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www(.)cosmopolitan(.)com/uk/entertainment/a10201753/haim-questions-taylor-swift-awkward/ I swear people can't win in the gossip media. Anyone ever associated with Taylor gets asked about her for clicks. When Haim tried to hint that they didn't want to answer questions centered around Taylor, now the headline is how her "squad" is falling apart. Just like how Taylor was brought into the whole Lorde quote a few days ago.

SMH i saw some other dumb article today about taylor ditching her squad. Dont they get tired of running those stories? they arent even interesting. 

Anyway, bonus points to the Haim’s and their publicist. These are great answers! well trained! bravo! nice short non answers!! even tho cosmo is spinning it all snarky, they really did what they could.

Haim just shut down questions about Taylor Swift and it’s awkward

Despite being in her girl gang since the very beginning, Haim’s awkward response to questions about Taylor Swift in the latest ES magazine pose a very important query: is the squad dead?

Haim might’ve been the reason she broke her Instagram hiatus, invited to her 2016 4th July party and slapped all over her social media feed, but the band’s frosty response to the magazine asking about Taylor seems a little eyebrow raise-worthy.

Particularly when the questions weren’t plucked from the sky, either - they were rooted on the fact the ladies (three sisters make up Haim) supported Taylor during her 1989 tour in the U.S.

And yet, the interviewer describes how a “sudden reticence” to talk comes over the band when asked about Taylor. “Their friend becomes a kind of pop Voldemort: She Who Must Not Be Named,” says the writer.

In fact, they say less than 20 words in response to three meaty questions. Hm. The receipts:

Question one: What life was like on Swift’s hugely successful 1989 tour? Answer one: [Alana] ‘Each tour you always take something from.’

Question two: Have they discussed collaborating on a song with [Taylor]? Answer two: [Alana] ‘The door is always open’.

Question three: Do they ever feel the urge to defend her on social media, as actress and mutual friend Ruby Rose recently did? Answer three: [Este] ‘We can’t speak for anyone but ourselves.’

Of course, they could just not like talking about their famous friends or the relationship they have with Taylor, but the interviewer notes, "this is a friendship that has hardly been shrouded in secrecy”.