Nine times that will come

1. There will come a time when Antarctica gets back its forests. They will be delivered by seabirds, seeded deep in ice-carved cracks and growing outwards, growing stranger, knitting themselves together with iceproof vines as the earth moves and the weather warms. By and by they will fill with things that were once penguins. When the time comes for the continent to return the favour to the rest of the world, it will do so with innumerable varieties of things that were once penguins.

2. There will come a time when that tide you were so worried about goes out and beneath it are only purple shells, all the way to the foggy horizon; that and pools darting with tiny fishes.

3. There will come a morning when the sun rises and rises and carries on rising and rising and rising until it is a pinprick in a dark sky; an exceedingly long morning, certainly long enough to run the thing through an orbital mechanics routine or two and get an idea of the level of bother the planet is in. But be sure some ridiculous action cock in a spacesuit will put us back somehow; this is the way of things.

4. Three time-like dimensions will walk into a bar; that is, from the point of view of our time-like dimension. The bar will be at the centre of the universe that has no centre and everyone will get a choice as to which direction they head off in, time-wise; those who choose to head off in dimensions other than the original appearing to the remaining patrons as if they have immovably frozen in place. For ever after (our ever after, at least) those people will be used as tables. In one of the other timelines this joke will have a punchline.

5. As was foretold in the 1950s, one day the deserts will bloom though atomic power. They will grow the great dry trees of the far future, and their blooms will crumble into dust at a touch; but there will be little there to touch them except bats and hurricanes, so they will usually last the whole Winter long. Plenty of time during the Summer’s dust for the roots to mine for uranium again.

6. Grass will grow over your cities, but no worry, no worry; from above they will seem like lumpy hills, and sheep will wander the bridges between building-tops, and office workers will share jokes about having to usher goats out from the window-cleaning platforms and through the building and back onto the slopes above. Up in the centre of the city where the skyscrapers are biggest they will be topped with ice, and mountain-birds will dangle dead rats at the windows of CEOs. One way to stay humble on the thousandth floor. And if not there is always to option to live above and just seal the canyons up. No worry, no worry.

7. There will come a time when nothing can be lost except to entropy the unimaginable thief. Or at least when all things that are lost will know where they are and in time they will be found, but maybe not by the person who lost them. And there will come a time too when the things that are lost gather together and join up their tiny brains and use them to make petty crimes.

8. That time too when there are no dolphins left only dolphin ghosts, roaming through the air in packs as they used to in the water. They are hard to see but there is a certain quality to the air when it is full of dolphin ghosts, a sort of clamminess, and you can hear their tiny chirrups like distant birds. Of course they too swim through the ghosts of every dead dinosaur, as do we all.

9. And finally that time when we will mistake snow for drifting ash and then for industrial foam and then for bleached bees and then for shredded paper and then for the degeneration of our eyes; but after all that, amazingly, unexpectedly, it will still be snow.

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Imagine JJ accidentally getting caught in a huge crowd. The poor bean can't call for help and would probably freak out

Anti and JJ are walking near the beach one day, so that Anti can show Jameson the ocean, when they run into a fairly large, clamoring crowd of people. Anti is too busy looking around at all the sights to notice Jameson getting bumped aside and lost among the other people.

“Did you see the seagull? It stole that guy’s sandwich!” Anti shouts with a chuckle and looks back over his shoulder, but he can’t see Jameson anywhere. Panic immediately swells inside of him like a wave of static as he looks around him, but he knows he won’t hear Jameson’s cries for help. “JJ! Where’d ya go?”

He glitches through the crowd as quickly as possible until he finds the little Ego huddled on the ground with his arms folded over his head as he shivers in fear. “Jamie! It’s ok!” Anti shakes JJ’s shoulders gently until he looks up at him. “I’m right here, see?”

Jameson throws his arms around Anti’s neck, and the glitch pats him on the back. “Don’t worry, buddy. Here,” he shows Jameson over to a bench where JJ can sit down. “Wait just a minute, and I’ll be back, ok?”

Jamie gives Anti a worried look but nods, so Anti glitches away only to return absolutely soaking wet with a seashell in his hands. Jameson jumps in surprise, eyebrows shooting up at the sight of a dripping wet Anti and mouth forming a perfect, exasperated “o” as Anti shoves the curved shell into his hands. “Put this up to yer ear! It sounds like the ocean!”

After watching Anti’s excited face, Jameson cautiously puts the shell to his ear and listens. Suddenly, his expression changes completely, and he’s so delighted that he jumps to his feet and dances around, holding the shell to Anti’s ear so he can hear, too. Anti grins proudly, hands on his hips in triumph, knowing he helped his new brother, and Jameson hugs him tight before signing over and over “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

After that day, Jameson always keeps the shell tucked away in his hat, just in case.

A Sunday Afternoon Shower.

A constant ringing in your ears, the faint feeling of bile rising in the back of your throat, a shiver running downwards that just about never reaches your toes. 

A heat that crawls up your body, burning until you are left cold, never wanting this, never hoping for it; your head swimming. 

Shapes blur together without your eyes ever unfocusing. You see the crisp lines of their forms, yet it is all fluid. It makes you dizzy. 

You are overly conscious of every move, every muscle in your body bending and stretching as your body performs the functions you don’t remember asking it to. Your consciousness, or perhaps your soul if you choose to believe, feels higher, not lighter but more cramped. It is occupying the upper portion of your body, its space nearly halved and it feels like there isn’t enough room for it to hold. 

Closing your eyes, you try to force it downwards, back to where it once occupied when you were you but it won’t move. You realize it isn’t the body you once held, even if you know it is the same. Things are not you, slightly off as if your person has entered a reality that is not quite your own. 

The lump of bile grows, your stomach rolls in on itself but you fight the shiver that somehow makes it to the toes you don’t remember having in your soul’s occupation. 

Everything is cold. 

Most is numb. 

You can’t taste, or feel, or hear. At least not correctly. 

Everything is shifted. 

There’s still the faint ringing in your ears. You take in a deep breath, reciting who you are and what you know. It is all you know to ground yourself. 

Eventually the feeling ebbs away, like a distant friend. You didn’t notice they were gone until they had left. 

Blinking, you see a chair as a chair. One you can sit in. One that is yours. Your conscious mind reaches your toes, you wiggle them to control your own person. 

The bile joins the rest of your stomach, still rolling but softer. Nothing but a soft churn now.

The ringing finally ends.

Everything is still cold. 

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Feeling really anxious, depressed and dysphoric as hell im all good until I come back home (the only place I’m not out) and then it back to feeling shit again.. my room is the only place I feel safe and I hate that

I relate to this a lot and I’m so sorry you’re experiencing it too. But you can get through this, in time you’ll feel safe everywhere 💙 -Matthew

Why watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency?

1. The amazing, intricate plot

  •  it’s a murder mystery unlike any other on television
  • intriguing story that gets you hooked on wanting to figure out the connections
  • no plot holes, brilliantly written
  • everything that happens is deliberate and has a purpose
  • “everything is connected”
  • involves time loops

2. The relationships

  • no heterosexual romance, no romance at all until season 2
  • real, meaningful friendships
  • the relationships go through major development and change that is important to the story
  • the friendships make you have a lot of emotions

3. The characters

  • such lovable characters
  • no seriously, you’ll fall in love with the characters
  • most charaters are relatable in some way
  • they’re all dorks and have no idea what’s going on
  • character development 

Characters include:

  • one guy with a very interesting past that’s uncovered during the season
  • the other guy who’s an asshole who has done questionable things but goes through stuff that changes him during the season
  • a badass black woman (edit: who also has a mental illness)
  • a women with a mental illness who’s really cool
  • a group of badass boys who also have a very interesting story that I can’t spoil here
  • a murdery woman who has no idea how anything works and once drank shampoo because it had fruit on the bottle
  • the two great police from missing persons who are trying to figure out what the flying flip is going on

Season 2 has a bunch more characters (but I haven’t seen it yet so idk them really)

  •  including a gay relationship with a man of colour 
  • a bisexual police woman

Please try out this amazing show and help us to get a third season by watching season 2 in January on Netflix! (out Jan 5th)


Fairy Tail New Years Thank You Art: 2013-2017. I would also like to take the time to say thank you to all of you. Thank you for getting me through this horrible year, and thank you for sticking around until the end. FT manga will never be published again but we still have each other.

Drarry fic recs – o0o-chibaken-o0o

now I know what you’re thinking: “silent eggs-chibaken-silent eggs is your friend so you’re just going to give all of her fics good ratings.” well, excuse you. I will remain professional because I take the job of reccing and rating very seriously and I would NEVER allow a bias to affect my very official scientific results.

The Tail of Knee(zle) the Bard
8k, eighth year Hogwarts, soulmates, wanking, humour, fluff AND smut
THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING FIC EVER. READ IT OR YOU WILL DEVELOP A SMALL RASH ON THE UNDERSIDE OF YOUR KNEE. did someone say super awkward interactions and a wanking scene? no? okay, then let me say it for you: SUPER AWKWARD INTERACTIONS AND A WANKING SCENE. that’s all you need to know to read this fic. I mean, there is also a super cute kneazle, CAT SOULMATE MAGIC and great writing and– did I MENTION the wanking scene? 149,600,000/10 I’m flying into the sun

Together, Alone
2k, soulmate-identifying marks, soulmate-identifying timers, wartime au
get ready to CRY. now, I can totally be professional with this one because I read it BEFORE I became friends with chicken bake™. we’re dealing with soulmark timers here people. SOULMARK TIMERS. and it’s actually tragic but realistic and I won’t spoil the ending but HOW ELSE DO YOU THINK A SOULMARK FIC IS GOING TO END? 9/10 point taken off only because I look ugly when I cry (admittedly this is not the author’s fault but facts are facts)

Better Than an Origami Bird (Co-authored with @jadepresley )
4k, eighth year Hogwarts, epistolary, dirty talk, “consensual and enthusiastic name calling” (bonus points for this brilliant tag on ao3)
I can’t discuss this one without my head exploding. described by chicken as “kinky epistolary smut” and that really says it all. I’m trying not to shout here because it’s just TALKING WRITING ABOUT SEX. like, is there any better smut than that? and it’s written by my two fancy friends so that helps…NOT THAT I HAVE ANY BIAS AT ALL. this is OBJECTIVELY GOOD and you WILL UNDERSTAND ONCE YOU READ IT. 666/10 I’m going to go have a cold shower and think about my life

His Little Something
6k, eighth year Hogwarts, smut, dirty talk, size kink, hung!Harry
just re-reading the summary of this fic made me laugh out loud. this is actually fucking ridiculous and I love it. and somehow, despite the complete absurdity, as I read, I’m like totally believing that Harry WOULD be competitive enough to GOAD DRACO INTO SEDUCING HIM. like. honestly. this is why we’re all in the drarry fandom people. and the ending and the title and I can’t. 42/10 this is actually the meaning of life

All You Want for Christmas is Me
7k, eighth year Hogwarts, Christmas, secret santa, dirty talk, first time
so Draco gets Harry for secret Santa and I’m just sitting here laughing my fucking ass off at the gift he ends up giving. HONEST TO GOD DRACO, REALLY? I fucking love you. also no spoilers but wait until you get to “MAGAZINES.“ omg I’m laughing again. 25/10 I can’t stop laughing

2k, eighth year Hogwarts, dare, fluff, “Draco is a dork and I love him” (Same)
looking back through chibi’s fics is honestly giving me so much life right now. this is just…I can’t even say what is so good about it because it’s a massive spoiler but it’s so ridiculously perfect and I love it. all I can say is Draco is dared to kiss Harry and my face has fallen off my head. 10/10 I can’t BEAR to give this anything less than a perfect score (secondary note: If I were also rating the pun in this rating I would give it a 2/10)

there you go. now for anyone with concerns, I will happily confirm that these ratings were calculated with consistent scientific methods. my well-informed conclusion is that @o0o-chibaken-o0o  is a brilliant writer who can make me cry, contemplate my own existence and most importantly, laugh. thank you for writing for the drarry fandom. ❤️❤️❤️

it takes two to make a thing go right (dogboy hybrid au) pt. 1

Rated: M

Warning: Dom themes, possessive behavior, knotting, excessive oral sex, rough sex. 

Summary: What’s better than one dogboy lover? Two dogboy lovers. But when Tae and Jungkook seem unusually clingy, it can only mean one thing. That time of the month has snuck up on you and your dogboy lovers do not want to share. 

Note: jungkook is mean to taehyung in this cuz hes the dom alpha and taehyung tests his dominance too much =( but the smut is filthy and nasty lmfaoo. also i apologize in advance if the writing is a little weird and random in some spots. ive written on this story while being terribly exhausted, and then while being drunk, sad and mad. lol what im trying to say is i wrote parts of this story in numerous states of mind! oh and yes theres gonna be a second part to this so plz dont ask ill get it out asap. enjoy my loves!

Words: 8.4k

Since the dishes in the sink had gotten dangerously high from neglect, you thought you’d finally set up shop in the kitchen and try to tackle the giant mess. With your laptop sitting up on the bar in front of you playing Bob’s Burgers on Hulu and your big glass of lemonade set to the side, you were totally prepared to spend some time here at the sink.

The reason for there being so many dirty dishes was because living with two male hybrids was like living with two bottomless pits when it came to food. They ate so much, and did not understand the concept of reusing dishes under any circumstances. Every time they ate, it was a new dish being used, no matter how many times you tried to explain to them that their glasses could at least be used more than once.

They were utterly clueless.

Glancing over the top of your lap top into the living room, you saw Jungkook and Taehyung sitting on the edge of the couch, controllers clutched in their hands as they stared intently at the screen in front of them. You huffed a sigh of relief at them finally seeming to be content, returning your attention back to the task at hand.

The past couple of days they had been unbelievably clingy, begging for your attention constantly and not allowing you to get anything productive done at home. Finally after having enough of their constant pestering, you broke down this morning and went to the store to buy them a new videogame for the PS4.

And so far, that had done the trick at distracting them so you could get some work done, but you could only hope it would last.

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Fuck Me (M)

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Hi! This is a DOM Jungkook Smut that I wrote awhile back! I hope you enjoy~ (my requests are open so feel free to send in something you want me to write)

Genre: Smut 

Member: Jungkook

Word Count: 4137

Coming home I find Jungkook sitting on the couch with a controller in his hand as his eyes are glued intensely on the screen.

“You’re so childish Jungkook” I sigh, slipping off my heels. Jungkook is my roommate, normally I wouldn’t be all for a male roommate but sadly Jungkook is my best friend and begged to live with me.

A scowl forms on Jungkook’s face as he let’s out a puff of air, still keeping his eyes trained on the screen.

“I’m not a kid.”

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Is Nathan gonna be Ursula and Vlads sugar baby?

Lets be real here, they’re both her sugar babies and they know it. (Well, Vlad does. Nathan just doesn’t think about it)

If I go completely off the crackfic deep end, Vlad is the older, richer guy in his 40s trapped in a hateful relationship with his wife Elizabeth (man, you guys don’t know about her yet) who makes the scathing comment one night that Vlad couldn’t even PAY anyone to love him even if he tried, so in one of his drunken spiteful hazes he downloads an app and scrolls through all the people looking to be sugar babies and he’s just about to give up and throw his phone down cause this was a stupid idea, really, what was he thinking, hell what was he drinking….when he swipes one more time and oh, oh.

Except you can’t see the whole profile unless you match, so he hits the button and watches the bio unfold and Christ, Christ above, they’re a couple and they’re so beautiful it makes his heart hurt. It’s not even that they’re aesthetically pleasing (cause they are, they so are) but it’s the way they look at each other and their bio reads like a lonely hearts add, mid 20s, likes the colors red and green, don’t drink, don’t smoke, but with the added brutal addendum of “hey uh, we’re fucking broke but we’re kind of cute right?” 

And there’s an amazon wishlist and it’s just fucking college books man, it’s just books and fucking ramen noodles and he’s all alone in this giant fucking mansion with all this wealth he’ll never burn through even if he lives to be 200 years old so he just buys all of it, and leaves a message in the gift note area that says “pick something nice next time, ~V.” and moves on with his life, forgetting about it until he gets the thank you notification on his phone two days later after Nathan and Ursula wake up walled into their shitty apartment by all the amazon boxes on the doorstep. The doormat placed delicately on top. Cause I mean, what could go wrong, right?

And thus ensues a love affair through amazon prime. They don’t know who he is except that he has too much money to spend and doesn’t seem to want anything in return. And at first they’re like cool, fine, rich guy who doesn’t need anything from us, amazing, brilliant. Until one night when they’re lying in bed Ursula says,

“do you think he’s lonely, Mr. V?”

And Nathan is many things, many more things than he first realized thanks to dating Ursula (good bye pre-conceived notions of heterosexuality, hello realizing that gender is just a social construct and skittles had the right idea) and he’d never quite been comfortable with the whole Sugaring thing (Ursula is, it’s how she’s paid  for two degrees with no family help) he finds he doesn’t mind it if he knows what the other person is getting out of it. Except for “Mr. V” who as far as Nathan can tell gets nothing but a hefty monthly amazon bill and…yea, it’s been bothering him for a while…and

“I dunno…maybe? I mean…why else do that?”

“I dunno.” Ursula echoes back, chewing thoughtfully on her hair. “Do you think we should like, do something?”

“What, like hack into amazon and find out who he is?”

“I was thinking more posting an invitation to draw him out, see if he responds. But sure, we can do that too.”

Nathan’s nose wrinkles. “What kind of invitation.”

Ursula shrugs again, but her eyes already have that far off look that means she’s plotting. “He’s very formal, in his little notes…I bet he’d appreciate a proper invitation…”

Which is how Vlad, halfway through his lunch in his office (his only free time of the day where no one bothers him at all on pain of death) pauses midway through with a spoonful of tomato soup to his lips, mid scroll through the amazon app on his phone as he realizes their list has updated. It’s an “I want” note, the kind of thing you need to buy from somewhere else and have their address to send, except it’s not a thing. It’s…it’s…

Dear Mr. V.
Thank you for all the lovely gifts, the amazon gift card last month was greatly appreciated. My partner and I were hoping to engage your interests for an evening, or two, just a little something to show how appreciate we are of your time an attention. If you would like to accept this

he scrolls down to the next item, to where the character limit continues,

invitation, please meet us at [link], and input the password. The phrase is your most recent purchase to us. If not then please disregard this note as a simple gesture of good faith. Hope to meet your acquaintance properly soon, kind regards and much enthusiasm, U & N x.”


A weight sat on Victor’s chest. The silk of feathers fluttered over his legs, bedsheets rustling beside him. Gentle fingers brushed his face. He opened his eyes to the glint of metal in the dark. Victor went rigid.

Yuuri had his legs straddling Victor, angling his mate’s face up and to the side. Through the night filling the cabin, the razor blade in his hand shone like a beacon.

Victor found himself having a hard time breathing. “Lovebird… Lovebird, what are you doing?”

Yuuri grinned and rubbed his free hand all over Victor’s face. With it, he spread a foam, smearing it over Victor’s cheeks, mouth and throat.

Victor sputtered, glimpsing the small basin of water by Yuuri’s knee. “Ahh, wait, wait, wait! Are you serious?”

The siren’s devious expression remained unchanged and he flipped open the razor.

“Okay, okay, but not in the bed!” Victor could feel his heart beating a solid bruise into his ribcage. “I promise I won’t run, just let me move.”

Yuuri did not shift, head tilted toward one shoulder, considering the proposal. Wordlessly, he shifted back on his heels and moved off Victor. The pirate scrambled off the bed, away from his blade-wielding siren. Yuuri, however, remained perky. He moved the basin of water to Victor’s work desk and pulled out his chair, tapping the seat in invitation.

“Gimme-… gimme one second,” Victor muttered and grabbed a pair of loose sleep slacks, slipping into them. He then went straight for his weapons cabinet, removing from it a bottle of dark rum. One deep gulp in, with the mild added taste of shaving foam, he cleared his throat and returned to Yuuri. “…Do you know what you’re doing?”

Yuuri smiled and patted the chair again. Victor did not feel reassured. He sat. Yuuri tugged his head back by his braid. A whimper might have escaped the pirate.

Timing his breaths slow and steady, Victor shut his eyes and prayed. 

The first stroke of the razor against his skin was smooth and gentle. Yuuri kept his head angled and skin pulled taut. His movements did not falter, no pained slice cutting into Victor’s cheek. The swish of the blade being rinsed in the basin and another effortless pass across his skin had Victor lifting a single eyelid.

A sweet smile relaxed Yuuri’s expression. He moved as fluidly as when he danced, hands kind on Victor’s face. Little by little, Yuuri shifted along. The razor blade pulled easily halfway down Victor’s throat, shaving off the growing facial hair. Yuuri guided him through each stroke with his touch, wordless in his concentration. By the time he finished, Victor was watching his every movement, enraptured.

Yuuri rinsed the razor and set it aside, leaning in close to examine Victor’s face. He wiped it clean with a cool towel and swooped in, chirping as he kissed Victor’s expertly shaven face.

In awe, Victor touched his own chin and rubbed up. No knicks, no scraps, no spots missing. Utterly flawless, better than he could have done himself. He stared at Yuuri. “How did you-…”

Emil taught me. Yuuri traced onto Victor’s chest, nuzzling his face against his mate’s newly smooth cheek. Did I do okay?

“Amazing,” Victor muttered back, quiet in his disbelief. His fingers traveled over his face once more, mouth tugging into a smile. “You should do this for me every morning. Preen me.”

Yuuri threw his arms over Victor’s shoulders, chirps as happy as they could be. He pecked kisses all over Victor’s face until his mate could barely support him through the laughter.

“Really, Yuuri, you surprised me… I was ready to bleed for you.”

I practiced on Chris. Just in case. He didn’t get off so easily.

Laughing loudly, Victor kissed him. And kept kissing him till morning came.

Rambler (Kylo Ren x Reader)

I got an anon suggesting something with kylo and a prisoner that isn’t bothered by him and this is what I managed. If you suggested this let me know I had so much fun doing it! Also a dactillion is apparently just some lizard in the star wars universe I found out about when I was googling lol


Originally posted by writingreylo

Your voice echoed around the empty cell as you sang an old war song Poe had taught you. Originally you were using it to keep track of time but you’d been through it so many times you already lost count. You wiped away some dried blood from your cheek and winced when you brushed against your black eye. The stormtroopers had managed to do a number on you and you were sure Poe was going to have some choice words to tell you when you got back.

If you got back.

Down the hall you heard approaching footsteps. You stood with a sigh, ready to go another round with the next stormtrooper sent to interrogate you.

Instead a tall figure in black stood before you.

You froze. You never expected to actually come face to face with the man that lead everything you were fighting against. You couldn’t imagine being important enough to gain his audience. After a moment you regained your composure and approached the man who had been standing stoically in front of you.

“I heard you were the strong and silent type,” you said with your signature smirk back on your face. “It’s a bit overplayed if you ask me.” He remained silent. You approached the bars and slid your arms through, resting them on the metal. “These are nice. Hardly see real prison bars in this day and age. Very classic.”

“Had much experience with prison cells have you?” he asked.

“Girl’s gotta make a living, right? Since your pals here in the First Order have taken over, it’s suddenly gotten much harder.”

“Perhaps you should reconsider your line of work.”

“As soon as you reconsider your school boy dreams of domination,” you smiled. He ignored your comment and continued.

“You have information. Information we need.”

“Yeah I’ve kinda of gotten that impression from the last four guys you sent in here. You might want to consider doing some reworking with them. Footworks kinda slow.”

“You hold a considerably high rank in the Resistance and therefo-“

“Considerably high rank?” you asked, cutting him off. “I’m barely a captain? And I only got that position three days ago when the previous guy holding the position died, thanks to some lucky shot one of your men got.”

“Either way-“ he continued. “You-“

“Is captain really a high rank here?” you said cutting him off again. “Because it’s not that big a deal back home.”

“There is a resistance base somewhere in this system,” he began again. “You will give me-“

“How much do your captains make here?” you interjected. You leaned your face against the bars and looked off thoughtfully.  “Because if I’m being honest, my current salary is not much to brag about. What benefit packages do you guys-?”

“Enough!” he yelled out. He pressed the sides of his mask, releasing the clasps and threw it aside. He stepped toward the bars and looked down at you, a frustrated scowl on his face.

“Woah.” You stared wide-eyed up at him. “You’re a lot prettier than I’d thought you be. I thought that’s why you wore the mask. I guess it’s more of an intimidation thing right? But seriously, you should consider using your look as a recruiting tool. I mean, you catch more dactillions with honey than vinegar amirite?”

He grabbed the front of your jacket and pulled you against the bars.

“Enough,” he seethed. His eyes bore into yours and you could see dark anger behind them. “You know what I want. And you’re going to tell me. Right now.” You smiled up at him.

“I don’t think so.”

You suddenly felt a constricting force around your neck. The air left your lungs as it grew tighter and tighter. You wheezed and coughed as your hungry lungs struggled to find air. Your vision grew black and just when the last of the light was about to fade away, the feeling was released.

You fell to your hands and knees gasping and huffing. You looked up and saw Kylo staring back at you.

“That was exhilarating,” you choked out. “Not at all like how others have described it.”

The next second you smacked face first against the cell bars. Your hand flew to your nose as it began gushing blood.

“That was not so exhilarating,” you said, your voice nasally. “Could I bother you for a tissue? Or a handkerchief? You guys are fancy here I feel like you probably have at least three handkerchiefs in your pocket right now.”

Kylo grabbed the front of your jacket through the bars again and raised you to your feet.

“I’m going to be back in 20 minutes. Be ready to talk or else you’ll suffer true consequences.”

He dropped you to the floor and strode away down the hall.

“I’ll miss you!”  you called after him. He shook his head and continued on his way.

After he was gone you sat back on the floor clutching your nose. Your head was pounding and now on top of that you had a broken nose. You started to think that just maybe this time your luck had run out when you saw Kylo’s discarded helmet on the floor.

You scrambled to the bars and reached out as far as you could. You were mere inches away but you couldn’t manage to grasp it. You stuck your leg through the gap and, with some maneuvering, you managed to get your foot around it. You brought it to the bars and started looking it over.

You pried apart several compartments and removed all the bits and pieces you could until you removed a sharp silver pin. You moved over to the locking mechanism and jammed the small piece of metal inside. You jostled it around and after 10 mins of struggling you heard several clicks and the lock released.

You pushed the door aside and strolled out, whistling down the hall.

“Considerably high rank,” you laughed. “Wait till I tell Poe about that one.”

I have a taste for the evening. I have indulgence for the dawn.

Jacques Roubaud, from E:White

I need to exist inside dawn’s light. I need to give in to the presence of everything humble, boundlessly sincere and extraordinarily terrifying.

Virginia Woolf, from a journal entry

People complain about how dark it is in the mornings. But this is often the best time of my day, when the dawn peers gray and silent into my pale windows.

Etty Hillesum, from a diary entry

The little rosy / Tongue of Dawn / Interferes with our eyelashes.

Mina Loy, from Songs to Joannes

To walk into my house is to walk into dawn, into color, into music, into perfume, into magic, into harmony.

Anaïs Nin, from a diary entry

Before midnight. After midnight. Again. / Again. Again. And, near dawn, again.

Ted Hughes, from Last Letter,

She watched dawn arrive in a burst of pink. In the fog the first little birds began to chirp sweetly, not yet frenzied. God was illuminating her body.

Clarice Lispector, from Miss Algrave

I never get to sleep until dawn, you see, and it’s been that way for a year now. I sit by the table in my armchair all night long and do nothing. I sit, not thinking about anything in particular, just like that; vague thoughts wander through my mind, and I let them flow as they please.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, from a letter

We talk like roomates / Bleeding night to dawn.

Robert Lowell, from Selected Poems

Yes, I am happy, the dawn never / burnt with more purity, I am / happy to give everything to you / and to go away / like a beggar.

Marina Tsvetaeva, from Poems for Akhmatova

I don’t see the dawn, I don’t sleep, I suffocate.

Arthur Rimbaud, from a letter

It’s still almost dawn. These hours are as vast as stretches of sky. It’s too much, time can’t find a way through. Time has stopped passing.

Marguerite Duras, from The Malady of Death

Some thoughts on Y3′s narration

A thing I reminded myself of a number of times during the course of omgcp’s Y3: Ngozi isn’t the narrator; Bitty is. What Ngozi does do, and do well, is stay extremely faithful to Bitty’s POV… to the point of annoyance. Y3, to me, was like all those times a friend in college started dating someone new and their entire personality started revolving around that other person. Y3 is Bitty talking about Jack and their relationship almost exclusively, and Jack’s life at the expense of his own, and in many ways it is irritatingly realistic, because Bitty is a master of avoidance. He’s disappearing to Providence every chance he gets. We hear very little about the Haus ensemble we’ve grown used to because Bitty isn’t there to witness and report. Where before he hung out with other people to avoid thinking about Jack, now he hangs out with Jack to avoid thinking about everyone else.

Everything is blissful, rose-colored romance… as he makes so much jam he can see the jars when standing outside the Haus, just, you know, for no reason. Everything is fine, everything is great, until it’s not and he’s so exhausted from all the hiding R&H are asking if he needs anything, or he’s crying in his room and Jack is driving through the rain to see him, or he’s forcing himself not to react too much when he hears sports commentators being super critical of Jack, or he’s focused on how many pieces of pie the Falcs ate at the Family Skate to get a tangible measure of how accepted he is, or, you know, he’s kissing his boyfriend on national television in a move that isn’t really that impulsive because they’ve been coming out over and over and over all year.

Does Y3 have a flawless narrative arc with perfectly balanced emotion, action, and tension? No.

Does Y3 break entirely with the previous form of the comic? No.

Because, despite the great camera-shot views we get of Bitty and everyone else, this is still a story being told from a tightly held first person POV. And Bitty is flawed and unreliable. Even (especially) about himself.

Idk, I think it’s easy to get swept up in the euphoric/nerve-wracking end to Y3 and forget that the earlier comics of the year didn’t really sweep all the anxiety and reality away, it just got plastered over by Bitty’s instinctive desire to only talk about the good stuff on his vlog. The surface veneer here is the Facebook-ification of his life. But this has always been a comic full of layers, and everyone’s reading of it is going to be different. This was mine.

Do you ever get emo about the fact that the last time Yang and Blake spoke face to face Blake made Yang cry because she was hesitant to trust her? Or the fact that Blake (however briefly) compared her to the man that would cut off her arm later that night? Or the fact that Yang proved that, no, she is nothing like Adam, in perhaps the most traumatic way possible? Or the fact that you can tell Blake knows exactly what Yang is going to do and is begging with every fiber of her being for Yang to do anything else? Or the fact that she can’t do anything to stop Adam, she can only watch as Yang falls?

Or the fact that she had to carry Yang and fight through the Grimm all while bleeding out, but did so because she needed to get Yang somewhere safe? Or the fact that she stays right by Yang, holding her hand and sobbing (and likely doesn’t leave her side until she leaves for good)? Or the fact that she knows leaving will hurt her team, especially Yang, but she can take them hating her if it means they live? Or the the fact that she probably was trusting Ruby and Weiss to look after Yang, and how heartbreaking it will be when she finds out they couldn’t be there either, that Yang was left alone?

Because damn I sure do anytime I rewatch Destiny or any of the volume 3 episodes after it.

BTS ReactionHaving feelings For Their Friend With Benefits

Requested by Anonymous, “How would the boys react when they realize their so called “Friends With Benefits” relationship is no longer purely physical? Basically them crossing the boundary and stating to have romantic feelings toward their partner. Thank you for your hard works! Your reactions are my favorite. Everything is so detailed and beautifully craft to each members!“

Note → I was writing a fic only for my laptop to die and deLETE IT ALL im pissed af! So, here’s an oldie. ♡

Jin ➳ "You know (y/n), right?”

And he saw the way your eyes widened, begging for the man to say otherwise and it was at that moment he wished on anything that he didn’t agree to your ordeal, slowly realizing that whatever was flowing within his heart held deep and destructible notes written only for you. 

He sees you bite your lip nervously, and he can faintly remember you engraving into his mind that he only ever knew you between the sheets, that you were nothing but a ghost to him outside of the bedroom. From the crackling of the bonfire playing your many sleepless nights where hands roamed and lips touched, he closes his eyes as his heart held a blank picture of your relationship that meant absolutely nothing to you.

“No,” he whispered, “I don’t.”

Originally posted by sinnerswings

Suga ➳ It was during midnight when he began to look for you through the bustling nightclub, music blasting loudly and vibrating against the walls while others forgot the meaning of a personal bubble as they tried to meld their bodies with many — he hated it. 

Growing impatient, he sees you from the corner of his eyes as you tried to rip yourself away from a grimy, intoxicated man. He knew you made him promise never to interfere with such interactions and to just walk away, but before he can remember, he is ripping the hand away and shoving the guy as Yoongi pushes you behind him protectively. “Who are you?” The man roars, getting ready to take you back until Yoongi’s cold voice pierces the stuffy air.

“I’m her boyfriend,” he sneers, “now get lost.”

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J-Hope ➳ He had felt it before, but it was even stronger tonight as every touch was like magma destroying skin, the lava running through his veins as it slowly melted his heart. He was crazy for you, and he knew it, and he also knew about the guidelines you two had as being just friends who only need physical affection, but he just couldn’t take it anymore. 

“What’s wrong?” You whispered, breathing hard as you laid on the bed beyond exhausted from using all your pent up energy. It doesn’t take long before he calls your name which you hum in response, his arm pulling you tightly into his chest as he sighs in content. You could feel his erratic heart from beneath the wall of his chest, and soon, it silences as he lets out a shaky breath.

“I’m in love with you.”

Originally posted by hob-e

RapMonster ➳ “You’re smiling again.”

You only smile further from his proclamation, a blush forming onto your cheeks as you began to pick at your cake and mutter an incoherent insult towards the man. Namjoon knew the reason for your giddiness, knowing full well that despite your conjoined nights at memorizing each and every crevice of each other’s bodies that the smile you blessed him of witnessing with wasn’t because of him — but because of your ex. He was jealous, but he didn’t have a right to be since he knew what he was getting himself into the moment his fingers ran through your hair for the first time, yet, he still let his emotions get the better of him. 

“You should stop,” he mumbles, and you could only question on what he meant to which he stays silent.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jimin ➳ It may have been between the nights you laid on his chest naked as you giggled to your heart’s content while his muscular arms snaked around your torso, or maybe it was when he saw you slowly fall in love with one of his best friends that he had realized his not so platonic feelings morphed into indestructible gold that refused to shatter. Every time he was with you, he ignored whatever feelings you had for someone who wasn’t him, he couldn’t help but smile as his eyes shined with pure adoration at having been able to meet you, and as you lay on his chest before anything can happen — he holds you tighter, digging his head into the crook of your neck. 

“Jimin,” you breathe, and his arms fully encase you as his warm breath tickles your skin.

“Lets stay like this..forever.”

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V ➳ Intoxicated breaths and clumsy stumbles slowly fades to the past as Taehyung invited you to small dates and strolls to the park which you hesitatingly agreed to attend with him. He didn’t know when the word ‘Friends with Benefits’ drowned into the past’s shadows, but he was definitely glad it did since he got the chance of seeing you outside the four suffocating walls of the teeny bedroom. 

Walking down the path where the stream rolled along and the birds harmonized, he didn’t hesitate in stealing innocent kisses from you as he held your hand, and once you say, “Oh, I think you might be in love with me,” the man snorted as he smiles childishly.

“I think I might be, too.”

Originally posted by seokjins-wings

Jungkook ➳ “What are you doing?” You whispered harshly as you tried to step away from the man whom only grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a hug. He knew more than anything that no one should know about your 'benefits’ relationship, but at the same time, he wanted everyone to know that you were taken — well not yet, but hopefully very soon.

Like right now.

He shoves the stuffed bear he had won from one of the pier-stands into your arms, happy smile dancing along his lips as his heart is bursting with various of emotions he realized he had once he saw you hours prior, and now, he wanted to face them head on. “Why are you acting like I’m your girlfriend?”, and his grin is nearly ripping his cheeks apart.

“Because you could be.”

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wicked games [5]

Summary: Tom can’t seem to help himself when it comes to you. Is that really such a bad thing?

Pairing: CEO!Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Smut - NSFW, 18+ ONLY || oral sex (f + m receiving), fingering, unprotected sex [wrap it before you tap it, pls], highly prominent daddy kink

Word Count: 8,822 [merry christmas]

A/N: This is only the tip of the iceberg, my friends. There is still so very much to come. I’m dedicating this chapter to my sweet Blade - happy birthday, you sinner. I hope this is a worthwhile birthday present. xx | series masterlist

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i’ll give you my heart | myg

summary: gift exchanges are cool. gift exchanges with your ceo-slash-best friend min yoongi are less cool, because what the hell are you supposed to get the man that already has everything? 

or, the three times that you could find something material to give to yoongi, and the one time you had to think outside of the box.

{christmas!au, friends to lovers!au}

pairing: min yoongi x female reader
word count: 6k
genre: fluff
warnings: none
a/n: here she is!! first off, shoutout to everyone who voted for this in that poll a while back. secondly, shoutout to everyone for being patient with me while getting this fic out. here it is, in all of its fluffy, soft glory! it’s also 1k longer than i thought it would be. big rip. 

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stargazing || b.b.

Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky was your everything, his loss devastated you in more ways than you could have every imagined, all you wanted was to have him back. 

Warnings: angst, fluff

Word Count: 2.4k

A/N: this literally made me sob that my mum had to ask if i was okay and i had to lie and say i was watching a sad movie

“Do you ever just feel an urge to just do something? Something you’ve wanted to do for the longest time, but were never in the right moment?” You asked, turning your head to look at Bucky. He was staring right back at you, eyes glimmering underneath the night sky, “I always do when I’m with you, doll,” he whispered, a smile on his face before his lips connected with yours.

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