Beautiful Bitmaps

In the latest edition of Uppercase Magazine (No.15), Canadian editor and founder, Janine Vangool, invited 26 designers and illustrators to create a piece of artwork to celebrate the humble bitmap.

“Make beautiful bitmaps by taking this vestigial part of digital type—the bitmap—and making it into something to be newly appreciated.”

Not all of the pieces have been created digitally either, Dominique Falla’s Q is made up of hundreds of different colored overlaid ribbons. There are some insightful blog posts on some of the designers’ process too from, Louise Fili and Dominique Falla

Each piece can be viewed on the Society6 site where you can also purchase prints of the works. A portion of proceeds will go to creating an UPPERCASE scholarship fund to assist a reader in pursuing education in design, illustration, typography or craft.


my spread for work/life 3: the uppercase directory of illustration featuring 100 international illustrators. based on interviews about our creative processes, personal interests, inspiration and backgrounds, we were given a specific assignment to illustrate- i was asked to show a collection of everyday objects in my home that tells a little something about myself.
which i suppose just reveals that i’m a simple gal. 

also available for purchase here.

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Every Monday on the blog we’re going to take a look at another magazine, or publication that we’ve been enjoying reading in the Wrap studio, and this week it’s the turn of Uppercase #13 with it’s lovely foil blocked cover. 

Looking at themes of luck, serendipity and good fortune, issue thirteen of Uppercase - the magazine for the creative and curious, is jam packed with excellent and inspiring content. What we really like is how varied the features are, from a look at the state of woven label manufacturing in Australia, to the creative musings of Stockholm based designer Ingela Peterson. It’s also a great showcase for illustration (which of course hits a soft spot with Wrap) - in this issue the magazine invited thirteen illustrators to interpret the theme of luck, as well as running a feature showcasing artwork by some of their talented readers and subscribers. 

Above: interview with textile designer Eloise Renouf

Above: thirteen illustrators were invited to interpret the theme of luck and good fortune, such as Jacqui Lee’s illustration below

Below: art inspired by clouds and raindrops from some of Uppercase’s talented readers

Uppercase is independently published and self-distributed by Janine Vangool and her team in Calgary, Canada. To find out more visit uppercasemagazine.com

Photos by Anna Brennan