Pissed Beyond Belief

I was talking to this seemingly really sweet girl on here, treating her as a friend and with the utmost respect, up until 5 minutes ago when she decided to message me this: “Can we stop talking? I don’t like black girls.”

 I cannot even express how this makes me feel. How DARE you?! How DARE you come here and spread anything but love?? How DARE you make me feel so incredibly rejected and foolish?? I’ve shown you nothing but kindness, and you completely disregard me because of the pigment of my skin! How DARE you disregard ANYONE for the pigment of their skin?? My ancestors have fought too hard, and we’ve come too far, for people to still be thinking with the same old biggoted mindsets. Do you even stop to think how the things you say make people feel?! Or are you just so much of a monster that you don’t even care?! I’m sick and tired of seeing entire groups of people being treated like LESS than dirt just because of the way they were born! Let me tell you this though, don’t bother following me, messaging me, or so much as glancing at my blog if you’re racist, sexist, or homophobic. This is unacceptable and I won’t tolerate it.

If you see this post, please reblog it. This is so important, and it’s something that everyone needs to learn and grow from. Hate is outdated, and ignorant.