Misery (Ft. Dwight Schrute)
  • Misery (Ft. Dwight Schrute)
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  • Single 2014

Our new single for 2014. I hope it is worth the wait for everyone! Our heaviest song written!

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Misery is calling me
and I feel so lonely
Oh November you brought this chill again
I’ve felt your presence before

All I feel is melancholy and I know that
despite my efforts I endure this pain.
Everything is running through my mind so fast

Without time to breath and relax

Where is my place of rest?

Its come again and again

So what’s in this course?

Oh misery you’ve come to haunt me.

Tear me down brick by brick
I feel hollow searching for rest

And everything in this world is cursed
with the lies that lay beneath

So, tear me down brick by fucking brick

I feel misery calling me

Misery is calling me
I feel hollow searching for rest.

Mix I made using record players and cdjs. I do all my mixing live so the mash ups (or what ever you want to call it pop music hhc mixes of wham and such are not edited, they are mixed by hand ze old fashion way hahah.
track list debugger
!) andy-dee
3) Scar Remix -Djs In Full Effect
3)dj hazard and dminds - super drunky
4)Crystal_Clear_remix Sound_Of_Stereo_-Zipper
5)breeze -dirty
6) micki nija -starships
7)gammer- river side
8) iank skeets - one night in paris
9) s3rl - press play
10)jervis -vermin
11) clodhopper vs joey riot- hardcore bitch
12)doctor p. - love goes down
13)one direction- kiss you
14) promo-upside down
15) Die Antwoord Dither’s Mampara Bootleg) - Fatty Boom Boom (
16) CLSM - Automatic Junglist
17) Destiny_-_Get_You_Some_(feat_Marie_Louise)
18)recon - ok
19) eternity
20) aussie core- pokecore
21)Al_Storm Bishop Chaos-Hands In The Air (Chaos_remix
22)evil activites -state of emergency
24)scott brown- do it like we do
25) recon - auto
26)Monkees - I’m A Believer
29) wham- jitterbug
30)squad-e- you u eye

the purring guide..
2) Know Who I Am (Weaver remix)
3)Discoland (Sy & Unknown’s Dreadland ‘99
4)-_Please_Tell_Me Re_Con_Unknown_
5)“Dont Believe-Mulder- ”
7) Darren_Styles_Gammer_-_Paranoia_(Skeets_mix)
8)Skeet Skeet Yeah-Lil Jon - vs- Usher -
10)_Get By_Delta 174 Mix
11) what you got for me /binaryshine‎-
12) Double_Entendre-Levela___Hizzleguy_-
13) 24-7 -eclipse
15)ripped 2 fcuk-14
16) mark smith throw your hands up
17)Report_2 The_Dancefloor-Flyin___Sparky_feat_Charm_-_
18)Nyan Cat (Alex S. Dubstep Remix)
19)Bass Down Low - Proper Villains Dubstep Remix
20) -subdub-seduction
21) readyz rumblr kfa
22)mark smith techno tip
23)babylon time -mc ruff spin back-
24)Doing It Over- Darren Hotchkiss & Mark Sloan - (Steven Davidson Remix)
25)走れ!(DJ HKTs bootleg MIX
26) Million miles from home- Dune -
28)Horizon Outdoor Powerstomp Anthem 2013 - DJ Kurt & MC Korkie 3


MotionRide - In My Head [Hardstyle Chiptune UK Hardcore Metal]

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【Happy Hardcore】Mutrix - Moments (Vena Cava & Zom B Remix)


Nathaniel Fisher: You hang on to your pain like it means something. Like it’s worth something. Well, let me tell you - it’s not worth shit. Let it go! Infinite possibilities, and all he can do is whine.
David Fisher: Well, what am I supposed to do?
Nathaniel Fisher: What do you think? You can do *anything*, you lucky bastard - you’re alive!


UNF DARREN STYLES HAD ME LIKE 💃🏻💃🏼💃🏽💃🏾💃🏿 i couldn’t hold still so I don’t have a good still pic! I NEED TO GO TO NOCTURNAL (Friday only 😋) #edc #edclv #darrenstyles #ukhardcore #unf @darrenstylesuk


New single coming soon. 

This band is the source of all my troubles

While walking home the final news on the Ghost of a Thousand splitting up reached me. I have no words really to describe how this all feels. Ghost have been my favorite band over the past few years. I cannot even begin to understand that their show in Nijmegen - 2010 was the last time I’ve seen them live. Ever. 

One of the finest bands has died along the way with only two albums finished. The band I only got to know because Laura-M and Steven of Blood Red Shoes kept on Twittering how awesome ‘Bright Lights’ was and one of my closest friends told me 'they sound a bit like the very early Rise Against songs’. Which isn’t true after all, but I can understand the similar vibe early demos have. 

While chatting with Andy and Tom last year, we got into this talk on New Hopes, New Demonstrations. The album that’s been about all the troubles the guys had, also as a band. And how there’s always a little light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Guess the light must come from new projects then. A small fact I can’t be arsed to be exited about right now, but it’ll come in a few days.

I hereby salute The Ghost of a Thousand and so much thank yous for all the great times, songs, lyrics, memories and getting me through rough times in general. Thank you.