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Monsters react to the Underfell version of them?

for a minute there while i was writing i stopped at underfell after papyrus & switched to underswap for undyne before i realized that i’d switched aus for absolutely no reason other than that’s where my train of thought went whoops


His initial reaction is just “so who’s the edgelord.” After finding out that that’s supposed to be some sort of alternate him, though, he’s pretty worried. The guy seems eternally nervous, & it’s unlike him to act squirrely around his own brother, like he’s afraid of getting hit all the time. He works on trying to calm his other’s nerves as best he can, wondering just what kind of world this “him” came from. Hey, at least they both seem to like jokes.


He’s super impressed, his other self seems so strong & cool!–until he realizes what a bully he is. But he’s sure that what he just needs is a friend. After all, friendship is what makes him happy, so obviously it should also make…”him” happy! He ends up dragging his other self around, trying desperately to show him that he doesn’t have to be so grump & standoffish all the time.


She’s kind of off-put. Wow, she knew she could be rash & a little bit violent, but her other self is downright cruel. She doesn’t like the way her Underfell clone walks around like she’s some sort of ticking time bomb, always ready to lash out on the first poor unfortunate soul that crosses “her” path. She’s very on edge around her.


God, she’s jealous. Her other self is so confident, so strong, so assured in herself–she’s everything she’s ever wanted to be. Until she realizes that the reason that she’s like this is because she has no sympathy for those around her. Her alternate self puts the “mad” in “mad scientist” & it worries the heck out of Alphys. If this is what she’s like in that other world, then she can only worry for the fate Mettaton’s suffered at her other self’s hands.

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Ahmes was shut up in his office for a couple of days now. It was unlike him. He was quick to finish meals or skipped them in general, and wasn’t very social. He wasn’t sleeping much either; he only took quick naps and then went back to work. It was obvious he thought this was more important than his own health and was determined to finish his project.

He looked up when someone knocked on his door, rather surprised because the team wasn’t really looking for him recently.

“Uh, come in! Door’s unlocked!” He called, turning back the mixing a couple liquids and materials.

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Exactly I connect with Sean so much more and honestly.. He shows he actually gives a damn he always says he's very busy but still connects with us and Mark says he's very busy (making shitty 43 second videos) but won't dare take a breath to appreciate something Nice a fan makes for him unlike Jack he makes sure we know that he appreciates it..! I remember when I took Sam to Disney I asked some fans to spread it and after like 20 mins later of them spreading it around Jack saw it like bam

I love Mark short videos bc he really likes make them, but I think it’s just an opinion. Mark and Sean are so different… I don’t knwo what to think anymore

Unlike him

TITLE: Unlike him


AUTHOR: tomcuddlesfic // tomhazeldine


GENRE: fluff/ romance

FIC SUMMARY: Tom is madly in love with his sister’s, Emma, best friend, Alexa. After much contemplation, he decides to tell her only to find out she might like another mysterious guy.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS:I have no idea how I came up with this but yeah! I’m glad I wrote it. Feels nice. 

 Inspired by: Gone, Gone, Gone  by Phillip Phillips

SNIPPET: “Alexa.” He choked out, making no move to get any closer towards her.

“Nice to see you’re well.” She smiled lightly, clearly affected by the way he was treating her. Cold. Distant.

“Same goes for you.” What is wrong with you? Tom mentally yelled at himself for being such a coward. She’s standing right there! Tell her! Tell her now before everyone comes! “How are you?” He asked, ignoring his raging thoughts.

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hc that magnus had always wanted a cat since he was a baby cuz he has always felt connected to these creatures cuz his and their eyes were so alike

and when he was young he loved to make cats magically appear with his magic cuz their presences were reassuring to him

don’t think about the joy magnus must have felt the first time he was able to adopt a cat, a joyful little feline he saved from a life on the streets and offered it a loving and warm home

don’t think about how devastated he must have felt when his first companion - the first living being to never let him down, unlike his mother, his step-father or any other person who was horrified to see magnus’ uncommonl eyes - died and he was left alone to face the cruelty of the world 

don’t think about all the cats magnus cherished and lost over the decades, over the centuries

don’t think about the fact that every time his pet - and friend - dies, a piece of magnus’ heart dies with it

don’t think about magnus being completely crazy about all of his furry fellows

don’t think about how magnus never forgot his former cats’ names

don’t think about how magnus always sips a drink on his cats’ birthdays and whispers birthday wishes to them into the air

don’t think about how pleased magnus must have felt to see that Chairman Meow loves Alec

don’t think about how, after both Chairman Meow’s and Alec’s deaths, memories of them both will forever be intertwined in magnus’ head

just don’t.

I hate my friends boyfriend so much, he’s like the one thing that consistently makes me enraged, I swear. You think you can just grow accustomed to hearing about it all the time, but no, it still makes me mad

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Roman wasn’t excited, that would be absolutely absurd. He didn’t get excited over dates, it was unlike him. But from the moment he had left Sean’s last there was no mistaking that was exactly the feeling he had. A giddiness at the prospect of seeing the other. Of course, if anyone asked he’d simply pass it off as ‘I like kissing him’ and definitely not that he could actually like him in general. Despite the fact, that was most definitely the case. About ten minutes before he headed out he sent out a text to the other saying ‘On my way, wear a jacket.’ and no more context than that. 

About two minutes after six Roman pulled up outside of Sean’s apartment, parking his motorcycle at the curb and sliding off. With his leather jacket on and blond hair that seemed to be just the right amount of messy, he headed up the stairs of the apartment to buzz Sean signaling he was here. 

Is IchikaAbarai “older” than KazuiKurosaki?

Seen a post before (sorry im lazy to find and reblog) that Kazui is not more or less than 5 years old. We dont see him fullbody unlike we did little Nemu and Ichika. So we dont know how tall he is. But judging by his chubby cheeks and fingers he’s not older than 5 or 6 years old, 7 max. 

From the 10 year timeskip, I can see how Rukia and Renji must have gotten married before Ichigo and Orihime. First, unlike the two, they are not going to school anymore. They are well established shinigami’s in SS. The feeling was mutual also. All they needed was the confession which Im sure Renji did after the battle. Of course Rukia said “yes”. The only obstacle I see is Byakuya’s blessing which Renji got since the SS arc, the man indeed proven himself worthy of Rukia in Byakuya’s eyes.

As for Ichigo and Orihime, it took a tad bit more time coz we all know how slow Ichigo can be in that department. But I think they got together not long before or after graduating high school. Surely with the help of the entire gang nudging his back “if he dont ask to walk her home now someone else might” kind of scenario. Of course they had to plan it out too like Ichigo moving out of the clinic, maybe living with her and going to college as well as Orihime. So no baby Kazui yet in like 4 years they are studying in college and dating at the same time.

Just my thoughts, what u guys think? How old really is precious baby Kazui?

cute family pic from hiyiri

M: Kind of funny when you think about it. Even through they have similar qualities, they also have differences, too. They both have purple hair and are quite psychotic but Kanato is sadistic and doesn’t want any pain brought on him, unlike Shiki who seems to have a liking in pain at some points even through he says he hates it, as well as bringing pain on others.

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Wow, what is it? A new pokemon? Lucky you! It looks pretty rare.

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i am keeping him in my pocket and naming him Roonel ♥♥♥


A/N - Sit on my lap - requested by anon. Set with him and reader both at college.

“Can you stay still?” You groaned as you trying to get your boyfriend to sit still for a minute.

“I can’t.” Damian stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

You shook your head at him and sighed in frustration

“It’s 3am and we have classes tomorrow.“ You said as you threw a pillow at him to which he grinned and flipped over it and continued bouncing on the spot.

“Are you on drugs?” You had to ask, normally your ever so serious boyfriend would be studying, sleeping or doing something quiet. Very rarely you saw him like this, it was a strange experience to say the least and very unlike him.

“I wouldn’t be that stupid.” He slightly grinned “Drake stole my chicken nuggets again so I stole his coffee so i could replace it. You don’t need to know what I replaced it with.”

“You have a problem.”

“No Drake does.” He grinned evilly

You sighed and stared wistfully at your bed, if only you had gone to sleep earlier. What the hell did Tim put in his coffee? This would explain why his partner would complain about him never sleeping.

Damian followed your gaze and jumped onto your bed “Sorry, I’ll find a book to read or something. You can go back to sleep.”

“No I’m up now.” You replied tiredly

“I’ve got an idea. You can say no at any point.” Damian said carefully, as he say positioned himself propped up  on your remaining pillows on the bed.

“Oh yeah?” You smiled and joined him on the bed

“You could come sit on my lap, and we could play a game?”

“What game?” You blushed intrigued with the idea

“You’ll have to see.” He grinned and motioned you to come over.

You matched his grin and sat on top of him, he focused on pulling something out of his pocket and your mind raced with what he could possibly be thinking. Was this going to be your first time? Or a make out session? Either way you were happy and didn’t bother looking at what he was fiddling with out if your eyesight.

“Aha!” he grinned and held his phone up. “I got the new Cheese Viking game on my emulator app.”

“I Think I’m In Love With You.”

For: anon
Pairing: Carisi/Reader
Warnings: Not really a warning, but Carisi is still in law school in this universe.
Word Count: 394

“I don’t care,” you hissed. “You’ve been so focused on your school work and your job that we haven’t so much as spoken three words to each other this week.”

“You can’t be mad at me for trying to be successful,” Carisi spit back. It was so unlike him to be angry with you. You’d been dating for four months with the occasional sleepover, but when he had skipped your dinner plans in favor of a study group, you had let him have it when he came home.

All you wanted was to be one of his priorities.

“Forget it,” you sighed, abandoning the roast that sat on the table, ready to be served into the place settings you had carefully arranged for the occasion. The candles were melting down to bits of nothing. You tossed the cloth napkin that had been balled up in your fist on the counter and retreated to your bedroom, shutting the door behind you. Collapsing into your bed, you hugged your body pillow close, drifting into a restless slumber.

You weren’t sure what time it was when the door creaked open. Its telling sound always caused you to rouse from sleep, but you could tell there was no more than moonlight streaming through your window. Squeezing your eyes shut, you rolled over.

The mattress slumped as someone sat next to you. You could tell it was Sonny based on the way his arms wrapped around you, body conforming to yours. He was the perfect big spoon - always warm and inviting. You rested against him, refusing to speak. You just needed to sleep off the fight.

All would be better with the sunrise.

You felt lips pressing into the back of your head and a gentle sigh escape his throat.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. He knew you were awake, but it was easier to just play dead. “I know I’ve been impossible lately. I’m working on it, okay?,” he sighed. “I have to do better, because you deserve better. My…I…” he stuttered. “I think I’m in love with you,” he breathed, pressing his face into your hair.

You rolled over, finding his eyes with your own as you stole a chaste kiss. “I love you, too,” you murmured, pressing your face into his chest as you drifted back to sleep - safe and loved in Carisi’s arms.


1) Colin: you can definitely kick his ass since he would never harm anyone not even a fly - but why would you fight Colin?? wtf is wrong with you???
2) Thom: a bit hard to since his movements are erratic from all that dancing, but if you talk a bit about global warming he’ll be distracted enough to stop and from there on it is pretty easy to overpower him
3) Ed: what Ed has in height and in brazenness can fuck you up, plus he knows how to take a punch - however if you are smaller than him, which you most likely are, you can tickle him so he will fall and you take him, David V Goliath style
4) Phil: he is the Mad Dog, so expect a lot of expertise - also he got bald before 30 so he lost every single ounce of compassion and is hardened by life - highly unlikely you can beat him
5) Jonny: very hard mode because a) not one of engaging in fighting b) you can’t see his eyes during the rumble because of the hair, which would make you think it is an advantage to you but no - he got this, he rules at fighting in the dark + you can clearly see he doesn’t give a fuck about life and isn’t afraid to die, so if he has to go with you he will - don’t take him on fighting bc you will lose