God Bread

So this happened a while ago, during a session a group of friends and I had for fun. It was the first time a bunch of us had played, and after a few sessions, we had started to really get creative. I arrived late to the session to this:

Party: Being attacked by a pack of wolves lead by a werewolf.

Minotaur Fighter: I club the wolf attacking [Rogue] in the head.

DM: Okay, roll.

He rolls, and succeeds. The wolf is left with one health, and turns tail to run away.

Teifling Rogue: I throw a piece of bread at it!

DM: Ah… Okay, you’re not proficient in thrown weapons, and it’s a piece if bread, but… Go ahead.

Rogue: Natural 20!

Party: *Cheers*

DM: God dammit… You throw the piece of bread, and hit the wolf in the back of the skull, killing it on impact. You have eight pieces of bread left. *exasperated sighing*

Rogue: Yeah I do!

She’d thrown the first piece at the minotaur who had been hiding under a table earlier in the session, getting a 20 on that and knocking him out.

When Lexa was encouraging Aden to tell Clarke what she taught him and Aden was so close to rolling his eyes but didn’t want to embarrass his mom in front of the love of her life and then Lexa was so proud that Aden delivered and was like “See, Clarke, I taught our boy well. He will love your people even if they’re idiots.” :) :) :)

anyone who thinks akf is a fucking publicity stunt needs to get away from hateful blogging for a second and just assess themselves and think about their feelings and motivations behind posting such cruel shit

like jared suffers from depression. hes admitted to it publicly and thats a damn hard thing to do, i can tell from personal experience. he lives his entire life in a spotlight with people watching his every move and i think its incredibly brave of him to speak up about depression and anxiety in a society that still stigmatizes both of those issues

he has raised so much money for awareness, con after con after con he takes time out of his busy schedule to talk one on one with fans who have been positively affected by his charity work. so few people are genuinely selfless and caring, and jared is definitely one of those people.

if you dont like him, fine. but if you shit on what hes done for people with depression and the incredible strength it takes to speak out about these things, then you need to re-evaluate yourself right now because what youre doing is hateful and disregarding of him as a person.

angels-lamnet asked:

I was wondering if you had made any "official" personalities for the swangles? I know their names are their initials to make room for character growth, and I'm super curious to see what you've come up with. Sorry to bother you! ovo

no no, i’ve been meaning to release something about them but always space it! so here’s a little thing!

B is the first of the swaingels, and is tight at chuck’s side. he adores humans as a creation, and is generally quite pure, soft-spoken, and gentle. he doesn’t speak much, but he roams on earth more than the others. he has a strong battle-based skill set that he’s humble about, and he’s excellent with support and group management. however, he isn’t one to break up a brawl.

N is cunning, somewhat aloof, easily amused, and in it to win it for the cats. he was the second swaingel to come into existence. (this could be argued, however–there was another that was formed as N did, but chuck revoked its powers. the whereabouts of it are unknown.)

while N adores the other swaingels, he’s indifferent towards chuck’s creations, other than cats. this has impacted his personality and he will, most times unprovoked, blitz gabriel. specifically gabriel. basically only gabriel

M is the most recent swaingel to come into existence, and he’s bouncy, happy, and astute. as another admirer of humans, he specifically takes liking to the winchester gospels and loves keeping up-to-date with it. he’s the most confident of the three that now should be the time for them to shine, but he doesn’t often leave much room for the others to either express their feelings on the subject. it’s often dropped, anyway.

M is also super active, and extremely fast. he’s normally the first to jump to the occasion If chuck needs any help with footwork.

and there you have it!! ♥


Doctor Who vs Ao3 tags  Part 5/??


Holy shit.

Guys, read this, I’m serious.

So, let me just say that I came to the Supernatural fandom right before season 11 started. I blazed through all ten seasons and during all of this, I was on tumblr. So, I seen Destiel and Wincest everywhere, mainly Destiel though. Now, at first, I didn’t ship anyone, just taking enjoyment from watching the show and the two brothers and all the fun side characters. But, as more time went on, I fell right into Destiel, with ease, as if that was the expected thing to do. Incest, for me, just wasn’t my thing, not that I’m judging or anything. Anyone, even blind people, could see that Sam was the most important person to Dean, no question.

Still, that did not sink my ship. I loved Destiel with all my being, like they were my main OTP. I read the fanfiction, watched the videos, saw the fanart, talked to people who also loved it. I never seen any of the bad in the fandom. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I even knew there was a whole bad side to the fandom. Shit, I thought we were all one big, huge family.

But, I’ve seen it now, guys. I tripped up on the bibro’s thing and the whole destiew and destihellars. And, I just-

I feel sick. Like completely sick. My stomach is pure rolling and churning. I had no idea there was this side to the fandom. It was like my rose colored glasses were being ripped from my eyes. I never hard core shipped Cockles but I was more than willing to accept that Misha and Jensen were great friends. Hell, I was sure, in fact, that Misha and Jensen and Jared all were amiable and happy in their friendships.

But this, this has ruined me. I feel chastised, like I’ve been hit over the head with a ruler. I feel dirty and wrong.

All because I love Destiel. I have an inclination to it and I’m weird about it. Yes, I love the idea of an angel falling for a human and I enjoy the romanticism of it. And yes, I go over their interactions and their words and their looks and I love it. But, that’s just me.

After finding this…this pure hate, I feel strange. I feel as if maybe I’m a hypocrite or something for loving the show and loving Destiel just as much. I feel kinda crazy for seeing Destiel and hoping for it to become canon. I feel uncertain and like the rug has been ripped out from under my feet.

I’ve never hated Sam and in fact, I care about where he ends up just as much as Dean, if not more. It’s obvious that Sam is Dean’s world and now, Dean is Sam’s. They are brothers and they care about each other. I’ve never denied it and I have never hated that. The show is literally about them. It’s what I came here for.

But, I’m questioning myself. I’m asking myself if I’m a true fan because of this preference I have for Destiel. I’m asking myself if Destiel is real or if I’m just making shit up. I’m asking myself if the fandom is what I thought it was.

But, one thing I’m sure of is that I love all these characters equally. (Except Crowley, he’s my bby) And, I love the cast all equally. (Except for Rob Benedict, he’s my fave) I might be confused right now and seriously upset but I’m positive I’ll never hate on this cast or their characters. And, if I have before, I’m going to stop that right now.

So please, someone restored my faith in this fandom. I need it.