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sorry, but when was dallon transphobic? I've never seen that :0

Some fans that met him say that him and Breezy (his wife) were very transphobic. I have no idea if there are actual videos, sorry. (if anybody has a story about meeting him that contradicts that, please let me know.)

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(about the breezy and dallon twitter thing-she did misgender someone and then when they corrected her she said "i'm sorry i thought it was she" meaning she thought it ["it" being the pronoun, not the person] was she, but people took it like she was actually calling the person "it" bc they were trans which was totally untrue and then dallon got in the middle of it bc ppl were attacking/threatening his wife. understandable. so i dont think either of them is transphobic just a misunderstanding.

ah thanks I never knew too much about the situation!


Hi guys! I’m studying a lot in this days and I would really LOVE to stop, take a break and draw a lot of crap. But I can’t. But sometimes I have to draw for not get mad with the word. In the past week I’ve draw this. AND I’VE START ANOTHER SKETCHBOOK PLZ BRING ME LUCK. The collage is from a funny games I’ve made with my FB’s friends: they write me Disney’s film and I’ve done…this XD sorry for the Italians~ anyway they are all very bad pun so…XD they are: Belle and the Beast, Spirit, Tarazan /w my friend Kya @someweirdness (who reaaaaaly love him), Mulan and Shang, Stitch and THE ULTIMATE DILF aka ALADDIN’S FATHER. Sorry not Sorry. Also the faun with no name at the moment and the lil witch with no name at the moment again are from the same story. One day I’ll work on the with more attention!

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Carnation and Allium :)

Hi friend! these questions are so cute 

CARNATION: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?

Oh man okay so my favorite band ever is Two Door Cinema Club, but some of the best performances I’ve seen live and liked to see again include Grouplove, The Strokes (Julian C is ultimate dilf okay lets be real), and Milky Chance :)

ALLIUM: What’s the best thing you can cook?

Ooo, I LOVE to cook! One of my best dishes is homemade roasted garlic mashed potatoes, like I roast the garlic myself and everything :) I also make awesome lettuce/roasted veggie wraps with a hummus spread!! i love food wow