'Arrow': Stephen Amell Reflects on Oliver's legacy, Teases Potential Tragedy
Oliver Queen has truly been through the wringer this season. During the fifth season of Arrow, Oliver (Stephen Amell) initially took up trying to protect the city without his team, trained a ragtag…

Extremely excellent interview by Stephen Amell. My favorite part, of course, is when he addresses Olicity:

Do you think Felicity and Oliver can ever get back to where they were in terms of a solid working relationship?

Stephen Amell: I mean, there was a distance in the early part of the year. And I never want to sail over something as traumatic and significant as the fact that Oliver was tricked into killing Detective Malone and everything that that’s putting Felicity through. I do think that there are a lot of unanswered questions in terms of how did they get from where they were at the end of season 4 to where we found them in season 5, and I am positive that we answer those questions.

Do you think they ever could be a couple again?

Stephen Amell: Sure. Of course. We know what came between them; it was a lack of trust. Felicity walked away, and Oliver let her. I mean, we live in a television world. Fences can always be mended.

I mean… obviously they can be a couple again. 

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Oliver Queen + PTSD

I’m watching “Damaged 1x05″ which is traditionally thought of as a L**uriver episode. And in some ways it is. Besides the kiss and bonding scene, the episode is more a spotlight on Oliver Queen. Strictly, Oliver Queen. I can’t think of any other one that focuses on his emotional and mental health.

Only this re-watch, one in countless times I have seen this episode, did I catch the fact that the DA office addressed his PTSD.

Quote “ Queen spent five years in seclusion on a deserted island, cut off from civilization. It is quite possible he’s suffering from some form of post-traumatic stress. Given that, we would support a plea of insanity conditional on a period of indeterminate incarceration at a psychiatric facility.”

did you catch that? I’ll make it more obvious.

 “he’s suffering from…  post-traumatic stress…conditional on a period of indeterminate incarceration at a psychiatric facility. “

This is the only time that I can remember them even addressing this fact. His PTSD, which as much as Oliver would love to deny, he does have. And the Hood is a symptom. 

I mean here are more symptoms.


Originally posted by fponthedl

Avoiding situations that remind you of the event



“You may not have positive or loving feelings toward other people and may stay away from relationships.”

“You may forget about parts of the traumatic event or not be able to talk about them.”

“You may think the world is completely dangerous, and no one can be trusted.”

And notice that his symptoms are from all over the place. From Hong Kong all the way into Season 5. ‘His PTSD is gone’ my ass. Yes he’s moving on from it, but Oliver lives in a high stress environment. As long as he is the Green Arrow, he will always have PTSD.  

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on Marc acting nicer/almost positive towards fans asking about romantic L/auriver? I don't think it's time for people to start panicking but I have seen a change in how he's interacting with those fans than how he did in s4. He seems to be almsot encouraging and teasing that romantic l/auriver could happen while answering his messages on Tumblr.

My impression of Marc’s Q&As on Tumblr are if the question is asked nicely he responds nicely. If they are insulting or mean, he’s either snarky or dissmissive. Neither of which I have a problem with.

I know what ask you are referring to. I am too lazy to look it up though. The person who asked was extremely polite, so Marc was kind. However, I don’t think he was encouraging. He just told them to watch the show (and then they will see that the answer is no). Marc has been extremely blunt about L*uriver with fans, including yours truly. He’s said multiple times both publicly and privately that KC and Stephen have zero chemistry. He emphatically stated that Bl*ck S*ren and Oliver is NEVER going to happen. So… there’s nothing to worry about. If he was nice or more gentle with a hopeful L&uriver fan then I don’t think that’s the end of the world. They are fans too. Marc is a nice guy. He doesn’t have to be a dick to them for L*uriver to be done. 

I’m just gonna get all of this out now...


after Marc got on Tumblr today, I wanna say something.

I would like to begin this by saying that I don’t have a problem with Laurel. She may not be my favorite character on the show, but I have no issues with her. I’m what they call “SwitzerLaurel.”

BUT I do have a problem with your ship, with Oliver and Laurel as a couple, for many reasons that I will list below. I don’t know how many times the writers and producers and cast members have to say that this show develops NATURALLY and is NOT COMIC CANON. 

Olicity’s relationship is beautiful, and Laurel is happy for them. see–

so let’s get into this…

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anonymous asked:

does the preview for tomorrow showing olicity flashback give you some hope for their future and maybe even some scenes tomorrow? cause i'll need to get through l*uriver engaged and in the shower *insert vomiting emoji*

It gives me all the hope, anon! 


I mean, in the preview alone it shows their first kiss - a moment that was absolutely life-altering for Oliver, a moment that was branded so deeply into his very soul that it was the last thing he saw before he died - and their first date - a moment when he was on the verge of accepting a future of life and happiness and joy. It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t quite ready just yet at that point, it matters that he felt that at all. That despite the atrocities he’s endured, he was still capable of both feeling that and accepting it could be his. Felicity gave him that.

One thing I’ve been harping on like crazy this season is that for Oliver to truly appreciate that light in his life, he needs to remember the darkness. It’s present, always, which is why it’s like we’re on a pendulum - we’ve been swinging in the darkness for a bit, but what I saw for tomorrow makes me feel like we’re heading back towards the light.


What tomorrow night will be is Oliver getting the chance to go back and re-do everything. He will have made a very different choice… but will he be happier because of it, like he sort of insinuated to Barry tonight regarding his parents’ deaths? Will he be content? Is making a different choice (something that mirrors what Barry is currently going through in his timeline changes) equal a better life?


Because it’s not his life. It’s not his path. It’s not who he is anymore. It never really was. 

This won’t be a conscious/active decision, mind you, which makes it all the more powerful. Oliver’s heart and soul and his very physical being knows that he is in the wrong place. Yes, he has suffered real loss and horrible pain, but he had to go through that to get to the one person who makes it all worth it:


It’s when his heart and soul remembers her and the life he spent the last ten years fighting to live that he realizes he’s in the wrong place.

I’m actually excited for the Lauriver scenes! It will be an interesting contrast, and it will give Oliver the chance to do something he never, ever, ever would have gotten the chance to do before:

Get closure.

I’ll take anything and everything if it means Oliver will be able to close a few doors on some past guilt and regret and pain. Why? Because that means he’s that much closer to getting back to Felicity, to getting to a point where he sees what he wants and he goes for it, where he stands up and fights for what he wants, because he deserves it.

So, I guess long story short, I’m excited for the possibilities tomorrow night.

anonymous asked:

Hello Jen - Big fan of yours here! Thanks for making this season somewhat bearable. As a writer, what would you have done to sort-of break up Olicity instead of the Baby Mama Drama storyline? I understand the Powers That Be wanting to put the breaks to fully exploit Olicity through however many seasons Arrow will be on air - money talks. However, the story route chosen seems so tedious and unoriginal. Appreciate your creative thoughts. Happy 2017 to you & your beautiful family!

I’m so glad I’ve helped! You know… funny you should ask. I actually tried to come up with something else after 4x08 aired and that’s how my “Inside the Writers’ Room” was born.

Given where Olicity was at the catalyst for their breakup had to be very big. Keep in mind Felicity fell in love with Oliver while he was dropping bodies on the regular, so I think the morality bar with this guy is pretty low. So, in my mind, it left us with cheating, stealing or lying. 

I have no idea why Oliver would steal from Felicity.

Cheating is L*uriver territory.

So lying it is. Bottom line? If the intent of the storyline was to break Olicity up then it was ALWAYS going to be a hot mess. It was always going to feel inorganic. Lying about William was the least messy & the easiest to put back together. And… given that it was a stall tactic to get through another season ummm… yeah it was always going to be a slow pace. They needed another 35-38 eps out of this. BUT it could potentially lead to some interesting character development. 

I simply reject the premise that they had to break up. I don’t agree with that. I think one extra season of Olicity stable and together certainly wasn’t going to be the straw to break the camel’s back. There were ways to slow down the wedding if they felt the need to do that without breaking them up. 

anonymous asked:

If Laurel doesn't die, this all sounds like a pretty damn good way to set Lauriver back up. Sorry. it does. You have Felicity, who is going to find out about the kid, break up with Oliver, and going dark. Then you have Laurel, understanding Oliver and forgiving him, embracing the kid and baby mama, and living in the light. Sorry but if she doesn't die, none of this makes Olicity look good. Especially because Oliver confided in his ex girlfriend.

WHOAH. Let’s back this train up. 

First, I’m going to refer you to my LL policy. I just want to be up front about things. Feel free to stop reading here and go with God.

Still here? Alright, that’s your choice, but you aren’t going to like anything I have to say. Last chance.

Okay. Here I go.

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‘Arrow’ Producer Teases Laurel’s Return, Introducing Talia al Ghul Ahead of Midseason Premiere
By the end of “Arrow’s” midseason finale, Team Arrow had taken quite a few licks. Diggle (David Ramsey) had been apprehended by the law after spending the first half of the season…
By Jacob Bryant

Back to Wendy at Variety! This one is a bit of a rehash of what we’ve already discussed, but there were a couple interesting tidbits.

Does her (Laurel) return affect Oliver’s relationship with Susan Williams (Carly Pope)?

I think the short answer to that is no. Any sort of romantic relationship between Laurel and Oliver we pretty much put to bed in Season 2.

I just love that Wendy flat out said they were done with L&uriver in S2. I mean, we all know that, but I never get tired of the EPs saying it.

And Dig was set up by Prometheus and captured by the law again. Is another rescue in the works?

We did our prison break in episode four so I’d expect something different. Dig is in jail again, but the outcome is going to be different and his attitude about it is going to be very different. It’s going to also involve Oliver pulling some fast ones on Felicity.

I wonder if Wendy mispoke, because in the other articles it is Felicity helping Diggle fight the charges.