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Hi everyone! We have been getting a lot of questions regarding writing PoC characters. After a conversation with the other admins of the blog, we wanted to let you all know that we do not feel comfortable answering these types of questions. There is only one PoC admin and one with PoC heritage and even we do not feel like we have the right insight to answer these questions correctly. 

Asking “How do I write a believable PoC character?” is very similar to asking “How do I write a believable woman character?” The question is so broad it’s hard to answer. And even though most of the mods are women it’s still hard to tell you how to write a woman believably. There are many different cultures, living environments, societal expectations and prejudices that affect the way people or characters behave regardless of race, skin color, or heritage. 

One recommendation we do have is to consume media written by PoC (books, films, whatever else). There is also a blog called Writing with Color that has wonderful resources and moderators who can help you better than any of us probably can. 

I’ll be adding this to the faq (also a reminder to read the faq before sending asks!) 



i just heard that it’s possible josh or tyler or someone working with fueled by ramen leaked the song heathens (calling themselves “twentyoneheathens” on dropbox) and the band may have to go to court, this could result in being sued, fined, etc. however, i GUARANTEE YOU, THEY WILL NOT GO TO JAIL. this isn’t the sort of thing they jail people for. especially josh and tyler, who wrote the song itself. do not worry yourself over this.

Pokemon GO Updated To 1.1.0 On iOS & 0.31.0 On Android

Pokemon GO Updated To 1.1.0 On iOS & 0.31.0 On Android

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Pokemon GO has been updated to version 1.1.0 on iOS and 0.31.0 on Android. The update’s main purpose is to improve the game’s stability and to fix bugs and glitches. One of the glitches that Niantic addressed is the three-step glitch, where no matter where you are or how much you walk, the “Nearby” tab will claim that each and every Pokémon is at a maximum distance (three steps) away. We’ve…

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