Sometimes I wonder if LB and J.S.C III actually read anything I post when I crop up on their dashes and they probably think “what the fuck is wrong with this person?" 

I really am normal, guys. I just like poetry.

By Leonard.

And I have like 50 years of fangirling to catch up on. Still a 70s groupie in my mind. I’ll grow up to post 80’s cohenite in a bunch of years.

And don’t feel left out. I’ve never been a fan of a tech team before, but UHTC is my #1.

Seriously, the backstage blogging thing is the best. It makes it feel like it’s more than just seeing a show. You know what everyone goes through to put it up. So when things run smooth it’s not just "Oh that was a great concert by Leonard” but rather “J.S took kick ass photos and LB laid carpets out properly and…[etc, provided by LB’s fantastic and often humorous narratives of the night’s festivities] and it all came together and everything is fucking fabulous”.

You go, UHTC!


Let the heavens hear it. #LeonardCohen #WebbSisters #UHTC #Amsterdam (at Ziggo Dome)

actually, no. This is ok.

Because I kept saying I didn’t want it to be over. And if my concert date is right at the beginning of the tour, I’ll feel sad that there’s so much tour left and I can’t see another show because they’re all in Europe and I’m poor. So that there is a plus. As well, the build up of anticipation will make it even better when it finally happens. And UHTC performing sub-par would just make everyone sad.

As well, I know they work their asses off and are all fantastic people. I expect they aren’t thrilled either. And I expect they will feel bad and want to make it up to everyone i expect 6 encores, ok? so I’m sure it’ll be even doubly kick ass. Or we’ll just get an adorable apology from Mr. Cohen himself, which is pretty much enough for me right there.

This also means I get to go to derby, possibly celebrate my anniversary on time, relax, start my paper and maybe start learning guitar/getting caught up on some video games/writing that novel I was considering since I don’t have work tomorrow.

Oh and WEATHER WILL BE SO MUCH BETTER so I can actually sit outside and wait around to possibly spot/say hi to/take pics with UHTC people .

So I’ll be out like $15 from comic expo (and $100 from greyhound…That makes me so fucking mad) and have a slightly disgruntled boyfriend. It’s not like Leonard Nimoy is coming (what’s with my thing for Leonards? LOL). 

Like the man says, there’s a crack in everything.