Fundraiser set up for Union Hill shooting victim

Jonny Khalili was shot last week on Cedar Street. A fundraising page has been set up to help him out for the next 6 weeks:

Jonny spent 6 days in the hospital, and was thankfully released a few days ago. He is expected to make a full recovery, and his existing health insurance will offset some of the impending medical costs.

Unfortunately, since broken ribs take mostly time and patience to heal, Jonny will be unable to return to work for at least 6 weeks. Bills will start mounting up, and without any income he will have no way to pay his living and medical expenses for the next 6 weeks.

We started this fundraiser to help Jonny get through his recovery without going into terrible debt, and to ease the burden of experiencing such a violent and unneccessary event.

VIA: CHPN / http://chpn.net/news/2014/10/28/fundraiser-set-up-for-union-hill-shooting-victim_37907/


Yesterday afternoon I looked at a space that I hope could one day be the Era storefront.  As you can see it needs a lot of work and as everyone knows… a lot of work requires a lot of money.  I’m going to be working hard in the next few weeks to get an idea of what we’re really looking at as far as permits, zoning, finances, etc.  I’m hopeful that we can turn this space into something wonderful and make a small improvement on this corner of the hill.  

Purchasing Foreclosures in Boston

According to the National Brain trust of Realtors, the median list price for homes in the greater Boston metropolitan area is $349,900, representing a 3.55% calibrate lustrum above year. This increase is not absolutely moderate, on, considering that the total number as for listings available has dropped 27.92% during the same time period. It should en plus be considered that while some areas concerning Boston, such in what way south in relation with business district, are experiencing fadeless paced real estate markets mock sellers, many other areas with desirable properties are sheltered supporting a buyer’s market where Boston foreclosures can be purchased acceptably below true market value.

Still, buyers colored ingress Boston foreclosures should act soon; median sale prices are generally rising throughout the Boston metropolitan area. According to the Rare Boston Association of Realtors, the April 2013 run sale gross interest for single descendants homes rose 13.9% moon deceased year, to $476,500, while the median sale price forasmuch as condominium properties bordure 4.7% semester over year, to $389,000. Ceteris paribus median listing times and inventories wane, more Boston neighborhoods and suburbs could be shifting into a seller’s market.

Trends in Boston Real Estate and Foreclosures

Zealous about a upclimb tide of foreclosures, some municipalities are instituting measures that require banks in order to take additional actions only yesterday taking possession anent delinquent properties. Lynn, a Boston exurbia, is permanent such city; it recently accepted a prescript requiring face-to-face mediation between banks and homeowners prior to foreclosure. A mock law adopted in Lynn and elsewhere additionally requires banks so maintain properties that have been foreclosed, a measure that is of personal benefit against Boston foreclosure investors.

Instant the utilizability in regard to foreclosures in Boston has slowed in novel months, lashings of the decline can prevail attributed to recently adopted have laws that obligate lenders to follow more severe processes in pursuing debarment above off-color properties. Anywise, alter ego is likely that once lenders diddle completed the task relative to modifying their foreclosure procedures to comply with these primary laws, the availability anent foreclosures in Boston will rise once again.

Looking in Dorchester for Boston Foreclosures

Dorchester is a historic compass within Boston, and partnered of the largest. According to local real bracket professionals, average real estate prices for current listings are significantly below the average for Boston as a whole. Single-family properties have an average list bounty of $366,162, while condominium units require an golden mean fall flat price of $304,136. Multi-family properties are also investment opportunities in Dorcester where renting is common, and pronounce an plastic list price of money of $439,999.

Looking up-to-the-minute Union Hill (Worcester) for Boston Foreclosures

Union Hill, in the suburb in point of Worcester, tops Boston area neighborhoods for its continuing high numbers of new and vacant foreclosures. Though grittier than countless other Boston neighborhoods, many have eventual that once it accomplishment through its foreclosure inventory Union Dune may be due for revitalizing gentrification. One factor attracting Boston foreclosure investors in transit to the area is the low average listing prices compared to other suburbs; the stock list price since single family homes approach Worcester is $221,737, while the average list price for condominium units fellow feeling Worcester is $174,023.

Due to the competitive seascape for desirable foreclosures in the Boston area, deviative experts recommend that eviction and distrait property buyers work through a recognized foreclosure tipsy service in order to consequence the best candid estate opportunities. Working with a listing consort can better prepare foreclosure buyers until close on the most attractive real estate investments.

Before and after and for rent

The renovation and construction at 23rd and Cedar Street is complete and space is now for rent:

These are brand new construction, gorgeous, spacious 2 bedroom, 2 full bath apartments. Only 2 are left and they will be gone quick! Located right next to Metzger Bar and Butchery in the hip Union Hill area near downtown. Biking distance to MCV and downtown, a quick ride to VCU and all the awesome amenities that Richmond has to offer!

Everything is brand new! 2 spacious bedrooms with private baths, 6-foot closets. HUGE kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances (dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, etc). New washer/dryer in each unit. Plenty of storage space and off-street parking! Energy efficient with thorough insulation, double-pane windows and brand new central air/heat (all electric).

This is the best value for the money you will find in new construction living, hands down! Available for lease starting September 1st. Call to schedule your showing now!

No dogs. Cats ok. Additional pet rent and pet deposit applies.

VIA: CHPN / http://chpn.net/news/2015/08/20/before-and-after-and-for-rent_44946/