Ok so today I got the chance to play Agents of Mayhem for the first time.Being a huge fan of the wackiest instalments of Volition,Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV I very much looked forward to this spinoff installment.
So after around 4 hours of gameplay I believe I can give an initial impression.
As biast as I am I will say that it started fairly slow,I had to force myself to get into the groove of the game the first hour.However as soon as I got into the first agent unlocking mission that exposes backstory I got hooked.Main story isnt super impressive but its good enough for what I got the game for,and that is mindless shooting with awesome characters.Gameplay wise its solid,but feels slightly limited(due to the fact that having 12 characters they cut functions to make each one of them unique in their own right like say TF2 or Overwatch,something I can definetly respect).Art wise the game got me hooked from the getgo,I FUCKING LOVE IT.Perfect mix of cartoony and colorfull visuals in a saints row spinoff?Im alll for that!So all in all I cant reccomend anything but Im gonna enjoy the game for what I bought it for.
Now to my personal comment on the characters I sketched,that is my main trio tem
Kingpin or better known as Pierce Washington was my absolute favorite character of the original Saints Row series(Only next to my Boss character) so I was absolutely ecstatic to know that I would be able to play as him here
Daisy is an awesome character that simply looks and acts almost identically to my boss character from Saints Row.They are both really bulky femme fatales and both have a “Dont give a fuck” attitude so I was pretty sold on her XD.
And last but not least Yeti or better known as Uleg,not much to say I just liked him a lot in the third Saints Row XD.