Imagine Kacchako going to prom though

Like they’d be dressed up in matching reds and pink and basically just on point man.

Then, when it comes to getting food, since its buffet style, Katsuki pretty much bolts out of his seat, ordering Ochako to stay put in her seat and then proceeds to come back with all the foods and desserts in the correct proportions that he knew she would like.

For dancing, Ochako tries so many ways to get Katsuki to dance with her but his stubbornness for not wanting to dance is not moving too much. So Ochako resorts to drastic measures and steals Izuku from his date and does a flashy styled dance with him to get Katsuki jealous, which works! Katsuki, overcome with jealously, swoops in and steals her back and dances with her, albeit pretty clumsy and rigid in comparrison. Regardless, Ochako ends up pleased at this development and enjoys the rest of the night with Katsuki (even if it means owing Deku later).

At the after party, everyone including Katsuki and Ochako get together and drink a bit, some more than others. Ochako has one cup, sipping throughout the night but Katsuki, on the other hand, gets involved in a lot of drinking games with the other guys and ends up flat out drunk, leaving Ochako to take care of him. Even though she was a bit annoyed, she thought it was cute that he would keep on trying to cuddle with her and telling her how wonderful she was, though she did have to be careful of his sweat since he wasnt controlling his quirk very well.


30 Day Nitro+CHiRAL Challenge - Day 12: Favourite Antagonist(s)

Leaks and Firi - I guess they both count as antagonists being sanga and touga (plus I wanted to include Firi in something) I think we can all agree that Leaks is a jerk, and Firi should get a medal for putting up with his shit, but at least he is a hot jerk, it could be worse.

ask-thecelticdruidess replied to your photo:(( I hate how I start pictures and then never…

Wow, I love that one. You can’t believe how horrible my characters look when they use a bow! The dynamic is realy nice, good job!

(( Thanksss!! -//v//- It’s really hard! You gotta think about the muscles and what not! and half the time i just sit there like ‘is that how arms work???’ hahah ))