Who knew that your pants could save you from drowning? In this video from our Navy Skills for Life playlist, HM1 Richard O’Dell, a Search and Rescue Medical Technician at the Naval Survival Training Institute, teaches three methods of drownproofing through the inflation of your clothing. Watch the video to learn!


Washington state received $90K federal funding to study a proposal to build a bridge across the Sinclair Inlet near Bremerton, Washington using two or three retired US Navy aircraft carriers. 

Retired USS Kitty Hawk and USS Independence are being eyed for the project, but the US Navy says that are not currently available.

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A Peek into Ship Life:

The working parties, the long ass chow lines, the ship taxes, and the tiny racks.
Not to mention the constant flooding of the berthings and no hot water.

Just like a normal cruise.

(The picture with the projector was when the Super Bowl was playing on the BHR. We had just come back from cleaning our boats after some runs so we missed the entire 1st half+ of the game)

This is one of several remaining rocket propulsion testing cylinders on site at the former Naval Air Warfare Center in Ewing, NJ.  As the US Navy was trying out different fuel mixtures, rocket configurations, and so on, these cylinders would be used to test the expected maximum propulsion of the rockets, in order to calculate range.  This enormous facility, with dozens of buildings still standing, was where the Cruise Missile - a form of nuclear armament - was developed.

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Mineman 3rd Class Tony Copple and Mineman Albert Rigor, both assigned to Navy Munitions Command CONUS West Division, Unit Seal Beach, Underwater Weapons Department, read to students as part of the 18th annual Read Across America Day. There are many community outreach and service programs like this one that Sailors can get involved in.


What’s wrong with using a dolphin as a Navy weapon system?

“Well it’s abusive. Well– ‘we’re only talking about a few dolphins here. There’s millions of them out there.’ That’s the argument. But what’s wrong with abusing a few women? Hey, there’s millions of them out there! It’s the same kind of thinking, same kind of logic. Besides the ethical considerations, it’s a faulty weapons system. It doesn’t even work, okay? It doesn’t work. The public is being ripped off. It didn’t work in Vietnam. It didn’t work in the Persian Gulf and it didn’t work anywhere they tried it. They’re not dependable the dolphins. Once a dolphin has been fed their full allotment of fish you no longer have control over the dolphin. They know that.”- Ric O’Barry (x)