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hey just wanted to ask you something ... how can u be so perfect like ur hair is on point, ur make up is ugh perf, and ur style!!! but ur character is like the prettiest that i have known!!! omg love u and ur blog and ur yt. okay bye <3

don’t you’re so bloody cute! ahaha I’m really not perfect, trust me- not on point rn- but thank you so much! this is so nice wow you’re a beauuutiful soul. so much love okay xxxxx ♥♥♥♥

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Don't wish things for ur self that don't need changing. U don't see it but a lot of people do. U soooo perfect ur face ur hair even ur body. I don't say shit if it's not true. Ur gorgeous. Ple don't change a thing

Kid I ain’t perfect

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You must think your sooo cute, huh? Well guess what? SO DO I!!! With ur perfect hair and your gorgeous eyes!

AWEE tHIS IS SO CUTE AND SWEET ILY THank you sooo much this made my day!!