justa-hologram-2u  asked:

Is it strange to say that most of you guys make my big sister instincts kick in? Like you all make me happy and want to make me make y'all really happy. But by spoiling you or just doing fun activities like talk, play board and card games, or just sit and enjoy each others company. Sorry if I rambled a bit. Y'all remind me of my younger cousins and sibling. Thanks

Eeeee that’s so cute! It’s not strange, that’s hella cute. >u< 
Eh, I’m gonna let all my skele reply to that!

* That’s sounds so fun! I’m in! 

* Eheh, that’s sweet, Hun. Maybe we can try to plan this?

* Groovy. I like games.

* No thanks.

- doesnt even feel concerned-

-excited bounce-

anonymous asked:

Oh great. Now I ship Un and Peachy. They are so cute together! (Friendship is a totally valid ship in my book)

* Friendship is a totally valid ship to me aswell.
* And this ship is already in my shiplist for a while.