10 More Soulmate AUs That Have Probably Already Been Posted (And If So, I'm Sorry)

1. The only color you can see is the color of your mate’s eyes.

2. Whenever your mate says your name, you will turn towards the direction they are in, no matter how far away you are.

3. Everyone has half of a symmectrical mark on them (butterfly, heart, diamond, spade, etc) and the other half will appear when you meet your mate.

4. Their hobby that they excel in has always been something you wish so badly you could do but fail epically at.

5. There is a bond between you and your mate in which you can sense each other’s emotions.

6. As a continuation of number 5, you can also send each other emotions to comfort the other or confess your love before you know anything about them.

7. If your mate is listening to music, you can hear it faintly, as if it is playing outside.

8. On your wrist you are born with a number. This is the amount of times you and your mate will see each other before you actually meet.

9. Your favorite outfit will be the one you meet your mate in.

10. After you meet your mate, it is physically impossible for you to tell anyone else you love them romatically.

F:  Are you a magician? 

A: Uh, no, why?

F:  Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears.

A:  *Why does this 12 year old girl have more game than me*


Arthur Kirkland/Male/15. 

Francis Bonnefoy/Male Unknown/12.

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  • Young France and England, where France is younger instead

If anyone is at all interested by the crap that this trashy artist continuously makes, please let me know Q-Q because I need motivation to finish this. I always feel really, really bad because of how long I take on each piece and yet often ending up with unsatisfactory results, and the struggle of this one might literally kill me, about seventy percent of the time was spent on redrawing because I could not stand the sight of the great ugliness that is my skill level product OTZ. (Also I truly need to stop now because it has literally hurt my wrist and I need a break)

Title: Hum of our swords(rough version)

The hilt is shown in the corner is one of the intended sword in the title, it bears a significance to France’s national symbols which I will explain if I ever finish this. The same goes for Arthur(completely out of frame here and it’s mostly from his perspective). The broadsword will not end up the option here, most likely, due to the necessity of showing the pommel and the lower grip along with both characters swinging one-handed.

Almost forgot: Happy Easter! (Gosh how did I do that, and it’s right on the day too)

“Tes excuses ne changent rien. Ça n'a pas d'importance ce que tu voulais faire.”