UK TV Series


‘It’s just gas’


Season 1 Episode 1


Since I haven’t seen a post about this show yet, I thought I would make one myself. CR:IT:IC:AL is a Sky 1 British medical drama created by Jed Mercurio (Line of Duty and Bodies), based around a tight medical team working in a major trauma center. The cast is not only diverse and brilliant, lead by The Walking Dead’s Lennie James as lieutenant colonel and trauma surgeon Glen Boyle who shares a complicated past with his leading lady, trauma fellow Fiona Lomas. Instead of mainly focusing on the lives of people working in the hospital, this series revolves around a realistic portrayal of a day in a trauma center, giving us tidbits about its characters along the way. As we learn more about their relationships and the kind of people they are, we get pulled into their world and their battles that lead up to the moment of truth: will the patient survive or was the damage too extensive to fix?


“Crees que sabes la muerte, pero no lo haces. No hasta que la has visto. Realmente visto. Y se pone debajo de la piel y vive dentro de ti. Tambien crees que sabes de la vida, te pones de pie en el borde de las cosas y las ves pasar, pero tu no estas viviendo. En realidad no. Solo eres un turista. Un fantasma. Entonces lo ves, realmente lo ves y se pone debajo de tu piel y vive dentro de ti y ya no hay escape. No hay nada que hacer, y ¿Sabes qué? es bueno, esto es una cosa buena. Y eso es todo lo que tengo que decir”