Dana Wsye, ‘Pills & Remedies’, from the series ‘Jesus Had A Sister Productions’, 1996-2003

Canadian artist creates fictitious pharmaceutical company that uses 60′s retro and kitsch imagery to sell cures and remedies that aim to dissect our utopic quest for perfection.  

  • Erestor: My Lord, are you sure about this?
  • Elrond: It is the only way to decide this thing fairly. Circumstances are too grave to simply assign it to anyone.
  • Glorfindel: Let us begin. Then it will be done all the sooner.
  • Elrond: Alright, so we're agreed. Whomever draws the shortest straw has to write to Thranduil informing him that his only child is on a perilous quest to Mount Doom in the company of a dwarf -
  • Erestor: And Gandalf.
  • Elrond: - to help a hobbit dispose of the one ring which was used in his realm 60 years ago to free the dwarves from his stronghold?
  • Glorfindel: On second thought, are there any Balrogs left? I'll die quicker that way...

Being in the Narnia fandom is such a gift.
Like, look at us. It’s been over 60 years since there was a new book for us to read. But guess what? We reread the old ones and write our own fan fictions.
It’s been a few years since we had a new movie and that one was, well, disappointing. But we have fan casts and edits and aesthetics and moodboards.
The series of books we read is older than (probably) everyone on Tumblr and yet here we are being kind and getting along even when our fandom should be dead. Seriously Narnains. We’re freaking awesome! And I’m so honored to be a part of this online community . Bless y'all!

100 OC Questions

1. How do they present themselves to others?
2. Do they like animals?
3. How do they dress?
4. How many languages do they know?
5. How big is their family?
6. What is their purpose in the story?
7. Do they know how to fight?
8. What is their back story?
9. Why is their name, their name?
10. Do they have any nick names?
11. Do they have a romantic interest?
12. How do they cope with struggles?
13. Do they have anyone they can lean on?
14. How do they react to someone dying?
15. Can you name 5 personality traits they have?
16. How did they become a character?
17. Do they get along with others?
18. What flaws do they have?
19. How do they influence the story?
20. What do they look like?
21. What are their hobbies?
22. What are their ticks?
23. Do they like children?
24. How do they react to being around wild animals?
25. If they were given the task to prank someone, who would it be, what would they do, and would the prank work?
26. Do they have any survival skills?
27. Are they more book smart or street smart?
28. How do they get out of a difficult situation?
29. Do they use their body, mind, personality or force to get what they want?
30. What music do they enjoy?
31. How do they overcome obstacles?
32. When faced with a difficult decision do they get stronger or break?
33. Do they have any special powers?
34. How do they change throughout the story?
35. Do they have any friends? If so, are they close knit?
36. How is their family life?
37. Are they likable?
38. Are they the hero, or anti-hero?
39. Do they make questionable choices?
40. How do they become who they are?
41. How was their childhood?
42. Are they close with anyone who is going to screw them over?
43.How do they adapt to different situations? Do they adapt at all?
44. How do they speak? Examples - Are they soft spoken, hot heated, vulgar
45. Are they opposed to violence?
46. When is their birthday?
47. Are they quick to judge?
48. Do they have anything they are trying to hide from others?
49. Do they act different around different people?
50.Do they enjoy the arts?
51. Do they like science?
52. Are they more emotional or logical?
53. How do they deal with their emotions?
54. How do they cope with sadness?
55. What is something they care about?
56. Would they die for anyone/anything?
57. What do they do when they are happy?
58. How would they come across to other characters? Examples- messy, lazy, childish, caring ect
59. Do they have a phrase they use over and over?
60. In a crowed room are they in the corners, sides, or in the middle?
61. Are they comfortable being in a crowed room?
62. How do they relax?
63. Have they ever harmed anyone and regretted it? Verbally or physically?
64. Do they like to dance?
65. How do they get around their environment? Examples - horses, bike, vehicle
66. What is their pet peeve(s)?
67. Do they have a disability?
68. How do they react to getting flowers?
69. Would they ever wear a flower crown?
70. Do they like themselves?
71. Who do they dislike?
72. What is their motto?
73. Do they have any markings on their body?
74. Have they ever been abused?
75. What is their biggest fear?
76. What are their goals?
77. How do they go about achieving their goals?
78. Do they have a fight or flight response?
79. Is there someone in their life that they care about more than themselves?
80. How would they fair in zombie apocalypse?
81. Do they have any tattoos? If so, are they significant?
82. Are they good at mental math?
83. Do they get along with others?
84 Are they lazy?
85. Are they self motivated?
86. How do they cope with anger?
87. Have they ever been in a situation where they were helpless?
88. Are they organized or messy?
89. Can they remember a lot of information at once?
90. What is their occupation?
91. Do other characters respect your OC, if so, is it out of fear? Or do they respect your OC because they like them?
92. If they were given minutes to live, what would they do? Who would they want to see and say?
93. How do they deal with stress?
94. Do they have a more submissive or dominate personality type?
95. Do they have a pet?
96. Do they have a stash of weapons?
97. Where do they live? Who do they live with?
98. How do they calm themselves down?
99. Are they co-dependent?
100. Are they a day, or night person?

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"You HAVE to give it to me for what the sticker says!" Bitch nah, you picked up a $29.99 item that was randomly put on a shelf by another idiot customer and you thought "Oh hey, this big item that's on display on the other side of the store totally goes with the $2 hairbrushes hanging around and behind it." If you want it, you give me 30 bucks or you leave. The word 'Food Processor' doesn't look like 'Hairbrush' it's right there on that sticker you're so obsessed about gtfo

I literally took out a pricing gun (back when we still used them.) and put $59.99 on a gallon of milk because they picked it up from the half gallon space and “you have to give it to me for the price marked. It’s the law” first off no it’s not a law. There is a law about deceptive price tactics which this is not as it clearly said half gallon on the sign. And second now if I use your logic you now have to pay me $60 because that’s “the law”.

Most stores will honor the incorrect price if we actually mis-labeled it as a customer service to keep people happy. But no dear fuckstick we are not required to give it to you even if I put a sticker of .99¢ on a 60" television. Use your brain people.


  • Every article from every godforsaken mainstream "feminism" site: I just wanna talk about how getting my nails done today was the most Empowering™ feminist act ever and how doing my nails and makeup and things that most women feel pressured to do is actually a radical activist statement when I do it because having long nails is my social praxis (I totally know what that means) and I'm using this $60 waste of money to overthrow the patriarchy. Also I'm just gonna throw around a bunch of buzzwords like "intersectional" while using "q****" both as a verb and as a way to describe myself even though I'm a totally gender conforming woman who literally only dates men.

no but imagine gillian anderson writing a memoir in her 60s telling us with details her affair with david just like carrie did with harrison i mean…….. everybody would fucking flip but she would say “I’m surprised at the reaction. I don’t think it is that surprising” exactly like carrie did oh my god can this please happen otherwise i’m still alive for nothing

Dating I.M/Changkyun

(for @mawwtothepotato)

Shownu ver // Jooheon ver // Minhyuk ver // Changkyun ver // Wonho ver // Kihyun ver // Hyungwon ver //

-He’s really awkward when it comes to asking you out

- He’s probably liked you for a real long time

- He kind off just had enough of admiring you from a far and asked you out

- ffirst date was adorable in a little cafe trying random drinks and pasteries

- You would be his inspiration for everything he writes

- competitive gaming

- He’d stand infront of the screen so you couldn’t see anything, cheating like that

- Not knowing what to do when you’re upset, just kind of pats your shoulder “There, there. Everything will be okay.” 

- small kisses everywhere when your doing random things

- He doesn’t do it really on deliberate,just a habbit

- Pretty explosive when you two argue. He says a lot of things he doesn’t mean because he doesn’t know how to talk about his feelings

- Apologizes in weird ways, like giving you a bowl of letter tomato soup with the letters arranged saying “I’m sorry” 

- He doesn’t know how to tell you he loves you, so his actions prove it for you. 

-When he does say “I love you” you better cherish it because it’s taken him a long time to say.

- Likes being the little spoon when you cuddle

- You two getting teased by the others because “OUR MAKNAE’S IN LOVE” 


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I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

In the movie, when Jack visits David’s house, he talks about selling with David and Les. “So with their hard work and my experience, I figure we can peddle a thousand papes a week and not even break a sweat.”

•it costs 50 cents per 100, so 1,000 papers would cost 500 cents.
•they earn 10 cents per 1 paper sold, so selling 1,000 papers would earn them 10,000 cents.
•9,500 cents is 95 dollars. using the 60%-40% deal, David and Les earn 38 dollars and Jack earns 57.

We can assume that Jack makes roughly 25% of the 95 dollars on a normal day(without David and Les). I’m fairly certain Les makes twice as much as Jack and David do, since he’s so young. Using this, we can determine that in the past, Jack has been making around 23 dollars a week.

The average income per year in 1899 was 449.80 dollars, averaging to 8.65 dollars a week.

This leads me to three possible conclusions:
1) Jack doesn’t truly want to go to Santa Fe, because if he did, he would have bought a ticket long ago, and he’s staying because he loves his newsies family.
2) Jack gives a good portion of his earnings to the other guys.
3) Jack has no fucking idea how numbers work.

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Yeah, I figured it out!...Ok here is my prompt, I love really raw, angst, possessive and or violent type Eric and his female counter part more feminine, not weak, but just a softer type personality. Using prompt #s 12, 60 and 150: slap, hit, or punch (either character). Thanks again!

Characters: Reader x Eric

Warnings: violence

Prompts: 12: “I’m pregnant.” 60: “I said get rid of it.”

Word Count: 492

A/N: I wasn’t too sure where to go with this and I gotta admit I was a little uncomfortable writing it but anyways I hope it’s alright


You knew Eric wasn’t going to be happy, and you anxiously rubbed your stomach as you waited in his room. For the past week, you had been vomiting every morning, and your friend suggested you take a pregnancy test. You thought she was joking, but you took the test, and your worst fears were confirmed: you were pregnant.

Eric was obviously the father. The two of you had been dating a little over a year now. You knew he loved you, but you knew he would not be happy with a kid. Eric could barely tolerate 18 year old initiates, and asking him to take care of a baby was almost out of the question. You bit your lip as you heard the door open, and you stood up.

“Why are you hiding out in my room, babe?” Eric snorted as he threw his bag onto the couch and walked up to you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you placed your hands on his shoulders and took a deep breath. 

“We need to talk.” you started, and Eric’s face washed over with concern. 

“About what?” he asked, tensing up.

“I’m pregnant.” you said quickly. You could see Eric’s face harden, and his hands dropped from your waist.

“You’re kidding.” he said, taking a step back, and you shook your head. “Well, I don’t want it.”

“I know you don’t.” you said calmly. “But I do.”

“No.” Eric shook his head, balling his hands into fists. “I don’t want to be responsible for a kid.” 

“Eric, come on.” you reached out to touch his arm, but he jerked away. “It won’t be as bad as you think-”

“You can’t keep it, you have to get rid of it.” he snarled, and you pressed your lips together. You knew he wouldn’t take the news well, but you didn’t think he would react this badly. He raised his eyebrows at you when you didn’t respond, and raised his voice. “I said get rid of it.”

“I’m not going to.” you hissed. “I thought you’d be more supportive, Eric.” 

You stormed out of the room, and Eric roughly grabbed your arm and spun you around. 

“If you keep the baby, I’m going to break up with you.” he threatened, and you laughed harshly.

“Fine.” you responded, and Eric jerked back, surprised. You moved to walk out of the room, but Eric grabbed you and pushed you against a wall. Angrily, you swung your fist and punched him, hard, across his jaw. He stumbled back as you shook your fist out, cringing in pain. 

“Don’t ever try to hurt me like that again.” you snarled. “I’m keeping the baby whether you like it or not, Eric, and if that means you’ll break up with me, so be it.” 

You finally walked out of the room, slamming the door behind you, leaving Eric to wonder how the hell he was going to save his relationship.

Sometimes I wish I could consult for cosmetic companies… like they need to chill the F out with their constant releases. I’ve talked to so many people that like makeup but aren’t obsessed but just feel constantly bombarded with makeup now more than ever. It’s so daunting entering the world of makeup when companies are shoving new stuff down your throat every second. Then makeup influencers use like 60 products for one look. Urban decay just came out with their 100 lipsticks and nobody’s talking about them because they then launched more stuff right after. Y'all remember when the second naked palette came out and it was like the only big launch they had for the entire year? Then tarte cosmetics and too faced come out with some tacky eyeshadow kit thing every other day. They are both so tacky now. This is why companies like glossier/milk/pat McGrath are killing it. Especially glossier and pat McGrath. They both have a very small selection of products but everything is carefully launched and super high quality. Like the products live up to the hype. Ugh! Someone pay me to consult!!!! God damn.