TW: negative thoughts, Self harm, panic attacks ect.

I hate not driving.
I hate being “the baby” at work.
I hate being the “naive” “cheery” “ditzy” girl at work.
I can’t stand it.
I say “I have panic attacks in cars” meaning I cannot drive safely
But all they hear is “mommy and daddy still drive her around”.
We have a wonderful lady at work, bless her heart, she has seizures and can’t legally drive. I love her to death, but I’m horribly envious that she can get away with not driving and I can’t.
Now sick and twisted just hit a whole new level i know…

My new coworker is also doing her best to talk bad about EVERYONE around me. I asked her kindly to please not talk negatively about people around me, explained that I hate that I start to feel so ugly about everyone. It’s not right.. So now she went around telling everyone that “I don’t act my age” and “Ravin is so happy cause she’s immature and hasn’t experienced anything of the real world” and other sheltered homeschooler whatever….
I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, had an abusive boyfriend, my mother got cancer, I grew up taking care of my 90/92 year old grandmother until she died, I’ve been in three bad car wrecks, I’ve had panic attacks/dissociative episodes/self harming that almost put me in the hospital, I dated a kid with aspergers that took all my patience, I’ve had to redo whole grades in school, I’m horribly dyslexic and to top all that I still deal with depression, allergies, and thyroid issues that make me so sick and tired at random…

Okay sure, I haven’t had many jobs, or traveled overseas, haven’t met the president. But by gosh I’m not “happy” cause I’ve never been “unhappy”????????? What kind of crazy nonsense is that…?

Now none of this is “pity party Ravin time” cause i do not want pity. My life has made me who I am and I’m kinda proud to say that I now try not to judge people, I put my best foot forward, have a mission to be kind, and want to treat others how I would like to be treated.
I repeat: The crap has made me who I am and I’ve been able to help lots of people because of it.

I just wish there was a way to give my coworker a mirror. Explain to her that being negative and putting others down isn’t how you need to live your life.
Take me off your hitlist and let it go.
Be free, just enjoy working with everyone.
For Petes sake we aren’t you’re business.


The elephant in the room is a donkey. Love her or hate her, the 2016 US presidential election is all about HILLARY CLINTON. PogoTribe: what do you make of our former First Lady / Secretary of State / Senator / Presidential Candidate?

Upload a video response and send it to by this Sunday, April 26th if you’d like to be featured in a Pogobat upload early next week!


The US First Lady Michelle Obama, rocking a new hair style and a cheeky wink too. 

8 Tips on How to Get a Girlfriend (From a Girl)- 4.21.15

If you are reading this, I’m gonna assume you’re a teenage boy. You are probably within three years of the age fourteen and want to find someone to talk to and hug and snuggle with. I don’t blame you. Relationships are awesome, if you know how to make them awesome. But first you have to get into one. That’s the hard part. Hopefully these help.

1. Don’t be too desperate.

You can’t be looking for a girlfriend just for the sake of having a girlfriend. You have to genuinely like the the girl. Be friends with her first and don’t be perusing for others. If it’s meant to work out, you will pass the friend zone. Don’t worry about that.

2. Be chivalrous.

Chivalry is not dead! Girls like guys who do little things like open doors and use “ladies first.” But don’t mistake that for weakness on the girl’s side, Girls like to defy expectations. If they say “No thank you” to your help, it may just be because they can do it alone and don’t want to be that petty bitch who has guys do all the work. (I hate those girls…can you tell?)

3. Have kindness.

Some guys (not all…douchebags mostly) do this idiotic thing where they make fun of the girl they like. Just like guys, girls can be insecure. Give girls compliments (try to stick to personality and not appearance, too) instead of put downs, even if you are joking. Only poke fun at her if you can really read the situation and can 100% tell she is okay with it. (Even then, you are kind of at risk. Girls, like all people, don’t like to show insecurity. It’s a sign of weakness to some.) And, chances are, if she likes you (WHICH YOU WANT!), she will be insecure around you and overthink every little comment you make. That being said, don’t turn into a fuckboy. Don’t shower her in compliments when she clearly isn’t into you. That’s just sad.

4. Very few guys actually know how to read girls!

THIS IS IMPORTANT. THIS IS WHY I AM WRITING THIS LIST. No matter how much you may want to, do not use your friend’s advice without passing it by a girl first. The teenage male and female minds are very different. What guys may think is romantic and sweet, a girl may find creepy. Get someone of the opposite sex that you trust to tell you what you’re doing wrong and right.

5. However…not every girl is the same.

We all have different tastes. This list is very personal to me, so all these tricks may not work. This is what I suggest. I have no clue what that chick across the school whose name I don’t even know likes. Just saying. I can help generally, but not specifically.

6. Dress nicely.

Personally, I like a little effort. Do your fair, wear a collared shirt once in a while, etc. Look nice. Follow basic style rules. (No stripes and plaid, no white socks with black shoes–or maybe just in general, match your shoes and your belt if needed, etc.) But that doesn’t mean you have to totally redo your wardrobe.

7. Be yourself.

That leads me to my next idea. Don’t you dare change for a girl! If she doesn’t accept you for who you are, she isn’t worth it. She shouldn’t force you to do anything (and vice versa…). Now, once you’re in a relationship, she may be the one to “wear the pants.” Be fine with that. But that’s a totally different list. Basically, if she accepts you and you accept her wholeheartedly, it’ll all be good.

8. Don’t over-personify her.

She is human. She has flaws. She may be beautiful and talented and such, but she’s not perfect. If you imagine her to be more than she actually is, you’ll have a problem. Ground yourself. Healthily pick out things about her that annoys you–in moderation, of course–and learn to accept them. You’ll have a better understanding that she is a person, not a goddess.

Just as a disclaimer, reread Number 5. These are things that I find attractive. They won’t help with everybody. But this is what I think is healthy and useful. But try them out for me and see if they work, why don’t you?

2015 is Ready for Elections (2/2)

2. US

US election… well, well, well, everybody knows about it, everybody talks about it. The election gets its nationwide and worldwide popular.

This year, the world’s candidate is Hillary Clinton, a Democrat. She used to be the First Lady when Bill Clinton won the 1992 election. If she wins this time, she will set some records: First WOMAN to win the election and first COUPLE to win the election.

But US people don’t have only Hillary to talk about. They have Ted Cruz, a Republic to compete with Hillary. They have Rand Paul, another Republic whose name is recently mentioned a lot on the media.

The 2016 election will find the president to solve 2015 problems, which is (until now) IS, the immigrants,… - any problem I know.

But this year, it’s all about lobbying and taking preparation. The candidates will make tours around states and talk people into voting for him or her. This means the news is about to be all-politics this year.

That is all I know about 2015. Hope now you know.

UHURU’s wife steals the hearts of LUOs with her charm - They want her to help RAILA do this Mipasho

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UHURU’s wife steals the hearts of LUOs with her charm - They want her to help RAILA do this

Sunday May 3, 2015 – Politicians from Luo Nyanza have put their hope and trust in First Lady, Mama Margret Kenyatta, to unite President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, for the sake of the country. Speaking in Kisumu when the First Lady visited the County, Kisumu MPs, Fred Outa (Nyando), Aduma Awuor (Nyatike) and Rose Nyamunga (Women Rep) begged Margret to use her position as First Lady to bring the two gentlemen to the negotiating table so that they can talk their differences out. The Luo MPs asked her be the ambassador of peace and reconciliation between Uhuru and Raila for the sake of unity and prosperity of Kenya. “With your influence, you have been able to do a lot to the women and children of this country. I believe if given the chance and through our request, you can unite our leaders,” Mrs. Nyamunga said during the launch of the Beyond Zero Mobile clinic in Kisumu on Thursday. The leaders urged the former PM and the President to extend the dance they had together during the 2nd annual devolution conference in Kisumu to their daily work. “We saw the two dancing closely during the conference but that was just a dance. We need to see them working together to transform this country,” said Outa.


Source: Kenya News

Review: Black Woman Redefined by Sophia Nelson

Genre(s): Self Help. Nonfiction. African American.
Rating: 2 Stars.

Only one word can describe this book. Problematic.

In Black Woman Redefined, Sophia Nelson tells black women how they can set the record straight and redefine the way the world sees & portrays them and how these changes in portrayal can help us succeed. She uses First Lady Michelle Obama as her example & prototype of how all black women should be. She’s the woman who in Nelson and many other black women’s minds (including my own) has it all. Career, family, home, love, happy life. The question is: how do we get there?

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Photos: Michelle Obama stuns in blue dress at White House State Dinner

Photos: Michelle Obama stuns in blue dress at White House State Dinner

Photos: Michelle Obama stuns in blue dress at White House State Dinner

US First Lady Michelle Obama looked gorgeous in a blue dress by Japanese designer Tadashi Shoji at the White House State dinner held yesterday in honour of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe. See more photos below…

Photo credit: Getty/AP 

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