BTS reaction: Yoongi’s crush telling them they like him back, but won’t tell him

Well, this reaction will exclude Yoongi for obvious reasons. Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He will try to make you tell Yoongi. He will tell you all about how much Yoongi likes you, and how it would make him the happiest man in the world if you told him. Jin wants the best for all of the members. When you mention that you won’t tell him because your issues with you mental health, he’ll still try to convince you. Probably by talking about how Yoongi’s been there himself and could probably help you.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

He’d be very happy for a split second, and will probably prepare himself to help you confess to the man himself. But then you will say that you won’t tell Yoongi because of your unstable mental health, and you can physically see Hobi’s shoulders sinking and all hope leave him. Because, unlike Jin, he will understand you reasoning and see it as a valid excuse to not tell him. He’ll probably tell you that he doesn’t think that Yoongi would mind that much, but that he understands that you don’t want to weigh him down, and that he’ll be there if you need to talk about the whole situation.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He will sit quietly and listen until you’ve told him everything you wanted. And then he’ll probably start to list all the times when Yoongi’s been ridiculously happy because of you, and things that Yoongi only does when you’re around/things that he will only let you get away with doing. He really wants you and Yoongi to get together, for both your sakes. And this is his way of proving a point to you. And that point is that you make Yoongi so happy, that Yoongi would 100% help you with your mental health if that means that he can call you his. And I think Namjoon would be quite convincing.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

He would lowkey be hoping that this was you asking him for help with confessing to Yoongi. But when you make it clear that that isn’t the case, then he’ll sit quietly and let you vent before telling you what he thinks. And his opinion would be quite neutral. Like, he really wants you to get together with Yoongi, but at the same time he understands why you don’t want to tell him and won’t push you. He would probably apologize for not being of much help, and tell you to ask Namjoon about it. And then add that if you need to talk, you can always hit him up.

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V/Kim Taehyung:

You are going to date his hyung. He won’t give up until you do. He would be serious while talking it out with you, and use similar arguments as Jin and Namjoon. Like, how Yoongi’s been there himself and could probably help you, and would gladly do so if that meant that you’d be his partner. But Tae would not be too convincing, so you could probably stand your ground. So, by the end of it he’ll just say something along the lines of “okay. It’s fine if you don’t confess to him. Just promise me, that if hyung does man up and confesses to you first, you’ll tell him you feel the same way. Don’t break his heart.”. And he’ll seem very sincere, and you will promise, and not suspect anything. But as soon as you’re gone, he’ll go straight to Yoongi and convince him to be the first one to confess. The most obvious plot ever, but somehow Tae will manage to pull it off. Of course you will realize when Yoongi’s confessed, but you did promise, and how can you say no when Yoongi is looking at you with the most hopeful eyes you’ve ever seen?

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He’ll definitely want you to date Yoongi anyways. Like, aren’t people in love always supposed to work through stuff together? Especially when Yoongi’s struggled with his own mental health. So he’ll try to convince you. But his arguments won’t be as good as Joonie’s, and he won’t trick you like Tae, so not much will happen, other than Jungkook maybe making sure you get to sit next to Yoongi at all times and stuff like that.

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BTS Reaction to you being Asian, but not from South east Asia

1. Taehyung
2. Namjoon
3. Jungkook
4. Yoongi
5. Hobi
6. Jimin
7. Jin

Here’s the thing, Tae is just naturally curious and if he really wants to talk to you, he wouldn’t think twice at all. In fact your different nationality might draw his attention towards you.

Namkook. Oh the international playboy duo. Just like Tae, they’d be curious, but unlike him, they would maybe take a moment to hesitate. What if you guys couldn’t communicate or something. But nonetheless, I think they’d be intrigued.

Yoongi couldn’t care less. Whether your Korean or Arab or Indian or American. He just couldn’t careless. It’s the personality that matters, and he’s emphasized that so many times. Yet the reason he’s lower on the list, is because he will actually question himself before actually going up to you. Maybe observe you, and then decide.

The lower three, I feel they’d be more traditional. But they wouldn’t block you out, they just wouldn’t approach you the quickest. Hobi is just an extroverted bean who likes making friends, thus higher in the list.

Either ways, none of them would close you off because if you’re nationality or religion. Because as said by the very wise…

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We’ll address your concerns bit by bit, anon/s!

Regarding the first ask sent, we believe that the Riddle was most definitely not written by Edward. It’s far too simple, plus the split decision is unfair given the fact that the answer can be either place, and both would be right. Edward may be hard with his riddles, but he also plays fair, so for the answer to be two possible places is unlike him.

For not hearing from him - a recent cypher was uploaded which decoded to ‘Someone has rattled the cage but this bird isn’t paying the price” - to what this implies, we don’t know. Our best bets are that someone else has irritated our captor and temporarily drew their attention away from us.

Now the final ask - could there be more than one person involved? Well, there is certainly no evidence to rule out that possibility. For all we know someone could be acting as the voice of the captor, while another individual is the mastermind behind it all, but these are just theories. Until we get concrete evidence that there is more than one person at play here all we can do is propose ideas. Other than that our best bet is to continue playing along.

Ok ok but imagine: 

  • When Leliana sees Morrigan in Halamshiral after so many years, in a silk and velvet dress that looks so familiar despite her never having seen anything but mud-stained rags on her. When the Inquisitor whispers to Leliana, wondering if they have pissed the court mage off because unlike everyone else at the ball, Morrigan seems to waste no words, curt as ever - only to get a ringing laugh from Leliana because that was Morrigan putting effort into being polite and even trying to small-talk, you should have seen her ten years ago, I’m sure Alistair is still terrified she might turn him into a toadstool. 
  • Imagine the Inquisitor following Leliana’s eyes as her words drift away, watching Morrigan as she hides herself in the shadows, how different yet still familiar she looks. (reminds herself of a conversation held years ago, about shapeshifting from human to another and perhaps, perhaps this is magic at work, or perhaps ‘tis just Morrigan.) 
  • The Inquisitor seeing Leliana chattier than usually, as they hear her voice without the sharp edge that has crept into it over the years, but now the Witch (a title, they remind themselves) has managed to cajole the smallest smile on Leliana’s lips. How does someone so grim do that is beyond the Inquisitor, but it is obvious the two are old friends, despite both trying to pretend they are unaffected by this encounter. On the way back to Frostbacks, their spymaster looks happier than the Inquisitor has ever seen her.   
  • Imagine Alistair arriving in Skyhold with Hawke, warden armor gleaming in sunlight and rivaling his smile as he scoops Leliana up in the tightest hug to everyone’s surprise. How is this man not afraid of their assassin spymaster, the one who can rip out a man’s tongue and feed it to him, if the tales are to be believed? But how could he not envelope her in his arms after so long, isn’t that what old friends do? 
  • How the bad blood between Morrigan and Alistair has mostly faded, now realising itself in good-natured jabs and Morrigan’s familiar biting remarks at Alistair’s expense. She still won’t let him hug her though. Not that he wanted to, I mean who would even want to hug a mean swamp witch? (Alistair always carried his heart on his sleeve, fooling no one.)
  • Imagine Leliana scrunching her nose when Morrigan pulls out familiar faded rags from her knapsack, the scent of campfire smoke and pinewood so seeped into them that for a moment it works almost like time magic, imagine Morrigan’s laughter because she knew how Leliana would react, and this is exactly the reason why she dug them up.
  • (Imagine Leliana’s smile because she knows that even though Morrigan doesn’t word her feelings, they both feel the same pang of nostalgia, this strange quiet friendship springing back to life.)

- Time Lord! Might have known!
- Might have know what?


Sweet Jinki watching over Tae during that risky Everybody toss


Day 4 : Favorite Scene
↳ Scene with Henry in “Smash the Mirror”

+ bonus

When both the dialog options are bad

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This Day in 1D History - August 28



  • Harry and Louis hit up Leeds Festival


  • #NiallforPresident


  • Niall rents a Ferrari in LA. Casual.
  • Louis points for a fan