-trapped or hide a mine, this harassment tactic would delay the morning road opening–and sometimes would portend an ambush.  (3-C-1/69 Armor)

Submitted by a veteran.